Westgate: A Dining Mecca Mall in Singapore’s West

Westgate Shopping Mall - Courtyard

In case you haven’t heard, there is a new kid in town – the up and coming Jurong Gateway precinct. At the heart of it all is Westgate, a 7 storey, 410,000 square foot dining and shopping delight.

Westgate aims, and succeeds, at bringing city life to Singapore’s West by carrying multiple retail stores, brands and restaurants that were once only found in town.

But if I know one thing, it’s that if Singaporeans love anything more than shopping, it’s got to be eating. Westgate is considered somewhat of a food Mecca in the West with over 60 food and beverage establishments. Within these food and beverage stops you will find a huge variety including Asian, Western and fusion fare, as well as various cafes, kiosks, desserts and more.

In fact, 25% of the entire retail space over at Westgate is strictly dedicated to feeding people. The huge variety of choice at Westgate is appealing to families, casual shoppers and workers at the connected Westgate Tower office building alike.

To taste test the variety and fare at this foodie shopping destination, we spent the day sampling eats from all around Westgate (and all around the world for that matter). After a day of indulgence, we put together some highlights to help you to plan your next trip – and meal – out West in Westgate.

1. Food Republic

Westgate Shopping Mall -2 Westgate Shopping Mall -5

A Mecca within a Mecca – Food Republic is the perfect stop if you are unsure of exactly what you are craving, or if you are out with the family and want to ensure everyone is happy. Food stalls inside Food Republic offer up various types of cuisine ranging from Yong Tau Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, a juice bar and assorted desserts.

Westgate Shopping Mall -24

Westgate Shopping Mall -16

We sampled the Li Xin Teochew Fishball Noodle ($6.20) which came with a side of Fish Dumplings Soup that we very much enjoyed. The fishballs are made fresh twice daily solely of yellowtail and are never frozen.

The Mee Pok noodles were topped with layer of pork wantons and homemade chili sauce which had just the right amount of spice.

Westgate Shopping Mall -22

Westgate Shopping Mall -23

The dry style hot pot we sampled from Hot Hot Pot ( $1.00-$1.50 per vegetable, $3.00 per meat item) comes from the Chongqing, Jinyun Mountain region in China. Here, hungry guests pick and choose from a large variety of vegetable and meat mix-ins and are able to dictate their preferred level of spice. The ingredients were very fresh and flavourful, explaining the afternoon queues at this particular stall.

Westgate Shopping Mall -26

Location: Westgate, B1-28/29

2. Pho Street

Westgate Shopping Mall - Pho Street

Pho Street is proudly offering a new menu as of June 2015. This sit-down, quick service eatery serves up authentic Vietnamese dishes and street foods, set within the depths of the eatery like a hidden treasure, but bright and charming basement location. To access, take lift to lobby B directly to B2.

Westgate Shopping Mall -30

The Fresh Summer Rolls with Prawn, Pork Belly & Fresh Herbs ($4.90) were spot on authentic Vietnamese taste and texture and the Dry Rice Vermicelli with Roasted Pork Chop and Fried Spring Roll ($8.90) was a unique and dry twist on the famed classic rice vermicelli.

Westgate Shopping Mall -37

Pho Street’s most popular dish is the Pho Beef Combination ($9.90). This dish has all the goodness of beef slices, balls, shank, tendon and tripe all soaking in a bright and flavourful classic pho broth. In addition to these orders, Pho Street offers a variety of Banh Mi sandwiches to round out a quick and authentic Vietnamese experience.

Location: Westgate, B2-K6/K7

3. JiJim

Westgate Shopping Mall -42

Westgate Shopping Mall -51

Have you ever seen these traditional Korean pancakes before? I told you Westgate has it all in terms of food. JiJim is a widely popular spot in Korea and found bursting with long queues inside their most popular shopping malls. JiJim is very excited to have recently set up shop in here Singapore and opened their flagship location at Westgate.

Westgate Shopping Mall -64

The Korean Pancake ($4.90 each / $12.90 for set of 3), is made out of a mashed cabbage and mozzarella base and finished with an egg and filling of choice – either shrimp, octopus, bacon, Korean bulgogi, kimchi or mushroom. This stick to your stomach Korean treat is a delicacy to those who know it and an intriguing find for those who don’t.

Westgate Shopping Mall -58

In addition to the pancakes, JiJim has some cold refreshing desserts. The Real Fruit Smoothie ($7.90 small / $13.90 large size) comes with your choice of either strawberry, blueberry or mango bits. It also comes in an ice cream and milk flake version.

Location: Westgate, B2-K5

4. Spizzico

Westgate Shopping Mall -74

This Spizzico location inside of Westgate offers a more casual dining experience as compared to its sister restaurant over at Robertson Quay. Their ground level, open space just off the Courtyard, makes this a very welcoming and family friendly destination. Spizzico aims to provide fine Italian cuisine at a more affordable prices.

Westgate Shopping Mall -78

The Pappardelle with Gamberoni in Salsa di Zafferano ($18.00), had a nice, well-executed flavour and comes in a satisfying portion size.

Westgate Shopping Mall -79

The Risotto al Fungi Porcini ($18.00) is a very popular dish at Spizzico due to the usage of the popular porcini mushrooms – not easy to find in eateries located within a shopping centre.

Location: Westgate, 01-03

5. Miam Miam

Westgate Shopping Mall -83

Miam Miam is a French-Japanese inspired cafe that serves a wide range of French-inspired pastas, sandwiches, soufflés and curries, all made with Japanese ingredients. Miam Miam also serves up some excellent freshly prepared dessert dishes which they are quickly becoming known for.

Westgate Shopping Mall -88

The Modern Yaki ($15.80) is a popular choice for a light lunch that will fill you up without bringing you down as you continue your shopping endeavours at Westgate.

Be sure to pair your order with the popular White Chocolate Matcha ($7.80) for some smooth, sweet satisfaction. It’s a delightfully unexpected and tasty combination of flavours.

Westgate Shopping Mall -93

Westgate Shopping Mall -103

The desserts at Miam Miam are quickly becoming the star of the show. The Chocolate Soufflé ($13.80) is served hot out of the oven with the perfect rich chocolate taste and light foamy structure. The French Toast ($10.80) was warm and sweet with a side of maple syrup and mountain of fresh cream on top. This is a must stop location during my next trip to Westgate.

Location: Westgate, 01-21/22

6. Curry Times

Westgate Shopping Mall -105

If you are looking for something more hearty and that will warm the soul, check out Curry Times for some of the best of local Singapore dishes. Curry Times, which is owned by Old Chang Kee, is one of the best and most locally established inside Westgate.

Westgate Shopping Mall -115

Their signature Curry Chicken ($8.50) comes with a side of either rice, bread or prata. The curry has a lighter consistency without the use of coconut milk, but still packs in a lot of nice curry flavour and is simmered to perfection.

Westgate Shopping Mall -109

The Curry Buns ($1.60 each) at Curry Times were warm, fluffy and filled with a mixture of potatoes, chicken bits and curry paste. The dough is baked soft, not fried. Even if you don’t have the time to sit down, it’s worth popping into for the buns alone.

Westgate Shopping Mall -122

The Fish Head Curry ($29.90) is another popular dish at Curry Times. It too does not incorporate coconut milk, but uses evaporated milk for a lighter, healthier meal. The large fish head is buried at the bottom of a layer of vegetables and spicy curry sauce and brought to a boil right at your table.

Location: Westgate, 02-08

7. SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro

Westgate Shopping Mall -123

SYNC has chosen to open their very first location in Singapore inside of Westgate. At this Korean Fusion Bistro you will find an array of classic Korean dishes with a slight twist, as well as modern Western bites. SYNC also provides a large area for al fresco dining near the bar and the latest Samsung gadgets indoors to keep the kiddos entertained.

Westgate Shopping Mall -125

The Toppoki ($8.90) is comprised of traditional Korean rice cakes and is drenched in a sweet and spicy sauce. The dish would pair nicely with an afternoon Hite out on the terrace.

Westgate Shopping Mall -127

The Bibimbap ($13.90) is served with the sauce on the side giving guests the ability to choose their level of preferred spice. You can always ask for more if you are so inclined.

Westgate Shopping Mall -130

The Green Tea Lava Cake with Matcha Ice Cream ($8.90) is possibly the best kept secret in Westgate. The sweetness and gooeyness of the lava cake was excellent and the Matcha Ice Cream with small crunchy bites made for the perfect accompaniment. The lava cake also comes in white chocolate taro, white chocolate and red bean.

Location: Westgate, 03-01

8. Nunsaram Dessert Cafe

nunsaram westgate (1 of 2)

This popular Korean dessert destination is the perfect place to chill out with a group of friends and share a sweet treat or two. Nunsaram has capitalized on its popularity and opened multiple stores around Singapore including Westgate. Patrons love the shaved milk desserts and added bonus of savoury cheesy bites.

Westgate Shopping Mall -142

The most popular dessert on the menu is the Snowflake Bingsu ($15.90). Here we tried the strawberry version, my personal favourite topping for shaved milk. The cost and size are best for sharing with a group of 2-4, but it is certain to cool you down and satisfy your taste buds.

Westgate Shopping Mall -151

In stark contrast to the iced milk desserts, Nunsaram also offers Garlic Cheese Bread ($7.90). The snack was very savoury and filling with layers of gooey melted cheese and a strong garlic flavour. You may need a ice cold bingsu just to wash it all down.

Location: Westgate, 04-37/K4

9. Robata Robata

Westgate Shopping Mall -152

ROBATA ROBATA is a family-friendly buffet offering a wide variety of Japanese cuisine open for both lunch and dinner. Patrons frequent this buffet for its tasty robatayaki and seafood spread, as well as its beautifully displayed sushi rolls.

Westgate Shopping Mall -157

The Salmon Miso Nabe was made to order and nicely displayed in individual burners. The salmon was fresh and the broth had a welcome anticipated miso flavour.

Westgate Shopping Mall -158

The Scallops are served in the shell and topped with a dollop of a mayo-based sauce. This is just one of the many tasty seafood offerings.

Westgate Shopping Mall -164

Additional items at the Robata Robata buffet include robatayaki, teppanyaki, 6 speciality grill items, oysters, sushi, sashimi, a rotation of seasonal offerings, a kids maki station and more. Catering to the weekend crowd, Robata Robata will also be launching a weekend high tea spread in the near future.

Westgate Shopping Mall -167

The price of the buffet differs Monday – Friday and Saturdays and Sundays and is increased from lunch to dinner, due to the speciality grilled dishes at night. Adult Lunch Buffet ($22.90-$26.90), Dinner Buffet ($34.90-$39.60), Family Dinner Package (2 adults + 1 child $78.90-$89.90, second child additional $12.90-$15.90). There is also a reduced cost for children and senior citizens.

Location: Westgate, 03-10/11


So next time you are out in Jurong and hunger strikes, make a stop inside Westgate mall and you can be sure to cure whatever ails you have.

Westgate: 3 Gateway Drive, Singapore 608532 | Tel: 6908 3737 | Website | Facebook | Instagram

*This post was brought to you in partnership with Westgate