Get Auspicious With Ya Kun Kaya Toast’s New Lo-Hei Fried Fish & Other Festive Dish Available Now

Is it just me or is Chinese New Year approaching too quickly this year? With one of the biggest festive periods just around the corner, chains islandwide are rapidly coming up with festive items on their menus. And a homegrown brand of ours has jumped on the bandwagon too.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Cny 2019 Online 1

This Chinese New Year, Ya Kun Kaya Toast has come up with not one, not two, but THREE items to celebrate the occasion.

Starting 16 January 2019, get auspicious with their Huat Ah Pineapple Punch, Ong Lai Toastwich and Lo-Hei Fried Fish. With names so catchy and witty, we went down with curiosity and low-key scepticism to try each of them.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Cny 2019 2

The Huat Ah Pineapple Punch (S$2.80 ala carteor included in set) pleasantly surprised us. It might be a syrup drink but it wasn’t as sweet as we had thought it to be and was rather refreshing.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Cny 2019 5

As for the Ong Lai Toastwich (S$4 ala carte, S$6 per set), we unanimously agreed that it wasn’t our favourite dish.

With the white bread turning soggy from the grease of the grilled chicken patty and a pineapple ring, we thought the toastwich would have a better mouthfeel if a different kind of bread had been used.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Cny 2019 4

That said, it was actually the Lo-Hei Fried Fish (S$6.80 ala carte, S$8.80 per set) that won us over.

Deep-fried and glazed with a luscious coat of citrusy sauce, the fish went surprisingly well with the sauce. Its tangy flavour managed to cut through the greasiness of the fried fish.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Cny 2019 1

The fried fish was fresh and flaked apart easily, I appreciated that it was a thick slab, making it value for money.

The best part of lo hei is the crackers and I was happy to find that it is served with a side of the golden crackers to chomp on in between bites. Do note that this dish is exclusive to Ya Kun Family Cafes.

With names so auspicious, perhaps you can rub off some luck this Chinese New Year by trying Ya Kun Kaya Toast’s new festive items.

Let us know if you concur with our views because as far as we’re concerned, there were some really solid hits but also a few big misses.

Dates & Times: Available from 16 January 2019 at all outlets. For more information, check out their Facebook.

Prices: S$2.80 – S$8.80 per pax