New in town: Yatsudoki, Tanjong Pagar — Premium cream puffs & wines by the bottle

Last Updated: August 31, 2021

Written by Ariel C.

If you love cake, you’ll know Châteraisé. It’s the store that warrants a double take—even if you’re speed walking past—because of its irresistible array of Japanese cakes and desserts in every shape, flavour, and colour of your dreams. I’m proud to say I’ve tried almost every single dessert they have to offer, and now, the introduction of Yatsudoki, their premium concept, will leave me no choice—I simply must try them all.

Its outlet in Guoco Tower is the second one outside of Japan, with the first being in Dubai. Dessert fans will have much to do happy dances for, because the confectioneries sold at Yatsudoki are made with premium produce from specially-contracted farmers in Japan.

Yatsudoki offers a range of confectioneries and desserts, such as their Premium Fermented Butter Serve Ice Cream (S$5), an ice cream that boasts of a delightful sweet-savoury combination, and an even more unique flavour of fermented butter.

Their next offering is especially apt for the office crowd at Guoco Tower—The Yatsudoki Wine Stampcard. Customers can purchase fresh Chardonnay (S$30) or Cabernet Sauvignon (S$30) and bring the bottle back for refill on subsequent purchases after a first time charge of S$2.50 for a returnable bottle.

The cake list honestly sounds like my idea of paradise, and so cake connoisseurs, this is your time to shine. Yatsudoki offers a range of cakes including a creamy Yatsugatake Milk Soufflé Cheese Cake (S$5.50), a Praline Chocolat Cake (S$12) that absolutely screams cheat day, and a refreshing Fruits Mille Crepe Cake (S$10) that’ll bring Japan’s bright summer right to your tastebuds.
When they say premium, they’re really pulling out all the stops. Take your pick from Yatsudoki’s range of baked confectionery, including delights such as Yatsugatake Baked Cheese Tart (S$3.20) or a Royal Chestnut Pie (S$5.00). It’s definitely going to be hard to narrow down your favourites, especially when you have a Yatsudoki Freshly Custard Fresh Cream Puff (S$4.20) vying for your attention, sitting prettily behind a glass display case.
Forget the cheat day, it’s cheat week for me.
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7 Wallich Street, #01-05, Singapore 078884



7 Wallich Street, #01-05, Singapore 078884

Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm (Daily)
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