Yong He Eating House (永和油条豆浆) opens three more outlets islandwide

Soy beancurd and youtiao lovers rejoice! The famous Taiwanese breakfast place, Yong He Eating House (永和油条豆浆), will be opening three new takeaway outlets in Toa PayohJurong, and Sengkang soon.

Yong He Eating House

Having been in Singapore since 1986, the famous eating house has become a household name. When people think of the traditional local breakfast of soy milk and soy beancurd with yummy fried dough sticks, most will immediately think of Yong He Eating House—especially their 24-hour eating house located at Geylang.

Various dishes sold at Yong He Eating House

Apart from their well-raved about soy beancurd dishes and Youtiao (S$1.60), they also sell a slew of other dishes like Steamed Dumplings 小籠包 大籠 (S$6.50 for eight pieces), Taiwan Vermicelli 台灣大腸麵綫 (S$4.50), steamed buns, dim sum, and many more.

If it’s always been a hassle making your way down to Geylang in the wee hours of the morning for supper or to get a quick breakfast, I’m sure the opening of the three new takeaway outlets will be of interest to you. On their official website, it looks like their Toa Payoh outlet, slated to open at 177 Toa Payoh Central, will be set up sooner than the other two outlets in Sengkang and Jurong West. The takeaway stores will also be selling a variety of sandwich toasts along with their popular breakfast dishes. I can’t wait!

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