Brasserie Les Saveurs: Singapore Champagne Brunch Review

“Champagne Brunch For The Ages”

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Brasserie Les Saveurs, with its well-known contemporary French cuisine, offers an indulgent Sunday Champagne brunch in its palatial restaurant.

This champagne brunch is a tad different from all the others I’ve been to, and I’ll explain why. The brunch actually starts off at St Regis’ Astor Bar first at 11am, with complimentary aperitifs being introduce to start off the meal.

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Astor Bar looks classy like an English gentleman’s bar, perfect to start drinks and intimate conversations.

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Choose your poison from a range of classic cocktails, mocktails and beer. We had the Apple Martini and Mojito, which had a tartiness I like to begin any meal with.

The gratis cocktails were still made with all the detail and flavour as they would a fully-priced one, which is commendable given many other restaurants water down their drinks during a free flow offer.

A good cocktail to me is one where you don’t taste the liquor individually, but you can feel the alcoholic buzz after a glass. Astor Bar’s cocktails fulfill these conditions for me.

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After drinks, we take a few steps to Brasserie Les Saveurs itself to start off brunch.

brasserie les saveurs sunday brunch live

Be greeted with a lovely live jazz performance upon entering this exquisite dining establishment, further setting the classical mood.

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brasserie les saveurs brunch buffet st regis

A wonderful parade of cold cuts, anti pasti and desserts can be enjoyed together with your glass of champagne or wine.

Other than the buffet spread, you get to pick 1 hot main course, masterfully prepared by the chefs at Brasserie Les Saveurs. This is what we tried:

brasserie les saveurs Saute de Saint Jacques et Gambas

Saute de Saint Jacques et Gambas. Deep sea scallops and king prawns cooked a la plancha, grilled green asparagus, organic greens and Tawny Port wine reduction. Meaty scallop and prawns grilled on a hot plate allows its natural sweetness to shine. The port wine reduction adds a little more dimension but wasn’t necessary for me.

brasserie les saveurs Magret de canard de Barbarie cuit sous vide

Magret de canard de Barbarie cuit sous vide. Slow cooked Muscovy duck breast, sauteed green beans, natural meat just, fresh herbs and basil oil. The Muscovy duck is native to Mexico, central and south America and packs a lot more flavour than usual duck varieties. The leanness of this red meat however made it a tad tougher as well. Although sous vided, perhaps the technique could be refined more to introduce a more tender meat.

brasserie les saveur champagne brunch buffet seafood

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The seafood selection at the Brasserie Les Saveurs’ buffet is just amazing, by far one of the best seafood spreads at a buffet I’ve seen.

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The highlight for me at the seafood buffet was definitely the huge, sweet crabs, most likely of Sri Lankan origin I reckon. The Australian oysters were also lusciously creamy and sweet without being overly briney.

There are also  bite sized signature dishes from the usual main restaurant menu being passed around patrons’ tables from the waiters, freshly made a la minute from the kitchen.

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Melon gelly and smoked Foie Gras. One of the pass around items that day to keep things interesting. There is also a live foie gras station at the buffet itself if you can’t get enough of this delicacy like me.

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Raviolo of duck confit and foie gras served with savory consomme. The filling was a great masterful mix, although I found the skin a bit more sturdy than preferred.

brasserie les saveurs brunch foie gras

Pan-seared Foie Gras. Yes, I have an unholy obsession with this decadent piece of fat liver and just had to try the live station. A generous portion served with toasted brioche, jam and balsamic to taper off the umami.

brasserie les saveurs champagne brunch billecart salmon

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At the point of this tasting, we were still served the Billecart Salmon brut champagne, which I thoroughly enjoy any day of the week. However I’ve been informed that the champagne of choice for Brasserie Les Saveurs has been switched to the elegant and subtle “R” de Ruinart, which I’m sure guests will also equally enjoy.

For the premium connoisseur who dabbles in the luxuries of life, Brasserie Les Saveurs’ St. Regis Champagne brunch will definitely be up your alley. From the distinguished ambience to the upscale seafood buffet, dining here is a privilege reserved for the upper rungs of society.

 The St. Regis Champagne Brunch:

$195++ per person, with champagne | $180++ per person, with wines, beers and juices | $148++ per person, with coffee/tea

From 11am – 12pm, enjoy complimentary aperitifs at Astor Bar before heading to brunch at 12pm.

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Brasserie Les Saveurs (St. Regis Hotel): 29 Tanglin Rd, Singapore 247911 | Tel: 6506 6860 | Website