136 Hong Kong Street Teochew Fish Head Steamboat: Come For Its Claypot ‘Mee Tai Ba’ & ‘Boss Bee Hoon’


136 Hong Kong Street Teochew Fish Head Steamboat offers a wide range of dishes (apart from fish head steamboat, of course). This unassuming stall at the corner of a coffeeshop is home to various Zi Char and claypot dishes as well.

We decided to take the road less travelled and tried two other dishes that you would not commonly find in your typical neighbourhood Zi Char stalls.


Each dish is cooked to order in a timely manner, with the staff working tirelessly to feed all the hungry customers. If you manage to take a peek into the kitchen, you’ll be amazed by the speed of chefs working their wok over a roaring fire.


The Special Braised “Mee Tai Ba” in Claypot ($8, Medium) arrived on our table adorned with a raw egg.

We broke the yolk eagerly and mixed the egg into the dish, which gave the dish an additional a richness.


The Mee Tai Ba came with ingredients such as prawns, minced meat and vegetables, just as what you’ll get when ordering Hor Fun. We felt that the star of the dish was the thick, brown gravy that came with a strong wok hei flavour.

For just $8, this dish is definitely worth every cent with the sheer abundance of ingredients that come with the dish. The medium serves around four to five people so if you’re with a larger party, consider getting the large ($10). If you’re alone, the stall has got you covered too, simply order the small at only $5.


One of their signature dishes, the Prawns Bee Hoon ($15), known by regulars as the Boss Bee Hoon is a favourite here at 136 Hong Kong Street. This claypot dish arrived filled to the brim with Bee Hoon and the bright red prawns really caught our eye.

We appreciated how the prawns were kept in the shell for that authentic prawn eating experience of peeling the shell (and if you fancy, sucking on the heads).


The Bee Hoon was cooked well as it was springy and tender without being overly mushy. The noodles absorbed all the sauce, making each consecutive bite a mouthful of flavour. When we tried to peel the prawns, the shells fell of easily, indicative of it being perfectly cooked.

Similarly, get the individual portion at $8 only for your personal portion to pig out on. Although this dish comes with a higher price tag than others, it’s definitely worth the money.

As we left and had a glimpse of the assortment of dishes being served to other customers, we just knew that we’d have to make another trip back soon.

Don’t stew about where to get good food on a budget anymore, and head down to 136 Hong Kong Fish Head Steamboat for tasty claypot dishes made with quality ingredients.

Expected Damage: $5 – $10/pax

Address: 713 Clementi West Street 2, Block 713, Singapore 120713 | Opening Hours: (Daily) 11am – 2pm, 5pm – 11pm | Tel: 9437 8260