1B4: We Tried Singapore’s Version Of The Hangover Drink & The Results Were Surprising To Say The Least

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Living in Singapore, we’re all faced with this sticky predicament: drinking sessions.

Be it if you’re roped into one after work by your alcoholic boss or when the night goes where you didn’t intend it to go — you can rest assured you’ll find yourself in one of these situations, sooner or later.

So when that happens, what would make the experience suck a little less?

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1B4 is Singapore’s version of the hangover drink — a drink that helps alleviate the grogginess of a hangover. We organized a drinking extravaganza with the sole purpose of getting absolutely hammered to test the limits of this drink.

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It is said to help with the pounding headaches as well as the crippling fatigue that comes after a huge night out.

We gulped down the drink and put it to test by downing our soju bombs, so we can start myth-busting. In the name of science of course.

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Surprisingly, the results differed. Some of the writers did not suffer a hangover and could function as per normal. Whilst the other writers felt that it had no apparent effect on them.

Though we weren’t quite sure if the positive results were due to the placebo effect, some felt that they became high faster and drank lesser than they usually would.

I, however, would usually succumb to my bed the morning after but somehow managed to find the extra jolt of energy to get out of bed without much struggle.

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The verdict is still in the air as to the actual effectiveness of the drink. But I would definitely recommend it to anyone who experiences really bad hangovers on the regular.

With a reasonable price point of $42 for 12, it’s a small price to avoid the insufferable pain of hangovers. Great to see some brilliant innovation coming from within the country for a change!

Price: $42 for a pack of 12

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