2280 Burger, Henderson Rd: “The winning element of this humble stack lies in the patty”

What makes a good burger? As far as it comes to the humble stack, there are plenty of differentiating factors where one would play judge. When 2280 Burger—sister company of BurgerLabo and founded by the boss of Naked Finn, opened its doors at Henderson Industrial Park, I crumbled to the hype and paid a visit to check it out.

Did I mention, there’s only one burger on the menu? I mean, it’s got to be a stellar stack, right?

2280 Burger Shopfront

Now, don’t be deceived by the lovely wood finishing around the entrance. 2280 Burger is located in a rather deserted industrial area and right off the bat, inconvenient to drop by if you were coming by public transport.

Like, it’s literally right smack in the middle of a few workshops, empty spaces for rent, and a carpark. A little odd, but okay.

2280 Burger Interior & Dining Area

Walk right in and you’ll be graced by the industrial-themed space, all decked out in wooden furniture and graphite walls. Pretty sleek and classy, and most definitely not what you’d expect it to look like, given the odd surroundings outside.

Orders can be made via a self-service electronic machine right before you take a seat. It’ll be quick since the menu only has the Signature 2280 Burger in Single or Double, one option of French Fries, one standard Milkshake, and some drink options. I’ll admit, I was expecting more variety here. Bummer.

What I tried

Single 2280 Burger

Presenting, the talk of the town—2280 Burger (Single) (S$9.50). It’s hunky, chunky, and super lovely. The standard stack comes with soft, pillowy buns, a 100g beef patty shaped by hand with a slice of cheese blowtorched on top, housemade pickled onions and a special sauce.

A bite of the single burger

All it takes is one big bite for me to know if it’s a worthy burger. I’m happy to report that this indeed, was delectable. The winning element of this humble stack lies in the patty, which was cooked to a perfect medium-rare. It’s got the perfect ratio of lean meat to fatty meat and it was as clear as day that they were freshly made to order.

Crispy on the outside and beautifully tender on the inside, this patty is easily heaps better than the American fast-food burger chains in Singapore. The crunchy texture from the pickled onions was lovely to bite into, especially with the juicy patty, soft bun, melted cheese and tangy sauce. I could easily finish this in a few bites.

Double 2280 Burger

As I unwrapped the next burger, a glorious mess was revealed. Sauce slathered everywhere but I must say, the integrity of the burger was very well intact. No soggy bread from the juicy patties at all. Win!

Would the 2280 Burger (Double) (S$13.50) provide a more satiated experience? I’ll jump in right here and say yes.

A bite of the double burger

Two is certainly better than one, in this case. Not only did each bite feel more rewarding, but the hit of the housemade ‘beef garum’ sauce rounded every element within. Perhaps it was the burgers I was served, but the Double 2280 Burger was definitely saucier.

It’s interesting how the sauce played a crucial role in this stack. Made from the beef equivalent of fish sauce, this one secret ingredient certainly lived up to expectations to deliver a luxurious stack.

2280 Fries

I don’t care what anyone says but every burger needs French Fries (S$4.50). The menu at 2280 Burger is all a la carte, so don’t expect set meals here. The sinful potato snack was hot and crispy upon collection and despite sitting out for a while, it kept its integrity and refrained from getting soggy.

Although it was not quite mind-blowing as their patties, it’s still a must-have snack to complement your meal. In fact, if they started doing delivery, I’m sure the burgers and fries would travel well.

Milkshake (Vanilla)

For the only unique drink on the menu, I tried the Milkshake (S$9.80), made with fresh vanilla pods and ice cream from Apiary. Smooth, velvety, and viscous, this was one thicc milkshake. It was not too sweet and clearly levels above your regular vanilla milkshake. And yes—there’s only one flavour available.

Yet, regardless of how delicious it was, I still can’t bring myself to justify its price point. It’s worth ordering once to try but I probably wouldn’t get it if I visited again.

Final thoughts

2280 Burger, Fries, Milkshake

Variety is the spice of life and even though 2280 Burger was lacking in that department, they’ve certainly perfected their one-hit-wonder. For a stunning single patty burger under S$10, this is one for all the burger lovers to savour. Tip: I’d opt for double over single if I were you.

Even though the location was a tad compromised in order to keep prices low, I’d say it’s worth visiting at least once to give it a try. Perhaps, wait it out for more items to appear on their menu!

Expected damage: S$9.50 – S$18 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

2280 Burger

213 Henderson Road, Henderson Industrial Park, #01-10, Singapore 159553

Our Rating 4/5

2280 Burger

213 Henderson Road, Henderson Industrial Park, #01-10, Singapore 159553

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Mon to Sat), Closed on Sun

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Mon to Sat), Closed on Sun
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