Mooncake fiesta at The Clementi Mall with Sanrio-themed, soy & mochi ice cream mooncakes

Mid-Autumn Festival is all about gathering with your loved ones to enjoy the festivities, and if you have not bought your mooncakes yet (be it for gifting or personal consumption), The Clementi Mall’s wide range of delectable mooncakes might just fit the bill. 

Besides many of the well-loved F&B brands at The Clementi Mall, their Mid-Autumn Celebration 2022 includes a bustling Mid-Autumn Fair taking place from now till 10 September 2022, making it the ideal place to be if you’re looking for mooncakes! 

From Sanrio-themed to mochi ice cream durian mooncakes, here’s what you can expect at The Clementi Mall this Mid-Autumn Festival 2022.

Japanese-inspired mooncakes that will make you go oishii

Clementi Mall Mid-Autumn Fair - Ichiban Sushi mooncake 2
Credit – Ichiban Sushi

Apart from the usual traditional baked mooncakes, Ichiban Sushi (#05-28) is introducing Japanese-inspired flavours that come complete with specialty tea pairings that are flown in from Japan!

Native Japanese ingredients like yuzu and goma are weaved into this baked treat to create exquisite flavours like Yuzu White Lotus Paste (S$19.80 per piece), Charcoal Skin Kuro Goma (S$18.80 per piece) and Lychee White Lotus Paste with Melon Seed (S$19.80 per piece). Of course, we can’t forget the Classic White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk (S$18.80 per piece).

All four baked mooncake flavours are also available in the Tsukimi Mooncake Collection (S$69.80, U.P. S$77.20), which includes four complimentary assorted sachets of Japanese Roji Tea that have been specially selected to pair with the unique mooncake flavours.

Clementi Mall Mid-Autumn Fair - Chateraise Mooncakeer
Credit – Chateraise

I was absolutely thrilled to find out that Chateraise (#B1-03/04), everyone’s all-time favourite Japanese patisserie is selling mooncakes this year!

Each Chateraise Mooncake Box (S$29.80) comes with four delectable baked mooncakes from Japan, which are made with little to no additives, with a key focus on using healthy ingredients through collaborations with Japanese agricultural farmers. Indulge in delicate flavours like Sesame, Uji Matcha, Red Bean and Chocolate Orange, which I imagine will go fantastically well with a cup of hot matcha or hojicha

Gorgeous designs perfect for gifting

Clementi Mall Mid-Autumn Fair - Crystal Jade mooncakes
Credit – Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen

Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen’s (#03-54) mooncakes make for lovely gifts. Each handmade gem is packaged within regal jade green or deep orange box sets that come complete with gold-rimmed rings and a lush floral motif featuring oriental lilies!

Purists will love Crystal Jade Hong Kong’s Traditional Baked Mooncake Series (Less Sugar), which is available in three flavours: Single Yolk with White Lotus Paste (S$62), Double Yolk with White Lotus Paste (S$70), or the newly-launched Yuzu with Macadamia Nut Mooncake (S$58).

You can also try its new Assorted Fruity Blossom Petite Snowskin Mooncakes (from S$42), which come in familiar and novel flavours alike, such as Honey Chrysanthemum with Orange Peel and Pandan Coconut, Roselle with Blueberry and even Fragrant Taro with Gingko!

Clementi Mall Mid-Autumn Fair - Polar Puffs Mooncakes 3
Credit – Polar Puffs & Cakes

Sanrio fans will absolutely love Polar Puffs & Cakes’ (#B1-K15) mooncakes, because they come in adorable designs such as Hello Kitty and My Melody!

The Hello Kitty Mini Cake comprises smooth and rich strawberry mousse made with Japanese Hokkaido cream, pockets of strawberry puree, and buttery cookie base. Meanwhile, the My Melody Mini Cake uses luscious chocolate mousse that’s made with Valrhona French chocolate and almond bits.

You can get the Sanrio series on its own at S$55.90, which includes a limited edition Hello Kitty cooler bag. Alternatively, grab the Sanrio & Mooncake Bundle Set (S$107.80), which features nine snowskin mooncakes in flavours such as Durian, Brown Sugar Milk Tea and Chendol, as well as two pieces each of the My Melody and Hello Kitty Mini Cakes.

Durian delights for the absolute indulgence

Clementi Mall Mid-Autumn Fair - Swensen s mooncakes 2
Credit – Swensen’s

With innovative ice cream offerings that come in all shapes and sizes (I mean this literally, given that they sell ice cream that looks like fried chicken), Swensen’s (#05-31/32/33) ice cream mooncakes are one to look forward to during this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Its Mochi Snowskin Ice Cream Mooncakes come in eight tempting flavours, such as Sticky Chewy Chocolate and Cookies ‘N’ Cream. There are even locally-inspired flavours that’ll pique your curiosity, such as Durian King (D24), Pulut Hitam, Yam, Lychee Sakura and Chempedak! For the ultimate indulgence, try Swensen’s premium mooncake flavour: Mao Shan Wang with Sea Salt Gula Melaka.

Depending on which flavours you’d like to purchase, go for any one of Swensen’s mooncake sets, all of which come in a box of four. For example, its Deluxe Mooncake Set (S$48.80) pairs two pieces of Mao Shan Wang with Sea Salt Gula Melaka with two other regular mooncake flavours of your choice (while stocks last).

Clementi Mall Mid-Autumn Fair - Mr Bean mooncakes 2
Credit – Mr Bean

Halal-certified Mr Bean’s (#B1-K16) mooncakes are a definite treat this Mid-Autumn Festival because they’re made with soy flour, making it suitable for vegetarians too!

What makes Mr Bean’s mooncakes special is the presence of soy flour, which adds a unique texture to their baked mooncakes. Four baked mooncake flavours are available— White Lotus (from S$33.80), Double Yolk White Lotus (from S$37.80), Red Bean (from S$33.80) and Assorted Nuts (from S$37.80)

You can also try Mr Bean’s single snowskin flavour, Mao Shan Wang Durian (S$99.80 for 4 pieces), which is made with 100% mao shan wang durian flesh that has been handpicked by their bakers. Look out for the super adorable design of the Mr Bean mascot on the snow skin! 

Traditional favourites for every occasion

Clementi Mall Mid-Autumn Fair
Credits – Bengawan Solo, BreadTalk, Swee Heng 1989 Classic

Despite the plethora of new and modern mooncake flavours, you can really never go wrong with the classics, especially when it’s executed well. 

Bengawan Solo’s (#B1-26/27) Pure Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolk features smooth and sweet lotus paste with sinful double yolk, and are available in single pieces (S$14) and a box of four (S$56)

For those who prefer traditional Teochew mooncakes, check out BreadTalk’s (#01-01/02) Delightful Reunion 4-in-1 (S$42.80), which includes four pieces of flaky Teochew mooncakes in flavours such as Salty Tau Sar with Salted Egg, Yuan Yang with Salted Egg Yolk, Teochew Double Delight and Sweet Tau Sar with Melon Seeds.

Swee Heng 1989 Classic (#B1-K1/K2) offers both baked and snowskin mooncakes, but one that I’m particularly looking forward to is the Mixed Nuts Mooncake for its fragrant and nutty filling. Plus, every purchase of 4 Regular-sized Mooncakes (from S$38) comes with a free tea pot too!

Clementi Mall Mid-Autumn Fair - Eu Yan Sang 1

What sets Eu Yan Sang’s (#B1-36) mooncakes apart are their fillings, which feature premium bird’s nest at the heart of each mooncake. 

Eu Yan Sang’s bird’s nest mooncakes are available in the following options: Royal Treasures Set (from S$88), Imperial Blessings Set (from S$138) and Empress’s Favourite Set (from S$108).

Our recommendation would be its Imperial Blessings Set, which comes with two pieces of either Chen Pi or Red Dates White Lotus Paste Bird’s Nest Mooncakes and two bottles of Eu Yan Sang’s Majestic Premium Cave Bird’s Nest. Not only are the baked mooncakes made with less sugar, the two bottles of premium bird’s nest add a lavish yet meaningful touch that’ll definitely impress your relatives and loved ones.

The Clementi Mall Mid-Autumn Fair 2022

It’s been years since I’ve attended a physical mooncake fair, so I was super excited to be able to drop by The Clementi Mall’s Mid-Autumn Fair 2022, which is happening from now till 10 September 2022!

Clementi Mall Mid-Autumn Fair

The bustling vibes were infectious and I soon found myself hopping from stall to stall, checking out what each vendor was offering. 

Popular mooncake brands like Hong Kong Bay were selling their ultra-popular mao shan wang snowskin mooncakes (which are made from 30-year-old mao shan wang trees), while The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore had their gorgeous multi-functional mooncake boxes and chic tote bags on display. I also spotted mooncakes from well-loved hotel brands such as Orchard Hotel, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, Hilton Singapore’s Shisen Hanten, and traditional brands like Gin Thye.

To complete the experience, there were also other knick-knack and snacks available at the other side of the fair. 

It’s definitely worth dropping by— if not for mooncake shopping, then just to soak in the celebratory vibes of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

* This article was brought to you in partnership with The Clementi Mall.

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