Celebrate This Chinese New Year With 7-Eleven’s New Locally-Flavoured Onigiris

There is nothing like walking up to 7-Eleven for some inexpensive munchies at any time of the day. Chinese New Year is coming and 7-Eleven has come up with onigiris with a local twist.

7 Eleven new Onigiri 1

The Chicken Bak Kwa Onigiri and Spicy Chilli Shrimp Onigiri are going at S$2.50 each or S$4.80 for two. 7-Eleven is known for their affordable and highly underrated Japanese products, so I had hopes for these triangular-shaped rice.

Unlike the traditional onigiris, which can be eaten cold or hot, these two flavours are to be enjoyed warm. Be sure to pop these in the microwave to properly enjoy them. 

7 Eleven new Onigiri 3

First up, we have the Spicy Chilli Shrimp Onigiri, which is stuffed with hae bee hiam for a spicy kick of the sambal

As much as I wanted to like this, the onigiri tasted kind of flat and rather dull after a few bites. The hae bee hiam wasn’t hiam (spicy) enough for me and lacked the punchy piquant notes.

While hae bee hiam and rice is always a good idea, in this case, the combination was, unfortunately, a little prosaic. 

7 Eleven new Onigiri 4

Hoping for a better rice ball, I went ahead with the Chicken Bak Kwa Onigiri. I would have to say, this one is slightly better. The chicken jerky and floss were meaty and quite satisfying, albeit lacking some seasoning.

However, I did enjoy this onigiri more than the first one. While the CNY flavours are quite fun and novel, I think 7-Eleven missed the mark a little with these.

Not what I would reach out for among the myriad of 7-Eleven snacks, but points for creativity?

Date: Available now at all 7-Eleven stores

Prices: S$2.50 for one or S$4.80 for two