New Bottled Peach Bubble Tea From 7-Eleven Singapore To Satiate Your Bubble Tea Cravings

Peach Bubble Tea 2

Behold, another addition to the bubble tea universe. 7-Eleven Singapore has launched Singapore’s first bottled Peach Bubble Tea (2 for S$3.60).

As your self-appointed bubble tea correspondent, I took it upon myself to try this noteworthy creation.

Peach Bubble Tea 3

The milk tea does taste like regular milk tea, which I was rather impressed by. There was no weird aftertaste nor did it taste artificial. You can never be too sure with these sometimes gimmicky bottled drinks.

As promised, the milk tea is indeed peach flavoured, which was prominent and sweet. Overall, for the milk tea portion, passable.

Peach Bubble Tea 4

Instead of the usual tapioca pearls, we have black and while konjac pearls. My guess is tapioca pearls probably won’t hold their shape for long and would turn soggy from sitting in the drink for too long.

The konjac pearls, while bouncy, did not have the same sweetness as compared to tapioca pearls, though they come close to the white pearls you can get at most bubble tea outlets.

Overall, I would say pretty decent for bottled peach bubble tea. Would I buy this again? Perhaps only if I’m in a pinch and desperately need that comforting, in this case, bottle of bubble tea. Otherwise, I think I will stick to my usual cup of boba.

7-Eleven is currently having an offer of two for S$3.6o for this drink, so if you are game for trying out new things I’d say go for it.

Date: Available now at all 7-Eleven stores 

Price: 2 for S$3.60