7-Eleven launches Thai-inspired meals, bringing Land of Smiles to Singapore

Secondary school was many years ago, but I still remember how my classmates and I would go to the nearby 7-Eleven store after school to buy instant cup noodles for lunch before washing it down with Slurpees that turned our tongues purple. We often joked that 7-Eleven seemed to always have everything, and now that nifty convenience store is proving me right with their latest Thai-inspired meals under their new Taste of Thailand series.

an infographic on 7-eleven's thai food
Credit — 7-Eleven Singapore

These pre-packaged meals will never replace the experience of eating street food in hot and humid Bangkok, but they’re great if you want a quick fix on busy days where cooking is a luxury you can’t afford.

7-Eleven’s Taste of Thailand series includes a range of affordable Thai-inspired meals that includes staples such as the well-loved Thai Red Curry Chicken with Rice (S$4.50)Thai Basil Chicken with Rice (S$3.90), which comes with stir-fried chicken and a fried egg, and even Thai Boat Noodles (S$4.50), perfect for the rainy weather we’ve been getting lately.

Customers can even get S$0.50 off the Thai Glass Noodle Salad (S$2.90) or Tom Yum Soup (S$3) with the purchase of any other packed meal. 7-Eleven’s definitely pulling through for your lunchtime hunger pangs.

Accompanying 7-Eleven’s Thai-inspired meals is an ice-cold staple that I can safely say is the best part of Thai food—Iced Thai Milk Tea (S$3). You can even enjoy the strongly-brewed black tea in a hot version (S$2.40), or give yourself an extra caffeine boost with the Iced Coffee Thai Milk Tea (S$3.50).

And 7-Eleven isn’t just stopping at Thai-inspired meals. If you gave their Matcha Mr Softee a shot, you’d definitely want to make a trip down for their new flavour of Mr Softee—Coconut (S$1.50), which will be available 24 August 2021 onwards.

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