7-Eleven is giving away free Mr Softee ice cream, Banana Latte and Banana Milk

There’s no such thing as a free lunch… but perhaps there’s a free dessert? In celebration of 7.11 day, 7-Eleven will be giving away 29,000 cups of Mr Softee ice cream and 36,000 cups of Banana Latte, Iced Banana Latte and Banana Milk for a limited period of time.

7-eleven 7.11 day - free mr softee

From 10 July to 12 July 2022, participating 7-Eleven stores will be giving away 100 cups of Mr Softee and 50 cups of either Banana Latte, Iced Banana Latte or Banana Milk per day. With operations starting at 7am, early birds may want to consider heading down in the morning before all cups are redeemed.

The usual price for a cup of Mr Softee is S$1.50. As for the drinks, the hot Banana Latte costs S$2.70 while the Iced Banana Latte comes in at S$3.50. The Banana Milk, on the other hand, is S$3.20.

Aside from giving away free food, 7-Eleven will be having a 20 per cent off storewide discount with a minimum spend of S$11. Perhaps it’s time to go on a 7-Eleven shopping spree over the weekend.

7-eleven 7.11 day - free banana latte and banana milk

This isn’t the first time that 7-Eleven has celebrated 7.11 day by giving away free food. They’ve done the same in previous years, providing free cups of Mr Softee to the early birds who came down to their stores. The addition of free Banana Milk, Banana Latte and Iced Banana Latte makes this promotion even more exciting, and I can’t wait to head down to my neighbourhood 7-Eleven to indulge in some free desserts and drinks.

For a list of participating outlets in the 7.11 day promotion, be sure to check 7-Eleven’s website before heading down.

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