Acne Scar Treatment: CO2 Laser + Infini Results after a couple sessions

Quite a few people have been asking about my results as well as randomly messaging me, so here’s the follow up post after my Acne Scar treatment from The Clifford Clinic (do read my previous article for a comprehensive introduction of the procedure).

Do note that again, it takes time for results and there is a resting period of 1 month between each session. So 5 sessions of CO2 laser treatment will take you 5 months at least to finish the procedure and see revealing results. For me, I did one session of CO2 laser + one session of Infini scar treatment.

Before we go into the actual results, I want to show the downtime and redness that occurs after each treatment so you have a fair idea of what to expect after a treatment and whether you want to show your face to the world.

Down Time Redness Immediately after Treatment

Co2 Refraction Laser Acne Scar Singapore 9397

After each session, you get this red, sunburnt effect on your face as such. Especially when the power of the laser goes up after each session, it becomes more prominently redder which is why its referred to as ‘down time’ so that you can hide at home to recover from the redness, and let it dissipate before going back out into public. If however this level of redness doesn’t bother you, you can go back to work or school anytime you wish.

Its highly noticeable though, so do be prepared to answer questions about why your face resembles a tomato. Do note to still avoid direct sunlight and always apply sunsceen, or the sunlight might create dark pigmentation when your skin is so sensitive and raw.

Scabbing A Few Days After Treatment

cos acne scar treatment results-3541

Yes, there will be a bit of blood from the areas that the laser passes, and after a couple of days it forms little dotted scabs as seen here. Be sure to use moisturizer to minimize the scabbing, which will start to come off after about a few days of just normal washing of your face or using non-alcoholic toners.

acne scar results 2

A long time ago I’d done five sessions of CO2 resurfacing from Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics and I’d say there’s about a 30% improvement after the 5th treatment but don’t expect any miracles. It takes quite a few treatments to slowly renew the skin and make the scars shallower.

So with much embarassing adieu, here’s a reveal of my acne scar treatment after one session of CO2 refraction laser + one session of Infini scar treatment from The Clifford Clinic.

After 1x CO2 and 1x Infini scar treatment:

Acne Scar Treatment Comparison

Side by side comparison: Left is before, Right is after.

Even months after treatment, improvements will continue as your face’s collagen work to rebuild skin tissue. Non-smokers and younger people who stay out of the sun tend to recover faster and have better results.

For the deeper scars, there are other options like subcission and of course, the Infini scar treatment, while the kind doctor also recommends a combination with Chemical Peel to attain optimal results.

Chemical Peel Effects

Chemical Peel Singapore 9399

I’ve also tried the Enerpeel Pyruvic Chemical peel which uses acid to burn the top layer of skin off so it exfoliates over the next couple days.

The Enerpeel PA is suited for uneven skin tones, hyperpigmentation, oily skin and even wrinkles. This ‘soft peel’ takes around 5 minutes to apply with a brush and there’s only some slight redness to the skin which is quite inconsequential.

Acne Scar Treatment After

Improvements have been pretty significant! As you can see, my skin has a lot less uneven discoloration, and the scars are a markedly smoother. This photo was taken a few weeks after the chemical peel together with all the scar treatments.

Acne Scar Treatment Co2 Inifini Singapore 4294

Yes, there’s some inconvenience here and there with some minor discomfort, but the results from CO2 Refraction laser, Infini scar treatment as well as Chemical peel for acne scarring has been pretty satisfactory. Just be realistic and don’t expect your scars to fade away completely as this is real life, not photoshop.

Results continue to improve up to 6 months after treatment, and my skin gets better each week as new collagen is formed.

After Co2 Treatment Infini
My skin nowadays after months of treatment

You can’t tell straight away, but if you compare to my previous photos you WILL see the difference. I would recommend this investment if you’d like to improve your acne scarring and be more confident of your looks. Upfront, these treatments are not cheap.

CO2 Laser Scar Treatment: $650 for one session, $490 per session for five, $390 per session for ten. I think there’s a trial price also at $200, enquire with The Clifford Clinic on that.

Infini Acne Scar Treatment: $2550 for one session, $2000 per session if you get two.

Do read my previous article on Acne Scar Treatment for a more detailed explanation of how CO2 Refraction laser works for acne scarring.

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