Where to eat: 10 spots to brunch on a budget of S$15

I know, I know. When I say ‘brunch’, it’s very likely that we think of aesthetic cafes that overcharge for a prettily plated meal and an iced latte. There are plenty of listicles that’ll give you a solid list of where to go if your budget’s S$20, but if you’re an avid café-hopper on a tight budget, here are 10 brunch spots with mains S$15 or less for wallet-friendly feasting.

Picky eaters have nothing to fear—my goal for this listicle was to be as inclusive as possible. You’ll get to pick from donburi to Belgian waffles, indulge in hearty British fare, and even explore vegetarian options in a range of locations all over our sunny island.

1. FlagWhite

interior shot of flagwhite cafe 

We’re starting off with FlagWhite, which will tick all the boxes if you’re in the mood for some staple brunch menu items. Visitors can expect a cosy interior in a soothing neutral colour scheme and warm lighting, perfect for your brunch flat lay shots. Their Panko Breaded Fish And Chips (S$14) is served with homemade tartar sauce and fries—a classic combination that even the least adventurous eater wouldn’t mind giving a shot.

flatlay of brunch from flagwhite

FlagWhite also offers an option called Flag Your Brunch, which enables customers to customise their own brunch platter. You can opt for your favourite style of Eggs (S$4) such as poached or scrambled, and add on other toppings such as Baked Beans (S$3), Streaky Bacon (S$3), Sauteed Mushroom (S$3) or more. It’s an affordable option that also guarantees that you’ll be enjoying everything on your plate.

106 Jalan Jurong Kechil, Singapore 598604
+65 9894 9882
Mon, Wed to Fri: 10am – 8.30pm
Sat & Sun: 9am – 8.30pm
Facebook | Website

2. Bricklane

a shot of bricklane's exterior

Located conveniently in the heart of Dhoby Ghaut in Singapore Management University, Bricklane will be the spot to hit up for an affordable brunch, especially for students on a tight budget. They’ve amassed a loyal slew of customers with their competitively priced donburi and drinks.

a flatlay of donburi from bricklane

Their menu features nett prices, along with a variety of donburi to spoil you for choice. Take your pick from Honey Glazed Tofu (S$4.90), Grilled Teriyaki Chicken (S$5.90), Flamed Shabu Beef (S$7.90), Smoked Salmon Mentaiko (S$9.90), the latter of which is even topped with fish roe. These bowls are topped with tomatoes, pickles, sous vide egg, and your choice of cha soba, rice, or lettuce.

70 Stamford Road, Li Ka Shing Library, #01-22, Singapore 178901
Mon to Sat: 11am – 10.30pm
Closed on Sun
Facebook | Instagram | Website

3. The Tiramisu Hero

brawn and brains burgers

Lavender has amassed a solid variety of cafes worth travelling for, and The Tiramisu Hero is one of them. You can expect to find perennial brunch offerings such as an Avocado & Egg Baguette (S$11), or opt for Shawty’s Breakfast (S$11), which comes with mashed potatoes, bacon, spinach, and more.

Tiramisu from tiramisu hero

Of course, as the name suggests, your visit to The Tiramisu Hero cannot be complete without their homemade tiramisu. The MommaHero (S$7.50) will fill you up nicely, and consists of flavour options such as Original, which is alcoholic, and variations of classic tiramisu such as Matcha, Lemon Lavender, or even Horlicks. Even if you’re not a fan of tiramisu, it might be worth it just to give these unorthodox flavours a try. 

121 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207548
+65 6292 5271
Mon to Fri: 11am – 10pm
Sat: 9am – 10pm
Sun: 9am – 9pm
Facebook | Instagram | Website

4. Brawn & Brains

brawn and brains burgers

No brunch fanatic will be unfamiliar with Brawn & Brains, and for good reason. They’re one of the reasons why people consistently insist that the East side is the best side, and I’m agreeing with them on that count. Their Eggs & Bacon Cheeseburger (S$15) is stuffed with smoky bacon, a fried sunny side up, and red cheddar. I’ve never once had an egg and bacon combination that I didn’t like, and it’s extremely likely that Brawn & Brains won’t fail you either.

sourdough waffles from brawn & brains

Maybe sweet food is more your thing, in which case, I agree wholeheartedly. I’d definitely give their Sourdough Waffles (S$13) a shot, especially since it’s served with French vanilla ice cream, sea salt caramel and drizzled with my favourite waffle topping—golden maple syrup.

218 East Coast Road, Singapore 428916
Tue to Fri: 8am – 5.30pm
Sat & Sun: 8am – 6pm
Closed on Mon
Facebook | Instagram | Website 

5. Communal Coffee

Communal Coffee's exterior

Communal Coffee is the one to hit up if you’re opting for something healthier, especially with their vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. My pick would be a hearty Pesto Heirloom Tomato Sandwich (S$10) topped with Pepper Jack cheese and toasted on an English muffin. There’s also a Ginger Mediterranean Bowl (S$12) that sounds too good to miss—expect a ginger sesame dressing with a kick served over a medley of fresh vegetables and fruit.

Communal Coffee's quinoa bowl

Their Afternoon + Evening Menu also includes a Sesame Quinoa Bowl (S$12) topped with miso mushrooms, edamame, arugula and more for a healthy vegan meal. If you want to go all out for brunch yet stick to your budget, opt for their Artisanal Cheese Board (S$12), served with honeycomb, goat cheese, seasonal fruit, and more.

Chope Reservations

ChopeDeals: Save 30% at Communal Coffee

 60 Prinsep Street, Singapore 188664
+65 9664 1141
Tue to Sun: 9am – 5pm
Closed on Mon
Facebook | Website

6. Pig N Whistle

Pig N Whistle's interior

This next spot is definitely a hidden gem if you want to have brunch in the Eunos area. Pig N Whistle prides itself on satisfying consumers with satisfying British fare and is an archetypal British pub name. Their Potato Rosti will set you back S$12.90 and is served with a sunny side up egg, crispy bacon, and savoury sausage.

Brunch menu offerings at pig n whistle

They also offer a hearty Cottage Pie (S$13.90) filled with beef, vegetables, gravy and potatoes for a substantial meal to keep you fuelled up for the day. If you’re looking for something lighter, Pig N Whistle also offers a good ol’ BLT (S$14.90) served in toasted ciabatta and alongside French fries.

Chope Reservations

160 Changi Road, Hexacube Building, #01-08, Singapore 419728
+65 6969 9811
Daily: 5pm – 10.30pm
Facebook | Website

7. Eggslut

flatlay of fairfax sandwich from eggslut

The most stereotypical brunch food comes with a variation of eggs, whether it’s fried, poached, scrambled, or sunny side up. And you know that no one does it better than the newly-opened Eggslut. If I’m honest, their Fairfax Sandwich (S$12) lives rent-free in my head every day since the first time I tried it.

bacon egg cheese sandwich from eggslut brunch

Their Bacon, Egg & Cheese (S$12) is also on my list when I have time for a revisit—a trio arguably more iconic than the Powerpuff Girls themselves. If you’re just a little bit peckish, the Slut (S$11) will be your top contender—coddled egg with potato puree eaten with crispy baguette drizzled with fragrant olive oil. Thinking about it now is making me feel a lot peckish, and that’s just a testament to its impeccable taste.

 6 Scotts Road, Scotts Square, #01-12, Singapore 228209
Daily: 8am – 10pm
Facebook | Website

8. The Living Café

The Living Cafe's interior

We’ve been talking about bacon quite a bit, but I started this listicle wanting to include a diverse range of brunch items, and now we’ve arrived at raw, organic, plant-based cuisine. The Living Café prides itself on delivering fresh produce and superfoods, such as their Veggie Nori Roll (S$14), filled with crunchy raw veggies, avocado, balsamic, and more.

Living Cafe's brunch food

They also offer a Charred Corn Salad (S$14) that’s vegan and gluten-free—topped with spiced corn with guacamole, fruits, and more. The Living Café promises light and guilt-free meals that’re nutritious and packed with fibre and vegetables, perfect if you’re trying to cut down on the calories.

779 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269758
+65 9735 9404
Tue to Fri: 10am – 7pm
Sat & Sun: 9am – 7pm
Closed on Mon
Facebook | Instagram | Website

9. CAF Clickafood

Caf Clickafood's interior

I’m a sucker for pretty spaces and a good dining ambience, and CAF Clickafood’s pretty pastel interior definitely meets my expectations. Expect your typical café grub such as Grilled Pepper Chicken Chop (S$13.08), a Classic Cheeseburger (S$13.08), or a Nemo Burger (S$11.88).

Korean Mama chicken burger

You might not immediately associate Korean cuisine with brunch food, but here’s a chance to shake things up: the Korean Mama Fried Chicken Burger (S$11.88) is topped with spicy kimchi, with a crispy deep-fried chicken served between buttery brioche. If burgers aren’t really your thing, CAF Clickafood also offers Jajangmyeon (S$14.28), a classic option that’s equal parts comforting and reliable.

339 Upper Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 534953
+65 6950 5077
Daily: 11am – 9pm
Facebook | Instagram

10.  The Tree Café

tree cafe's eggs benedict brunch platter

The Tree Café, conveniently located in The Cathay is a great option for affordable brunch and boasts of a menu with every perennial brunch order you can think of. They’ve got the crowd favourite Eggs Benedict (S$9.50) that’s served with sous vide eggs, garlic baguette, chicken ham, and more. They also have a Pesto Pasta (S$12.90) that caught my attention in a split second—think linguine tossed with fresh basil pesto and served with prawns, tomatoes, fish, and mushrooms.

tree cafe's brunch menu offerings

If you’re aiming for the ‘breakfast’ part in ‘brunch’, The Tree Café also has an English Breakfast (S$11) and a Chic & Waffles (S$9.50) that’ll feed both you and your camera well. I mean, what’s brunch without a good flat lay to prove that you’re enjoying a perfect weekend afternoon?

2 Handy Road, The Cathay, #02-12/14, Singapore 229233
+65 6337 2319
Sun to Fri: 12pm – 8pm
Sat: 11.30am – 8pm
Facebook | Website

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