10 affordable weekend getaways in Malaysia for the budget traveller

In spite of the crumbling economy, we shouldn’t deny ourselves the joy of having a little fun now and then. Who says you need to stress your bank accounts for a full vacation when there are affordable pockets of havens littered across the country! Well first, check your vibe, are you feeling beach-y, food-y or do you simply want to chill after a long week of work? Once you’ve decided that, check out our list of 10 affordable weekend getaways in Malaysia for the budget traveller

1. Melaka

Melaka - Stadhuys Church
Credit – Unsplash

Just a 1.5-hour drive from KL, Melaka (or Malacca if you’re fancy) is a budget-friendly destination with a rich historical and cultural heritage. The city offers budget travellers a range of affordable guesthouses, hostels, and budget hotels. Its diverse street food scene provides inexpensive and delicious local cuisine, including chicken rice balls and Nyonya delicacies. Many historical sites and attractions, such as A Famosa fortress ruins and Jonker Street’s night market, are free or low-cost to explore. 

Melaka - Trishaw

The city’s compact size allows for economical local transportation, with trishaws offering a fun and affordable option. Moreover, Melaka’s vibrant shopping scene offers handmade souvenirs and traditional crafts. 

2. Sekinchan, Selangor

Sekinchan - Paddy fields
Credit – SOCAR

Nature lovers, if you’re tired of skyscrapers, make your way to green Sekinchan. This idyllic destination also offers an economical experience, making it an attractive choice for thrifty travellers. With a variety of affordable guesthouses and AirBnBs, finding inexpensive accommodation is easy.

Sekinchan - Wishing Tree

Exploring the main attractions, such as the lush paddy fields and the bustling fishing village, comes with no entrance fees, allowing visitors to enjoy the natural beauty without breaking the bank. Don’t forget to make your wish at its iconic Wishing Tree as well!

Sekinchan’s fishing village serves fresh and reasonably priced seafood dishes, ensuring delightful dining experiences. The town’s accessibility from nearby cities and the availability of low-cost transportation options, like bicycle rentals, make getting around both convenient and economical. Offering free attractions like the Wishing Tree tradition at Pantai Redang, Sekinchan proves to be a hidden gem, providing a serene escape from the city.

3. Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

Port Dickson - Beach

For beach babes, if Langkawi is out of your budget, how about Port Dickson? Visitors can enjoy the public beaches for free, offering opportunities for sunbathing, swimming, and picnicking. While some water sports may have fees, certain free activities like kayaking are available. 

Port Dickson - Army Museum

Port Dickson also offers complimentary attractions, such as the Cape Rachado Lighthouse, boasting stunning coastal views, and the Army Museum, perfect for history enthusiasts.

The town’s reputation for fresh seafood ensures yummy dining at numerous seafood restaurants and stalls. Exploring local bazaars and night markets adds to the experience, providing opportunities to find inexpensive souvenirs and snacks. With coastal parks and recreational areas welcoming visitors at no cost, Port Dickson offers a delightful and affordable beach getaway in Malaysia.

4. Taiping, Perak

Taiping - Lake Gardens

If you love Ipoh but think it has become a tad bit too commercialised, visit Taiping instead! With its laid-back ambience, historical significance, and natural attractions, Taiping offers an array of affordable experiences for travellers. Taiping Lake Gardens, a well-maintained public park, is a free and tranquil spot for leisurely walks and picnics. History enthusiasts can explore the town’s heritage sites, such as the Taiping War Cemetery and the Old Clock Tower, at no cost. 

Taiping - Food

The Taiping Zoo and Night Safari, offering affordable entry fees, provide enjoyable experiences for families and wildlife enthusiasts. For foodies on a budget, Taiping’s street food scene is a delight, with numerous stalls and eateries serving delicious local favourites. Taiping even offers you a cooler climate (so you don’t have to travel to Korea).

5. Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Seremban - Guan Yin Temple

Just a stone’s throw away after your Port Dickson trip, you can get to Seremban which is quaint and inviting to all. Cultural attractions like the Seremban Cultural Complex and the State Museum allow visitors to explore the local heritage at nominal entry fees. Seremban’s green spaces, such as the Seremban Guan Yin Temple and Bukit Kepayang Recreational Park, offer free entry and provide pleasant settings for leisurely walks and picnics. 

Seremban - Siew Pau

Foodies can savour local delicacies like Seremban Siew Pau and Beef Noodles, which are both delectable and reasonably priced. Weekend markets like Pasar Besar Seremban and Pasar Tani offer fresh produce and affordable souvenirs. The town’s relaxed ambience invites exploration of its streets and neighbourhoods without any cost. With easy accessibility from major cities like Kuala Lumpur, Seremban offers a convenient and cost-effective weekend getaway.

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6. Taman Negara, Pahang

taman negara pahang

Be honest, how many of us have actually visited our country’s biggest national park? Taman Negara in Pahang, Malaysia, is an affordable and thrilling weekend destination, perfect for nature lovers and adventure seekers. With budget-friendly accommodations, entry fees (only RM1!), and free or low-cost activities, it offers a memorable rainforest experience without putting a strain on your wallet. 

Travellers can explore the ancient rainforest through jungle trekking on various trails, spot diverse wildlife, and enjoy river activities like tubing and fishing at reasonable prices. The canopy walkway, a must-visit attraction, provides stunning views of the rainforest without breaking the bank. Night jungle walks and photography opportunities add to the aesthetic photography adventure.

7. Cameron Highlands, Pahang

Cameron Highlands

Escape to cool Cameron Highlands with its numerous free attractions, such as the Mossy Forest and the stunning tea plantations and strawberry farms. Hiking trails and nature walks offer budget-friendly opportunities to immerse in the lush green landscapes, with the easy trek to the BOH Tea Plantation being a must-visit. 

You can indulge in wallet-friendly delights at the Pasar Malam (Night Market), where local food, fresh produce, and souvenirs abound. The butterfly garden and insectarium offer an enjoyable experience at a minimal cost. Cameron Highlands also boasts vegetable and flower farms, providing a glimpse into local agriculture without breaking the bank. Though strawberry picking may involve a small fee, it is a delightful and affordable activity.

8. Pangkor Island, Perak

Pangkor Island

There are two sides to Pangkor; the budget one and the atas one. Today, we’ll explore the budget one for the broke beach babes! Public beaches like Pantai Pasir Bogak and Pantai Teluk Nipah provide free access to sunbathing and swimming, offering low-cost relaxation by the sea.

Exploring Pangkor Island is easy and affordable with options like renting bicycles or motorbikes to visit attractions such as the Dutch Fort and Fu Lin Kong Temple. Seafood lovers will delight in the island’s fresh and reasonably priced seafood at local eateries and stalls.

Island hopping tours are available to nearby islets like Pangkor Laut and Pulau Giam, offering a chance to explore the natural beauty and indulge in snorkelling. Watching the spectacular sunset is a must, and you can expect  a magical experience Nature enthusiasts can hike up Pangkor Hill for free, rewarding themselves with panoramic island views. 

9. Kuala Lumpur Staycation

Kuala Lumpur City Centre
Credit – Unsplash

The Kuala Lumpur we love offers numerous free attractions, including iconic landmarks like the Petronas Twin Towers, Batu Caves, and Merdeka Square, ideal for budget-conscious travellers. KL’s public parks, such as Lake Gardens and Titiwangsa Lake Gardens, offer cost-free spots for picnics and leisurely walks amidst lush greenery.

To savour local cuisine as a budget traveller, head to popular street food hubs like Jalan Alor and Petaling Street. Utilise KL’s efficient public transportation system, including trains and buses, to get around economically and explore different areas. Keep an eye out for discounts, promotions, and deals on attractions and dining, available on various websites and apps like Klook and Boost. Additionally, attend free events like concerts, cultural performances, and festivals to enjoy entertainment without spending.

10. Penang Food Adventure

Penang Street Food
Credit – Unsplash

A foodie trip to Penang can be a little pricey unless you plan correctly. The city’s vibrant street food scene is a highlight, with hawker centres and food stalls serving an array of mouthwatering dishes at pocket-friendly prices. Notable spots like Gurney Drive Hawker Centre and Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul are must-visits for authentic and inexpensive local eats.

Exploring local markets and night markets adds to the budget-friendly experience, with fresh produce and affordable snacks to enjoy. Penang‘s food courts in shopping malls provide diverse food options, offering the chance to sample various dishes without overspending.

To taste Penang’s iconic Nasi Kandar, travellers can find cheap options at a range of restaurants. Exploring different neighbourhoods, such as Georgetown and Balik Pulau, unveils hidden culinary gems and local favourites at affordable rates.

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