If you can’t suss out an imposter, pop it into your mouth with these cute Among Us Meringues

Yes, I admit, I’m hooked on Among Us ever since Seth introduced the game to us during our last Friday game night. Since then, I’ve been suss-ing out imposters, sabotaging comms and killing in the dark corners of the electrical room every night before going to bed. 

Among Us Meringues Online 4

With the game taking the world by storm, fans have started created their own versions of Among Us Boba as topping to their milk tea. Adding to the trend is local home baker, Meringuekind, who has taken a step further by turning these colourful astronauts into sweet meringue treats—the Among Us Meringues.  

Among Us Meringues Online 1

Retailing at S$25 for a tub and S$46 for two, each tub of Among Us Meringue consists of 13 pieces made with a vanilla base flavour. Regular fillings come in three options: Chocochip, Peanut Butter Chip and Mixed.

To make the treat as interesting as the game itself, feel free to sabotage by adding a chilli flavoured imposter into your tub for friends and family to suss out during the savouring process. 

Among Us Meringues Online 3

Enjoy beautifying your astronaut to make yourself stand out amongst your crewmates? You can also do so as Meringuekind allows you to add up to three head accessories to your Among Us Meringues for an extra S$5. Choose from six cute designs from the likes of a Leaf, Banana Peel, Egg, Mini Crewmate, Green Apple or Flower which will be placed randomly on all your meringues.

Among Us Meringues Online 5

These Among Us Meringues also make for a great present to your fellow crewmates as they are presented in a transparent plastic tub with hand-folded paper stars in its midst. It will then be delivered to your doorstep in a sturdy kraft box secured with an elegant silky black ribbon.

Craving an imposter or crewmate to pop into your mouth? Then place your orders via this order form or contact Meringuekind on their Facebook or Instagram right now!

Date & Time: Now available for order online now

Prices: S$25 for one tub, S$46 for two tubs