ARTBOX 2023: Singapore’s biggest lifestyle event is back after 3 years

Singapore’s largest lifestyle event, ARTBOX is back after a 3-year hiatus. The unique experience of ARTBOX 2023 is up for grabs for just 2 weekends: 24–26 Feb and 3–5 Mar 2023, from 12pm to 10pm. Experience it at Expo Hall 6.

Credit – ARTBOX

Spread out over floorspace close to 10,000 sqm., the theme is an ‘all-day night market’. That effect is achieved by substituting the bright Expo spotlights for dimmed ones. It makes for a sexier, sultry vibe. Similar to, but different from the recent Chatuchak market, except with better logistics.

artbox - booths

We got a sneak peek at the almost 300 booths that make up the exciting ARTBOX 2023 extravaganza. There’s food, arcade games, decorative prices, costume jewellery galore, as you would expect.

ARTBOX is a very international affair. From the performances to the food to the arts and craft, you will find exciting products, people and experiences from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan.

artbox - beam of pain

Organisers SGAG have 3 very quirky games going on, too. The first is the Beam of Pain. It’s a 15-metre zigzag beam covered in acupressure mats. Ouch! Why would you put yourself through the ordeal? Well, fastest completion time over the course of the ARTBOX festival will earn you a very prosperous S$888.

ARTBOX competition banners
Credit – ARTBOX

There are S$888 prizes for the National Shake a Leg Championship and the National Paper Toss Championship, too.

ARTBOX - various attractions

Inflatable art installations, a plant store (!) and a massive Hero structure of stacked chipping containers caught my eye. The last of those is an art installation of computer-generated graphics by renowned digital artists projected onto the containers. Unique, to say the least.

Tickets to the amazing array of visual, thematic and food attractions at ARTBOX 2023 are on sale right now.

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