Atlas Grand Lobby & Bar: Check Out Singapore’s ‘Gotham Building’ Bar Opening On 25 Mar ’17

Atlas Bar-ONLINE-1

Atlas Grand Lobby & Bar has gotten plenty of publicity over the past few months because of its location in Parkview Square, a building that has been nicknamed “the Gotham building” due to its striking design. But there’s so much more to this bar that’s opening on 25 March 2017 than just its design.

For starters, Atlas is going to be helmed by one of Europe’s leading bartenders, Roman Foltan, who previously worked at Artesian at The Langham, which is voted the World’s Best Bar four times consecutively — if that doesn’t make you excited for what he’ll bring to the table, I’m not sure what else will.

Not to mention the gin collection that the Atlas team has painstakingly spent months procuring, which will be displayed in a ceiling-high tower as the centrepiece of the bar. This should definitely be on the checklist of bars for any gin lover to visit, even if it’s just to gaze upon the collection.

Atlas Grand Lobby & Bar: Parkview Square, 600 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 188778 | Tel: +65 63964400 | Website