Viral TikTok mirror selfie cake by Bento Cake Burglar, and here’s how you can eat it

Small, dainty, and aesthetically pleasing, Bento cakes or lunchbox cakes have been the in thing of late. Bento Cake Burglar has hopped onto the trend that appeared all over our TikTok and Pinterest feeds, featuring their latest Mirror Selfie Cake.

Premium Mirror Bento Cake - Bento Cake Burglar

You heard it! A mirror in a cake. How does that work?!

Nestled in a bento box and inspired by the Japanese, the word “bento” means “convenient”. Unassuming despite its cute decorations, Bento Cake Burglar takes these cakes to a whole new level by offering an array of flavours from Salted Caramel Chocolate to Apple Cinnamon Crumble. Not as simple they look, huh?

Bento Cake Burglar - Hojicha flavour
Credit – Bento Cake Burglar

They also have exciting additions available from 30 Oct 2022, such as Coffee Pecan, Black Sesame Matcha, and Hojicha.

These flavours will be available through all of their cake categories, which includes Basic (S$34.50), Designer (S$35.90), and Premium (S$37.90)Each cake is entirely customisable to your fancy, and its the prices differ in the number of design elements you can add to your cake!

Just some reminders of assurance so that you can enjoy this perfectly: the mirror is not a real mirror so there would be no risk of broken glass. And no, you can’t consume the mirror— it’s a piece of reflective acrylic sheet.

I know what you’re thinking: how do we consume the cake with a mirror inside it? Not to worry, as I had the same exact questions and the store has assured us that the cake (sans the mirror) is entirely consumable, just like any other.

Bento Cake Burglar - lifting the mirror

First, you take a fork or a knife to lift up the mirror. Here’s a pro-tip: aim it at the inner border so that you won’t make a mess.

Bento Cake Burglar - lifting of foodgrade paper

Next, you remove the layer of food-grade paper with the same knife you used to remove the mirror. Super easy!

Bento Cake Burglar - Final mess of Mirror cake

And this is my final mess! It’s not as difficult as we imagined it to be.

As for how the cake tastes, I had the privilege of trying their Salted Caramel Chocolate flavour. Spongey and airy, the cake was not very dense. In fact, it’s a pretty light option for those who do not want to count their calories. Its consistency was smooth and the addition of salted caramel left my mouth watering.

Petite and decadent, these small cakes are not exactly easy to make. So take as many mirror selfies for your money’s worth. Manifesting main character energy only!

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