20 All-Day Breakfast Places in Singapore That’ll Make You Wish Lunch and Dinner Never Existed

On the topic of breakfast/brunch foods, I quote the two greatest TV Characters on Earth,

Ron Swanson: “Why does anybody in the world ever eat anything but breakfast food?”

Leslie Knope: “People are idiots, Ron.”

Alright, I’ll admit, living in the culinary paradise that’s Singapore, eating only breakfast food alone might be a bit of a far fetch. But, it’s pretty undeniable that breakfast food, in its entirety, is AWESOME. I mean just think about hot waffles, pancakes, bacon, eggs and sausages. Doesn’t that conjure up a wonderfully irresistible image in your mind?

I could eat breakfast food all day, and if only there were places to go to that served all-day breakfasts in Singapore… Oh hold on a minute, THERE ARE.

This list goes out to those who share my love for breakfast foods. Knock yourselves out. Go crazy.

20. Wild Honey

All-Day Breakfast Places in Singapore Wild Honey e-

“…all about beautiful breakfast. All day, everyday.”

Wild Honey passionately believes in the ideology that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

They loves breakfast foods so much that they’ve decided to bring in as many kinds as possible from all over the world. From signature dishes like The English and Aussie to Tunisian, European and Norwegian, it’ll be like having breakfasts from different continents all in one place.

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Wild Honey: #03-01, Scotts Square, 6 Scotts Road | Tel: 6636 1816 | Website

Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm (daily)

19. Arbite

All-Day Breakfast Places in Singapore arbite e-

Arbite offers quality gourmet food at very reasonable prices, staying true to their motto of being intrinsically honest to their name – a pun on the German word for “work”.

All their breakfast foods are wholesome goodness that won’t make you walk away from the Cafe feeling like you’ve been ripped off.

I’d recommend getting the Arbite Breakfast ($17) or the Banana and Caramel Pancakes ($12). They’ll leave you positively stuffed and extremely satisfied at the end of your visit.

Arbite: 66A Serangoon Garden Way | Tel: 6287 0430 | Website

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 11.30 am – 3.00 pm, 6.00pm to 10.30 pm |Sat – Sun: 11am – 10.30pm 

18. Common Man Coffee Roasters

All-Day Breakfast Places in Singapore Common Man Coffee Roasters

Having been proudly awarded Readers Choice Best Café by SG Magazine back to back in 2014 and 2015, Common Man Coffee Roasters is no cafe to be taken lightly.

They’re breakfast foods might be more on the pricey end (they’re the kind that make you want to leave once you look at the menu), but it really is all worth it.

Their Fluffy Brioche French Toast ($18) is a must try. Two slices of egg-soaked brioche served with tart berry compote and quality Kapiti Vanilla ice cream might sound measly for its steep price, but trust me, you’d be willing to hand over all your money for this breakfast food.

Note: It’s always chock full of people, so do avoid peak hours and don’t come expecting a nice quite ambience.

Common Man Coffee Roasters: 22 Martin Road, #01-00, Singapore 239058 Tel: 6836 4695 | Website

Opening Hours: 7:30am – 6pm (Daily)

17. Group Therapy

All-Day Breakfast Places in Singapore group therapy e-

Group Therapy ensures that you get the therapy you deserve after a tiring week of work or school. Nourishing you with their selection of all-day breakfast foods, you’ll leave Group Therapy feeling happy and ready to take on another week of labour.

Their Poached Eggs ($16) with a generous amount of smoked salmon, eggs cooked to perfection, and crispy french toast, is served with extraordinarily rich hollandaise sauce. You might wanna share this with someone because it’s just so rich that one person might not be able to take this on alone.

While you’re at it, get their Pancake Stack ($16), where fluffy pancakes are piled on top of one another, with bananas, strawberries and bits of honeycomb scattered around.

Group Therapy: 49 Duxton Road, #02-01, Singapore 089513 | Tel: 6222 2554 | Website

Opening Hours: Tue – Sun: 10am – 6pm | Mon: Closed

16. Ronin Cafe

All-Day Breakfast Places in Singapore ronin e-

Famous for their Scrambled Eggs on Toast ($9), some might argue that it’s the best place to get scrambled eggs in Singapore. It’s so silky smooth, you could slurp it right up. I’d probably add a sausage or some bacon to kick it up a notch (and also because I’m a crazy meat lover).

The dimly-lit cafe’s soft ambiance makes it a perfect place to hang out with friends and get amazing coffee at. I’d recommend getting a cup of Wicked ($5.80), one of their signature coffees.

Ronin: 17 Hong Kong Street, Singapore 059660 | Website

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 8am – 6pm | Sat – Sun: 8am – 7:30pm 

15. Food for Thought (Cluny Road)

All-Day Breakfast Places in Singapore Food for thought e-

“Good food for a good cause” is the theme underlying Food For Thought and everything that they do.

Surrounded by lush greenery, plenty of natural light, and large spaces, Food For Thought encourages family and community bonding through the medium of food.

Reward yourself after a morning work out with their Full Works ($18): Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Garlic Mushrooms, Chunky Chicken Sausage, Hash Brown, Toasted Brioche with Thyme Tomato Salad. You can even customise your meal to a less heavy one if you think it’d be too sinful to have everything.

Food for Thought: 1 Cluny Rd, Tanglin Gate B1 | Tel: 6338 4848 | Website

Opening Hours: 7.30am – 5.30pm (Daily)

14. Butter My Buns

All-Day Breakfast Places in Singapore butter my buns-

Oh they do so much more than just butter your buns.

With several ingredients options, they allow you to mix and match different ingredients for various dishes to customise your very own breakfast perfection. Dishes you’re allowed to mix and match include: BMB Breakfasts, Belgian Waffles, and Crepes.

Butter My Bun’s funky Signature Belgian Waffles are also something to look out for. Their Honey Truffle Belgian Waffle ($12) is a hit or miss for all of us. You’ll either love it or hate it – there will never be a neutral stand to this dispute.

Butter My Buns: 2 College Avenue West, University Town Stephen Riady Centre,  #01-07, National University of Singapore (NUS) Singapore 138607 | Tel: 62621649 | Website

Opening Hours: Sun – Fri: 10.30am – 9pm | Sat: Closed

13. Orange Thimble (weekends)

All-Day Breakfast Places in Singapore the orange thimble-

The Orange Thimble, a relaxing cafe tucked away in the enclave of cafes that is the Tiong Bahru Heartlands, offers one of the cheapest Full English Breakfasts I could find in Singapore. Although they only serve breakfasts during the weekends, I’d still come here if I wanted a relatively cheap Full English Breakfast.

Their English Breakfast ($11.50) of two eggs (sunny-side up) , streaky bacon, two pork sausages, home-made baked beans, roasted tomatoes, 2 slices of toast, and sautéed mushrooms is a pretty solid steal to me.

The Orange Thimble: 56 Eng Hoon Street #01-68 | Tel: 6223 8068 | Website

Mon – Thur: 11am – 9pm | Fri: 10:30am – 12am | Sat: 9am – 12am | Sun: 9am – 10:30am

12. Strictly Pancakes (Closed)

All-Day Breakfast Places in Singapore strictly pancakes-

Pancakes, pancakes and pancakes. Well actually, apart from pancakes, they do serve other breakfast foods during the weekends too. Not so strictly pancakes after all, and thankfully so.

With a wonderful array of savoury and sweet pancakes alike, Strictly Pancakes has been my go-to pancake joint. I always leave the place with an exploding belly and a very happy heart. All of them are priced between $11 – $15, and that’s pretty economical considering that each of them come with three extremely filling pancakes to fatten you up. If you can’t handle the big three, you could  downsize to two and they’ll remove $1 off for you.

Strictly Pancakes: 44A Prinsep Street Singapore 188674 | Tel: 6333 4202 | Facebook

Opening Hours: Mon: 6pm – 10pm | Tue – Thur: 11:30am – 10pm | Fri: 11:30am 12am | Sat: 10am – 4pm, 6pm – 12am | Sun: 6pm – 10pm 

11. The Plain Cafe (closed)

All-Day Breakfast Places in Singapore the plain cafe

A quaint, and as its name suggests, plain cafe – but plain in a comfortably minimalistic way. It’s a wonderful place to have a quiet afternoon at for some long conversations over coffee and breakfast foods.

I’d recommend getting their Bircher Muesli ($8.50 for large portion), a warm heartening bowl of organic oats soaked in apple juice, with a blend of honey-infused yoghurt, fresh slices of grapes and strawberries, then topped off with almond flakes.

On top of heartwarming breakfast, they also serve pretty decent coffees, especially their Generra ($5.50) – refreshingly tangy mocha.

The Plain Cafe: 50 Craig Road #01-01 Singapore 089688 | Tel: 6225 4387 Website
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 7.30am – 5.30pm | Sat – Sun: 7:30am – 7:30pm

10. PODI

All-Day Breakfast Places in Singapore PODI-

PODI is an acronym for Pure. Offbeat. Delicious. Infusions., and also a Brainchild of the same people that brought us Cedele . They serve a wonderful range of All-day breakfast foods amongst other good things.

I’d recommend getting their Stuffed Ham and Brie Brioche French Toast ($15) – Spinach Brioche with eggs, smoked ham, brie cheese and maple syrup. It’s humble and really simple considering it’s basically french toast with Spinach in the picture. A smart way to get people to eat their veggies. Sandwiched between two spinach french toasts is delicious ham and cheese. Mmmmm, yummy.

PODI: 252 North Bridge Road, #B1-45, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103 Tel: 6336 5648| Website

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Daily)

9. 20F Specialty CoffeeHouse

All-Day Breakfast Places in Singapore 20f specialty coffeehouse-

20F Specialty Coffeehouse stands where a 60-year-old clinic used to reside, and although that space doesn’t provide anymore medical treatment, it sure does heal our foodie souls.

What I really appreciate is personal space i.e. cafes that don’t have tables just literally inches away from each other, and this coffeehouse understands this very need. With three separate sections, there’s plenty of space for everyone to settle down and have a conversation that the next-door table won’t be able to eavesdrop on.

Apart from its famous Duck & Waffle ($22), I’d recommend getting their Orange Cinnamon French Toast ($15) and Pulled Pork Benedict ($18). I get how paying $15 for bread might seem a bit pricey, but I think it’s interesting enough to render a taste or two.  Their French Toast’s orange jam isn’t spread on top or drizzled around but is actually infused into the fluffy moist bread itself. And laying on top of its crisp outer layer are two pieces of bacon strips that bring in a savoury element to this sour and sweet-spicy breakfast food.

20F CoffeeHouse: 20 Foch Road, Singapore 209261 | Tel: 6291 4940 | Website

Opening Hours: Tue – Sun: 10am – 7pm | Mon: Closed

8. Arteastiq (Plaza Singapura)

All-Day Breakfast Places in Singapore arteastiq-

Arteastiq, an elegant teahouse, definitely caters to the more sophisticated tai tai crowd. With dish names like Allegory of Love and Aphrodite, it’s sure enough testament to my statement. Arteastiq has weekday brunch specials between 11am – 1.30pm, priced at $16 and up that come with free specialty tea. Their weekday brunch specials actually features some of the most popular dishes from their all-day ala carte menu such as The Prince of Monte Carlo – Short Ribs Croque Monsiuer at only a fraction of its original price.

So if you’re planning on coming to Arteastiq and want to get the best deals, I’d recommend coming between their brunch hours. Well, of course if you’re a big spender, visit at any time of the day and there’ll still be breakfast/brunch foods (just set at a higher price).

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Arteastiq: 68 Orchard Road, #03-70/72, Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839 | Tel: 6336 0951| Website

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Daily)

7. The Beast (Sunday)

All-Day Breakfast Places in Singapore the beast 3

The Beast is home to probably the best Chicken and Waffles I could find in Singapore. A 24-hour brine ensures that the chicken is soaking in delicious juices, and wrapping that moist tender meat is its crunchy herby skin. Some might say it’s a tad bit greasy, but greasy is good if you ask me.

Alongside the chicken is fluffy and light buttermilk waffles to balance the chicken’s heavy flavour and then topped with bourbon maple butter sauce that give it a wonderful smokey-sweet finish.

Unfortunately for us, their (extremely American) brunch menu is only available on Sundays, seeing as to how they don’t operate before 5pm on normal days. Their Chicken & Waffles ($20), however, happen to be available all day everyday, so that’s good news!

The Beast: 17 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199329 | Tel: 6295 0017 | Website

Opening Hours: Mon – Wed: 5pm – 12am | Thu – Fri: 5pm – 1am | Sat: 5pm – 12am | Sun: 10am – 5pm

6. The Assembly Ground

All-Day Breakfast Places in Singapore the assembly ground b-


All-Day Breakfast Places in Singapore the assembly ground-

Food for Thought is the go-to breakfast place for the standard basic breakfast foods. Their Assembly Brunch ($19.50) consists of the scrambled eggs, a choice of ham or smoked salmon, wiener sausage, sautéed mushrooms, potato gratin, grilled cherry tomatoes, and toast. I like that they give us a choice of either ham or salmon, because I’ve never seen a breakfast platter with a substitute of salmon before.

The ambiance and space is also something I quite enjoy, with comfortable dim lighting, plenty of space and large tables. (Also, bicycles adorning their walls)

Klook Book Button Pic

The Assembly Ground: 2 Handy Road #01-21, The Cathay, Singapore 229233 | Tel: 6733 3375 | Website

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 11am – 10pm | Sat – Sun & PH: 10am – 10pm

5. The Daily Roundup

All-Day Breakfast Places in Singapore daily roundup-

The Daily Roundup gives us breakfast foods in the form of classic French savoury Galettes and sweet Crepes. They ensure quality by paying attention to every single detail, like using buckwheat flour for their savoury Galettes, distinguishing their slightly sour tastes from the dough used for sweet Crepes.

For a choice of savoury Galette, I’d recommend the Burrata ($18), which is topped with Fresh Italian Burrata, Cherry Vine Tomatoes, Arugula Salad and Homemade Pesto.
For a choice of sweet Crepe, get the Yuzu Butter ($12). They infuse artisanal Bordier butter with their own yuzu for us to lather across this slightly sweeter Crepe. It’s sweet, light and although not very filling, is still satisfying.
Maybe come to The Daily Roundup if your wallet’s a bit fatter than usual, because I can see how thin dough for breakfast foods might not sate all of our desires.

The Daily Roundup: The Working Capitol, 1 Keong Saik Road #01-02, Singapore 089109 | Tel: 6338 8035| Website

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 8am – 9:30pm | Sat – Sun: 9am -9:30pm

4. Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s

All-Day Breakfast Places in Singapore mr and mrs maxwell-

I think Mr and Mrs Maxwell’s is a mecca of breakfast foods with an extensive menu that reflects their very own personality and enthusiasm.

Their Ricotta Hotcakes ($14) are the most perfect, prettiest and fluffiest pancakes I’ve ever seen. With blueberries, strawberries, vanilla yoghurt and truffle honey, it’s unconventionally conventional.

Also, look out for their Lobster Omelette ($16) – well-seasoned and butter-soaked eggs filled such sweet and tender lobster filling. And oh, the Gruyere cheese makes it a sweet/salty heaven.

Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s: 28 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069708 | Tel: 6808 2181| Website


Opening Hours: Sun – Thu: 7am – 11pm| Fri – Sat: 7am-12am

3. Ninethirty

All-Day Breakfast Places in Singapore ninethirty-2

Ninethirty is a dining bistro restaurant that is a flagship Awfully Chocolate Store, and the only concept of its kind in Singapore. Apart from serving Western main courses and Awfully Chocolate desserts, they also serve our favourite kind of food – Breakfast food!

If you’re a fan of peanut butter (who isn’t?), I’d recommend getting Ninethirty’s Brioche French Toast ($16) because they serve up some fluffy ones over here. You can get them done in three ways: regular, skillet or souffle. Get souffle for the ultimate level of fluffiness. They come with freshly whipped vanilla bean cream and almond streusel along with maple syrup.

Ninethirty: 131 East Coast Road, Singapore 428816 | Tel: 6345 2190Website

Operation Hours: Mon – Thu: 12pm – 11pm | Fri and Eve of P.H: 12pm – 1am |Sat: 9:30am – 1am | Sun: 9:30am – 11pm

2. Ninja Bowl

All-Day Breakfast Places in Singapore Ninja Bowl-21

Sister to Chillax Cafe and Babette Restaurant & Bar, Ninja Bowl is a simple, industrial-chic cafe at Duxton Road, that offers unique all-day brunch options with a Japanese flair. An outstanding thing about Ninja Bowl is that they serve all their food a la minute, meaning that you’ll get everything prepared on the spot to guarantee freshness.

That also means that if you’re rushing for time, maybe not opt for their brunch foods because you’ll definitely be late for whatever appointment you have.

I’d recommend getting their Fancy French ($16), an extremely thick-cut (around three inches high) homemade brioche filled with fig jam. For its thick cut, it was surprisingly evenly cooked through.

Drizzled with Umeboshi-infused honey and homemade hazelnut butter to slather all over, it was a wonderful mix with the slight cinnamon-like, milky Brioche. Slices of figs, plums, green grapes and edible flowers are scattered around for us to pair with this delight.

Ninja Bowl: 15 Duxton Road, Singapore 089481 | Tel: 6222 8055 | Website

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 9:30am – 7:30pm | Sat – Sun: 9am – 6pm

1. Cheng’s Gourmet Food Bar

All-Day Breakfast Places in Singapore cheng's-9747

A wonderful cafe that’s recently upped their menu ante, Cheng’s Gourmet Food Bar serves breakfast food till 5pm daily amongst other wonderful gourmet food.

However, they do understand the power of breakfast foods and its irresistibility, so they’ve made an exception. They allow customers to request for breakfast foods after hours, if and only if, there aren’t many customers around.

The most outstanding element about their Big Breakfast ($18.90) was that on top of the usual eggs, sausages, bacon etc., they added caramelised watermelon. It was literally cooked watermelon, and was a mind-boggling experience for me because who eats warm watermelon?? Strangely, it worked. The watermelon balances out the saltiness of bacon and ties the breakfast together nicely.

Cheng’s Gourmet Food Bar: 34A Clementi Rd, Singapore 129758 | Tel: 6464 0617 | Website

Opening Hours: Tue – Sun : 11:45am – 11:45pm| Mon: Closed

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