11 Best Nearby Beach Weekend Getaways From Singapore

Last Updated: June 18, 2018

Written by Gene Lim

Looking for a beach getaway? Overwhelmed and exceedingly stressed by the number of tasks listed on your to-do checklist? Well, this might be your cue for a weekend getaway to some of Asia’s most gorgeous sandy beaches, all situated kinda near Singapore.

Sun, sand and fun. Let a short vacation reinvigorate and rejuvenate your poor, over-worked soul so you can get back to your job all motivated again on Monday. Your work isn’t going anywhere anyway. Here, we’ve helped you source for the best and most awesome beach weekend getaways from Singapore.

1) Bali, Indonesia

For many people, the three words ‘Weekend Beach Getaway’ immediately brings to mind the wide expanse of soft, white sand that is contrasted with the cheery clear blue waters available at Bali. It is not surprising why either, given the countless number of gorgeous beaches found there.

bali airbnb klm-12086007

Kuta Beach remains a firm favorite amongst the tourists; with restaurants and hotels that cater to all kinds of budget. Despite the massive crowds of tourists flocking to the beach, Kuta remains acceptably clean. If you want to return back to the office or school with that irresistible sun kissed skin, you’ll definitely fit right in amongst the hundreds of sunbathers and surfers spread out along the entire stretch of Kuta.

bali airbnb klm-12086042

Alternatively you can check out the less touristy and crowded beaches at Seminyak (10 mins from Kuta), Nusa Dua (30 mins from Kuta) or Balanggan (3o mins from Kuta). The further away from Kuta you go, the more isolated the beaches are.

How to get there: There are direct flights connecting Singapore to Denpasar International Airport (DPS), the airport servicing Bali. From DPS, Kuta Beach is only a 15 minutes ride away in a taxi.

Travel time from SG: ~2 hours 35 mins (Direct Flight)

2) Lombok, Indonesia

Lombok island is situated to the East of Bali and it can be likened to being the less popular cousin in comparison. This essentially means that for people who really want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, Lombok will be the go to place for some long-awaited peace and serenity. No more rubbing shoulders-to-shoulders with throngs of strangers!

Mawun Beach is considered a hidden gem on the Lombok Island. People who have been there were awed by the pristine, untouched appearance of the beach. Furthermore, the sand has been described to be so soft that it’s unbelievable. After having read many articles which have raved about the Mawun Beach, even our interest is piqued.

How to get there: It is slightly trickier to get to Lombok Island directly from Singapore as there are few available flights that directly connect Singapore to Lombok. On the other hand, if you are in Bali, Lombok is just a ferry ride away or a short flight away. The best way to get to Mawun Beach is then through a motorbike ride from Kuta, the main town of Lombok.

Travel time from SG: ~2 hours 40 mins (Direct Flight)

3) Bintan, Indonesia

Located a mere 55 minutes away by ferry, the Bintan Resortstarget audience is understandably Singaporeans. Once you’ve had enough of doing absolutely nothing on the beautiful beaches with white sands, you can also book various eco-tours such as the Bintan Mangrove Discovery Night Tour – where you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the enchanting sight of fireflies deep in the night.

How to get there: The Bintan Resorts Ferries (BRF) operates a regular ferry service that connects Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal all the way to Bintan Resorts. The ferry takes roughly 55 minutes. The ferry schedule can be obtained from the official website of the Bintan Resorts here.

Travel time from SG: ~55 mins (Ferry)

4) Tioman Island, Malaysia

Tioman Island offers many excellent beaches, which are usually situated at the circumference of the villages or sometimes overlooking the island’s resorts. One particularly well-received beach of Tioman Island includes Salang Beach, the best beach to be at for enthusiastic divers. Its close proximity to many reef sites and wrecks around Tioman, such as Coral Island and Fan Canyon makes it the number one choice for diving.

How to get there: The most convenient and straight-forward way to get to Tioman would be through taking a coach (bus timings and fares can be found here) to Mersing Jetty and then a ferry from Mersing to Salang Beach. The journey from Singapore to Mersing Jetty takes roughly 3.5 hours, while the ferry ride from Mersing to Salang Beach in Tioman takes approximately 1.5 hours.

Alternatively, you could take a plane to Kuala Terengganu airport (1 hour flight), then take a bus or tax to Merang (45 mins).

Travel time from SG: 3.5 hours (Coach) + 1.5 hours (Ferry) = ~5 hours

5) Pulau Lang Tengah, Malaysia

Roughly 140km North of Singapore, Pulau Tengah is a tropical, sparsely populated island located within the South China Sea. It is now a private island luxury resort run by Batu Batu.

An interesting fact about the island is that it used to be a Vietnamese refugee camp in the late 1970s to early 1980s; where they stayed while waiting for a chance at a new life in Europe, Australia and North America.

Did we also mention that if you feel like it, it is actually entirely possible to explore all 8 pristine beaches contained around the island’s 3km perimeter by foot?

How to get there: Similar to traveling to Tioman Island, you’ll have to travel to Mersing Jetty before taking a ferry to Pulau Lang Tengah (about 30 mins).

Travel time from SG: 3.5 hours (Coach) + 30 mins (Ferry) = ~4 hours

6) Krabi, Thailand

We’re pretty sure that Krabi needs no explanation as to why it is the perfect weekend beach getaway destination from Singapore. Krabi appeals to everyone – from the lazy ones who prefer to simply unwind at the beach to those who are adrenaline-junkies. Similar to many places around Thailand, Krabi is a highly commercialized and tourist-friendly island. It is easy to get around and one of the highlights of Krabi would be Maya Bay.

Ever since the filming of ‘The Beach‘ in 1999 where Maya Bay was featured, the beach has sky-rocketed in popularity. The visibility of the waters throughout the bay is excellent, so for those who enjoy snorkeling and diving, this is your place.

How to get there: It is best to take a flight from Singapore to Phuket and then hop onto a 40 mins speedboat ride from Rassada Pier which is near Phuket Town to Maya Bay in Krabi.

Travel time from SG: 1 hour 40 mins (Direct Flight) + 40 mins (Speedboat) = ~2 hours 20 mins

7) Ko Tao, Thailand

Being less developed than Ko Samui and Ko Pha Ngan, the beaches on Ko Tao still remain relatively untouched. Furthermore, with its economy being almost exclusively bolstered by tourism, you’ll never run out of exciting activities to do during your stay. Think of hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving… Speaking of scuba diving, you can even be certified rather cheaply at Ko Tao!

Popular amongst backpackers, Sairee Beach has an exciting nightlife with many of the island’s bars and nightclubs being concentrated on it. Party-animals will be kept satisfied because it has been said that things can get rather wild.

How to get there: You’ll need to take a flight from Singapore to Koh Samui (Bangkok Airways / SilkAir) first, before transferring to a cataraman ferry to journey to Ko Tao Island. The ferry journey depends on which pier you are dropping of as well, and takes anything from 1.5 hrs to 3 hrs to reach.

Travel time from SG: 1 hour 45 mins (Direct Flight) + 2 hours (Ferry) = ~3 hours 45 mins

8) Ko Samui, Thailand

Ko Samui is a rather big island and it is one of the most visited islands in Thailand by tourists. There are so many beaches available; Chaweng, Lamai, Bophut and Choeng Mon just to name a few, within the island itself that you’ll be spoiled silly for choice.

renaissance koh samui skyscanner-2083 renaissance koh samui skyscanner-1704 Ko Samui Grandmother Rock

With its clear and sparkling waters, Lamai will be the ideal choice for those who seek to swim in the sea. Also, an amusing sight can be seen between Lamai and Hua Thanon. Two famous rock formations: Hin Ta (Grandpa Rock) and Hin Yai (Grandma rock) suspiciously resemble, well, human genitalia. Definitely an interesting sight to behold.

How to get there: There is a direct flight from Singapore to Ko Samui (Bangkok Airways / SilkAir). Getting to Lamai from Ko Samui simply requires a minibus from the Samui Airport. Private taxi charters are also available for those who prefer a little more space to themselves.

Travel time from SG: ~1 hr 45 mins (Direct Flight)

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9) Boracay, Philipines

Often called “the world’s most beautiful tropical island”, the sight at Boracay is post-card perfect. Picture this: pristine, white sand contrasted against blue waters of amazingly different hues with palm trees dotting the entire stretch of the beach. That would be how we will describe Boracay. It does sound like a paradise. Some of the more thrilling activities which can be done on Boracay include para-sailing, windsurfing and water skiing. Are you excited yet?

The largest beach on Boracay is White Beach, which offers excellent opportunities for travelers to swim and snorkel due to its crystal clear and shallow waters. Nearly all of Boracay’s hotels and resorts can be found on White Beach itself. These accomodations also provide transport to and fro many parts of the Boracay island so staying at White Beach would surely be a wise choice.

How to get there: There are now direct flights from Singapore to Boracay (SilkAir/TigerAir) and they will only set you back by approximately 3 hours and 50 minutes.

Travel time from SG: ~3 hours 50 mins (Direct Flight)

10) Cebu, Philipines

Cebu Beach

Photo: mycebu.ph

Cebu remains relatively unknown amongst beach-goers but we have a gut feeling that this will all change in the near future; simply because of the sheer number of beaches it provides. If you’re looking to get away from stress and crowded beaches in general, then Cebu is your place to go.

The beaches found at Bantayan Island are possibly the best beaches around in the country. All your worries and troubles will be swept away once you lay eyes on the wide expanse of gorgeous, white sand and brilliant greenish-blue clear waters available.

How to get there: There are direct and transfer flights from Singapore to Mactan-Cebu International Airport (Cebu Pacific / SilkAir / TigerAir / SIA). A cab will be needed to get to the North Bus Terminal, where a bus will then take you to Hagnaya Port in the town of San Remigio in 3 hours. You can then take a ferry to Santa Fey Port in Bantayan Island. (We know, it’s troublesome but the hassle is so worth it.)

Travel time from SG: 3 hours 45 mins (Direct Flight) + 20 mins (Cab) + 1 hour 15 mins (Ferry) = ~5 hours 20 mins

11. Maldive islands

maldives sheraton beach-0094

Technically not that nearby, but the travel time is about the same as some of the physically nearer beaches. Maldives is an island nation in the Indian Ocean-Arabian sea area, with its capital Malé about 600km south-west of India. Its crystal blue seas are a famous honeymoon destination amongst newly weds, not to mention its isolated cabins that provide romantic privacy.

maldives sheraton beach-0243

Maldives is made up of multiple islands and each island is occupied by 1 resort, so feel free to pick one (they are all pretty similar, and you can rent a boat to island hop if you want). I personally stayed at Furanafushi island in Sheraton Full Moon Resort & Spa. Prices are really steep in Maldives, and there are not much options in terms of food or entertainement except for what the resort offers.

However if you purely want to wake up to a beautiful beach view and do water activities like snorkeling all day right in your backyard, Maldives is the place to be.

How to get there: There are direct flights from Singapore to Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, also known as Malé International Airport. Thereupon, you will need to take a ferry or seaplane to your island depending on how far away the island is.

Travel time from SG: 4 hours 40 mins (Direct Flight) + 30 mins (Ferry) = ~5 hours 10 mins


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