17 Best Desserts In Bangkok Revealed: Get Hyped From An Overdose Of Pretty Sugar

If you think that Bangkok is only home to good shopping, awesome Pad Thai, Boat Noodle, Basil Chicken, Tom Yum Gong (the list could go on), and need I mention streets that are laced with unparalleled cafes, you’ll have to think twice again.

The ‘land of smiles’ is a gateway to dessert heaven, which you wouldn’t mind passing out from an overdose of sugar, because they are simply too lovely to be missed.

There’s a saying that we have a separate stomach for desserts, after combing the streets of Bangkok and travelling from one BTS station to the next in search for the best desserts over two straight days, I deduce that we have three stomachs solely for having sweet stuffs.

Here’s a list of the best dessert in Bangkok. Enjoy!

17. Audrey Cafe’ des Fleurs

best bangkok desserts audrey

An extension to the already famous Bangkok cafe, Audrey Cafe’ des Fleurs is a flower-themed cafe at EmQuartier, an absolute place you must visit, more so since it’s conveniently located in a mall filled with lots of other desserts to try in this list.

Audrey boasts of a great and inviting interior with spacious seating reminiscent of Parisian Patisseries. Striking and alluringly, standing out in its menu are an assortment of edible Flower Pot Cake, which looks like a pretty garden from afar.

The Pink & White Hydrangea (125 THB) is carefully filled with orange-flavoured cake, green tea filling, while beautifully decorated with cream butter and mascarpone to look like blooming, fresh hydrangea flowers during the Spring season.

Audrey Cafe’ des Fleurs: 7A10,8th Floor, The Helix Quartier, Emquartier | Tel: 02.003.6244 | Website

Nearest BTS Station: Phrom Phong

16. Summer Monster Ice Cream

best bangkok desserts summer monster

Summer Monster Ice Cream makes for an interesting dessert pit-stop when you’re shopping at JJ Green Market. It’s quite easy to spot the store since it’s situated amidst the other food stalls, right smack in the middle of the market.

best bangkok desserts summer monster

While the Monster Sweet Sky (49 THB) looks incredibly fairytale-like, I was a little disappointed at the cotton candy size as it looks smaller than what was promised on its menu. Considering how cheap it is, I’ll turn a blind eye to that.

The ice cream tasted less fancy than how it actually looked. It’s a mix of both Okayama Milk Vanilla and Yogurt, of which I preferred the latter more for its piquant aftertaste.

Summer Monster Ice Cream: JJ Green, Kampanghet 3 Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok | Tel:+66 89 783 5814 | Friday – Sunday: 5 pm – 11pm | Facebook 

15. Bonca Cookie Ice Cream

best bangkok desserts bonca

Located in an alley just beside Siam Square One, Bonca is a small street stall that sells adorable macaroon ice cream sandwich (125 THB) that you will not be able to resist.

best bangkok desserts bonca

Choose from a selection of characters like Minions, Elmo to Mike Wazowski. Pick your favourite ice cream flavour to be sandwiched in between the macaroons and then choose your cereal toppings to make it the perfect personalised dessert.

It definitely will satisfy the inner child within you and make your Instagram followers green in envy, obviously.

Bonca Cookie Ice Cream: Siam Square Soi 4, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand | Tel: +66 95 505 5818 | Opening Hours: Daily 10:30am – 8pm

Nearest BTS: Siam (The alley just beside Hello Kitty House)

14. Kiss The Tiramisu

best bangkok desserts kiss the tiramisu

Kiss The Tiramisu is a trendy dessert that originated from Seoul, Korea. The classic dessert turned classy when served in a takeaway wine glass (which is made of plastic).

KTT Original (159 THB) is made right in front of your eyes. Layer by layer, the dessert consists of mascarpone cheese, milk ice cream, lady finger crumbs, espresso powder, cocoa powder and chocolate shavings.

It’s so rich and creamy, I was struggling to ‘kiss’ the tiramisu, but tiramisu lovers would probably make out with it.

Kiss The Tiramisu:Emquartier B Floor, Opposite Emquartier Food Hall, Glass Quartier | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

Nearest BTS Station: Phrom pong

13. Creamery Boutique Ice Cream

best bangkok desserts creamery boutique ice cream

A pet project by Ian Lee and Jerry Chompunuch Jomsangawong, Creamery Boutique Ice Cream carries a tagline that explains how the tiny cafe was founded: “All because two people fell in love” — a wild guess, with each other and with molten lava cookies?

best bangkok desserts creamery boutique ice cream

Situated just beside Chulalongkorn University, the cafe takes up a tiny shop space with minimal and simplistic furnishing, enough for uni students to chill out and take a break from their books.

Following the menu, all you have to do is choose from six types of lava cookies, we got the Monster Matcha (139 THB). Then head over to its ice cream selections and choose you favourite flavour. We greedily chose the Thai Tea option, because why not when you’re in the land flowing with Thai Tea?

The combination of matcha and Thai tea was stunning, with the cookie being exceedingly moist and soft, crackling and crumbling easily to reveal the matcha lava.

Creamery Boutique Ice Cream: U Centre Chulalongkorn University Phaya Thai Rd. Soi Chulalongkorn 42 Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand | Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 9pm | Facebook

Nearest BTS Station: National Stadium Station

12. Kyo Roll En

best bangkok desserts Kyo Roll En

Kyo Roll En’s outlets are designed to create a Zen dining experience, which harmoniously infuse wood, stone and water in its interior.

best bangkok desserts Kyo Roll En

Aesthetically calming and inviting with their bamboo dishes and Japanese-styled plate, the Kuro Roll Set (219 THB) comes with a bamboo charcoal roll, charcoal vanilla soft serve, matcha ‘nama’ chocolate, fresh fruit platter, and a shot of kuromitzu (black honey) sauce.

Kyo En Roll: B/F EmQuartier, Sukhumvit Rd., Watthana, Bangkok | Tel:+66 2 108 2660 |  Opening Hours: Daily 10am – 10pm

Nearest BTS Station: Phrom Phong

11. Mori Dessert Bar

best bangkok desserts mori dessert bar

Mori is home to an assortment of Crazy Milkshakes with over five different drinks to choose from, which will cause severe hallucinations of being on cotton candy clouds from the sugar high.

best bangkok desserts mori dessert bar

We ordered a Rainbow Crazy Milkshake (215 THB), for obvious reasons, it being girly and the prettiest of them all.

Topped with a slice of cake, decorated with cereals and rainbow sprinkles, a lollipop and whipped cream, which tied in all to its beauty. Not overly sweet, the drink beckons you back for one too many sips.

Mori Dessert Bar: Siam Square Soi 6, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand, Siam Square One 4F | Tel: +66 2 252 3055 | Opening Hours: Daily 9am – 10pm

Nearest BTS: Siam

10. Pancake House

best bangkok desserts pancake bar

Pancake House successfully caught our attention with it’s S’mores Pancake (195 THB) banner at its shopfront. The temptation of puffy, toasted marshmallow was albeit too alluring for our own good.

best bangkok desserts pancake bar

The pancake was served running over with an abundance of melted marshmallows, along with a scoop of Oreo cookie ice cream. A sight that does not disappoint.

best bangkok desserts pancake bar

How do you resist this? Three (or four) different levels of taste and textures to indulge in: fluffy pancake, chocolate sauce, gooey and crisps from the toasted marshmallows. We were so glad to have chanced upon this, bless your kind pancake soul.

Pancake House: 254 Phayathai Road, Siam Square One, 1st Floor, Bangkok 10330, Thailand | Tel: +6627222370 | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

Nearest BTS Station: Siam

9. Once Social Bar and Cafe

best bangkok desserts once social bar and cafe

Once Social Bar and Cafe is situated in Thong Lor, an uprising hipster-ish street laced with lots of cafes and eateries to be discovered.

best bangkok desserts once social bar and cafe

Its interior consists of wood, hanging flora on the ceiling, and kitsch ornaments, which adds up to the cafe’s quirks and coziness.

best bangkok desserts once social bar and cafe

The Egglette Tower 3 (325 THB) comes with three scoops of ice cream, two layers of egg waffles, topped with whipped cream, which can be easily shared between two people.

If you’re up for more, there are other levels to choose from, with up to eight scoops of ice cream and three layers of egg waffles.

The waffle was slightly dense, decorated with chocolate pillows that bursts upon biting into it, Coco Crunch cereals, dehydrated strawberries, and icing sugar.

ONCE Social Bar and Cafe:308 Thonglor 10, Wattana, 55 Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand | Opening Hours: Daily 12PM – 9PM | Tel: +66 84 777 7322 | Website

Nearest BTS Station: Thong Lo 

8. CODE (Cafe Of Dessert Enthusiasts)

best bangkok desserts code

CODE is indeed a cafe of — and for — dessert enthusiasts, its highlight being the Thai Tea Lava Toasts (175 THB), which is essentially a Shibuya toast filled with warm, comforting Thai tea, aka Cha Yen.

best bangkok desserts code

We opted for the charcoal toast, which was served with a dollop of whipped cream and vanilla ice cream, adorably garnished with icing sugar powder to spell out the cafe’s name.

best bangkok desserts code

Served warm, the toast was slightly hard on the outside, but fluffy on the inside. A slight incision at it and a copious amount of lava Thai tea flowed out without restrain, yummy!

CODE (pop up cafe): Siam Paragon G Floor (Opposite Haagen-Dazs) or The Jas Ramintra, Thailand | Tel:+66 2 041 0260 | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

Nearest BTS Station: Siam

7. Brix Dessert Bar

Bangkok The Commons-3868

BRIX dessert bar believes in indulgence and stress relief through the medium of desserts. With tall glass panels making up its borders, the sunlight pouring into this pseudo-cafe sets an environment for a relaxing afternoon of lounging and jolly face-stuffing.

Bangkok The Commons-3882

Hotto Keiki (270 THB), which, just throwing a wild guess here, refers to Hot Cakes. And it is probably the hottest cake in Thong Lo. 

Served in an iron skillet, the sour cream pancake comes in a beautifully puffy form with a side of honey, crumble, banana, and vanilla ice cream.

The best way to eat this is to first drench the entire hotcake base with honey (don’t worry they do provide you with an abundance of honey), pile everything on, and then finish off with another generous drizzle of honey.

Bangkok The Commons-3896

The hotcake itself is so fluffy (I’m gonna die) and soft, almost having a soufflé texture. Albeit having a slightly eggy taste, when you have this warm delight together with the ice cream, honey, bananas and crumble, it makes for a great afternoon dessert.

BRIX Dessert Bar: 335 (Thonglor 17), 55 Sukhumvit Rd, Klongtan Nue, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand, Unit S4 | Tel: +66 2 712 6352 | Website |Opening Hour: Mon – Thu: 12pm – 10pm | Fri – Sun: 12pm – 11pm

Nearest BTS Station: Thong Lo

6. Fucheer

best bangkok desserts fucheer

Fucheer has several outlets in Bangkok, we visited the brunch at Emquatier that has a small seating area within the mall.

best bangkok desserts fucheer

Know for their monstrous Shaved Ice with Thai Milk Tea and Topping (295 THB), be advised to share it with two other friends, otherwise it’d be too jelak.

The shaved ice is amazingly soft, which allowed the Thai milk tea to infuse completely into it. The tea is extremely gao, it’ll meet the quota of your caffeine fix.

best bangkok desserts fucheer

Topped with black pearls, crunchy orange thingamajig, roasted almonds, and pieces of toast soaked through with the tea as well, the entire dessert has lots of textures and is extremely fulfilling for cha yen lovers.

Fucheer : 6A04-05, 6th Floor, The EmQuartier Department Store, No. 693, Bangkok, 10110 | Tel: +6602-0036201/+6602-0036202 | Website | Opening Hours: Daily 10am-10pm

5. Sulbing Thai

best bangkok desserts sulbing thai 1st

We happened to chance upon Sulbing Thai while looking for other dessert spots along the street. Greeted by its huge welcoming mascot, Suldong, the cafe serves up an assortment of Korean desserts.

best bangkok desserts sulbing thai 1st

What really caught our eyes was the Real Tong Tong Melon (385 THB) seen on the banner outside the shop.

If you’re blur like me, you’ll probably think the green, perfectly smooth exterior is made of sorbet, but look again, it’s actually half a melon sans its skin! Other bingsu shops usually scoops up the melon into round little balls to decorate the shaved ice, but this guys, it’s an entire melon hollowed out in its middle.

best bangkok desserts sulbing thai 1st

After slicing up the melon, hidden below the bowl of shaved ice are cornflakes, mochi and red bean. You can choose to drizzle condense milk over your bingsu if you like it sweeter.

Although a tad big, the fresh melon was a joy to munch on in between scoops of shaved ice.

Sulbing: Soi Thonglor 10, Khlong Tan Nuea, Vadhana, Bangkok 10250 | Tel: +66 2 261 7554 | Opens 24 Hours | WebsiteFacebook

Nearest BTS station: Thong Lo

4. Little Bao

best bangkok desserts little bao

Hailing from Hong Kong, Little Bao recently opened its doors in Bangkok at 72 Courtyard, a happening night spot in Thong Lo, which houses a variety of restaurants and bars to party the night away.

best bangkok desserts little bao

Green Tea Ice Cream Bao (120 THB)

Albeit a little tiny, the Green Tea Ice Cream Bao was a wonderful dessert to snack on. It consists of a thick serving of green tea ice cream sandwiched between crisp donut-like buns, drizzled in condensed milk for that added sweetness.

There’s quite a charming contracts in the warm buns and cold ice cream, along with the play of textures one can get from this little bao.

Little Bao: 72 Courtyard, Bangkok, Thailand, 10110 | Tuesday – Sunday: 6PM – 12AM (Closed on Mondays) | Tel:+66-2-392-6922 | Website | Facebook 

Nearest BTS station: Thong Lo

3. Matcha Ten

best bangkok desserts matcha ten

Located slightly further away from the city, Matcha Ten is situated at the side of the road, just before you turn into Sarthon Road. It could be easy to miss as the premise is fenced up with tall white panels.

It also functions as the extended dessert arm to Tenyuu Grand, Tenyuu empire’s flagship sushi restaurant, which is just beside the cafe.

The Japanese-inspired cafe’s menu consists of a comprehensive range of hype-y desserts, such as the raindrop cake, and others that are pretty and Instagram-worthy.

best bangkok desserts matcha ten

Fudge Lava (175 THB)

Dark chocolate brownie with Madagascar vanilla ice cream, almond streusel and marshmallow are packed into a deep glass cup, then covered over with a chocolate disc, which acts as the glass lid.

It comes with a flask of hot melted chocolate fudge, which you’re supposed to pour over the chocolate lid and watch as it melts into the cup, lacing the ingredients with a mix of gooey and chunky bits of chocolate.

best bangkok desserts matcha ten

It was quite difficult to get a perfect shot of the dessert due to the condensation, but here’s what it looks like from top down once the lid is melted.

Chocolatey and rich, the dessert is served in a right portion for patrons who like to have a little something sweet and decadent after a heavy meal.

Matcha Ten: Soi 66 S Sathorn Rd, Yan Nawa, Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand | Tel: +66 2 632 2669 | Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 10pm | Facebook

Nearest BTS Station: Chong Nonsi

2. Vanilla Cafeteria

best bangkok desserts vanilla cafeteria

Look no further for a chichi, polish cafe for great desserts. Vanilla Cafeteria isn’t just fancy on its exterior, but also with the dishes on its menu.

Located at a corner of the mall, the wide windows and indoor patio floods the place with natural sunlight, making it inviting and alluring.

best bangkok desserts vanilla cafeteria

Charcoal Pavlova (220 THB)

The meringue-based dessert is extremely light and airy on the palate. Filled with fluffy whip cream and topped with fresh blackberries, it also came with serving of passionfruit puree.

The pavlova quickly soaked up the passionfruit, leaving it balanced in a sweet and tangy taste.

best bangkok desserts vanilla cafeteria

Chocolate Lavender Cream Cronut (120 THB)

We came with the sole intention of trying out the Charcoal Pavlova, but was won over by the simplistic beauty of the cafe’s cronuts. The golden brown pastry is glazed with icing sugar and decorated with dried lavender, which subtly perfumed the dessert.

best bangkok desserts vanilla cafeteria

If you’re wondering where’s the chocolaty element suggested by its name, it’s piped between the croissant.

Perhaps because of the alternating layers of chocolate cream, the pastry was less crisp and denser, which was oddly to my liking.

Vanilla Cafeteria: 2nd Floor, The Helix Quartier, Emquartier, Bangkok 0.2003 | Tel: +66 2 003 6124 | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm | Website

Nearest BTS Station: Phrom Phong

1. Vanilla Bakeshop

best bangkok desserts vanilla garden

Stepping into Vanilla Bakeshop takes you away from all the buzz from the busy streets, it’s almost like you’ve entered into a bakery in a quaint, little town somewhere far from civilisation.

best bangkok desserts vanilla bakeshop

A great escape on laid-back Sundays, where you could eat, chill and relax, take lots of photos because the interior is semi-chic from its metallic industrial furnishing, and cozy from its homely cottage vibes.

best bangkok desserts vanilla garden

The Ring Bacon Maple (280 THB) is arguably one of the best desserts we’ve eaten in Bangkok, which is why it tops the list. While Dominique Ansel took the entire New York City by storm with his cronut invention last year, it’s only recently that these inspired versions are starting to flood the Bangkok dessert scene.

Who cares if it’s inspired, the Ring Bacon Maple blew our minds and taste buds with its crusty and flaky pastry, which floats in a pool of warm vanilla custard sauce, topped with homemade ice cream, drizzled with a good dose of maple syrup, sprinkled over with crystallised caramel, cheddar cheese and bacon bits. Makes for a comforting dessert anytime.

Vanilla Bakeshop: 53 Ekamai 12, Sukumvit 63 Road, Klongton Nua, Vaddhana, Bangkok 10110 | Opening Hours: Daily 10am – 10pm | Tel: +66 2-381-6120/22 ext. 13 | Website | Facebook

Nearest BTS station: Ekkamai