10 best donut shops to fill that hole in your existence

Donut enthusiasts, your search for the best doughnut shop in Singapore ends here! Yes, regardless of how you spell it and even if you use both variations in 1 sentence.

Here are the 10 places to get donuts in Singapore. There are both gourmet doughnut specialists with a single store and international chains with hundreds of outlets. They all make our list for creating those horrifically addictive rings of sugary delight that no one can resist.

1. Burnt Ends Bakery

Best Doughnuts - Burnt Ends Bakery outside
Credit – Burnt Ends Bakery

Burnt Ends Bar & Grill has held on to its Michelin star since 2018  but the Aussie barbie specialist’s bakery offshoot is no pushover, either. Burnt Ends Bakery has earned itself a reputation for living up to the restaurant’s lofty reputation.

Apart from the Plain Doughnuts, their doughnuts are exclusively bombolinis. The Italian dessert has been given a Singaporean makeover with the Milo Dinosaur Doughnuts (from S$30 for 6). It was concocted specially for Singapore Food Festival 2020 but has become such a hit that it was never taken off the menu.

Best Doughnuts - Burnt Ends Bakery donuts
Credit – Burnt Ends Bakery

Another variant with local influences is Pandan Doughnuts (from S$30 for 6). The pandan filling is lovely but these flavour explosions are made all the better for the coconut glaze and desiccated coconut topping.

For more novel tastes, look for the Passionfruit Curd Doughnuts (from S$30 for 6) while the Plain Doughnuts (from S$24 for 6) are for more subdued palates. Burnt Ends Bakery also has cookies, scones, tarts and pastries.

7 Dempsey Road, #01-01, Singapore 249671
Thu to Sun: 8am – 4pm
Closed Mon to Wed

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2. Korio

Best Doughnuts - Korio store

Korio puzzles me for its online shyness. Despite creating some of the best doughnuts and sandwiches I’ve come across locally, they are really hard to get to know! Well, I suppose their motto is to let their wares do the talking for them.

Their doughnuts range starts with the Original Glazed (S$4.50) and is basically an elevated version of the ordinary glazed ones that you get from multinational chains. A step up is the Cinnamon Sugar & Whipped Honey Butter (S$5.50). Here, the light cinnamon tingles coalesce into the sweet-savoury honey butter, creating a fusion of delightful enjoyment.

Best Doughnuts - Korio donuts
Credit – Korio

That balance between sweet and savoury is captured even better by the Honey & Smoked Sea Salt (S$5.50). Add to that the lilting hints of smokiness and this is easy to understand why it’s a crowd favourite. The doughnut range is wrapped up by the Milk Chocolate & Hazelnuts (S$5.50) which I like for its simplicity and also the texture. You can get a Box of 6 (S$32), also.

135 Amoy Street, #01-03, Singapore 049964
Mon to Fri: 9am – 2pm
Closed on Sat & Sun
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3. Kind Kones

Best Doughnuts - Kind Kones store

Yes, I am myself shocked that there’s a vegan, plant-based entry on our list. That just tells you how hard Kind Kones must have fought to get here. Their gluten-free, vegan doughnuts are also free of dairy products, eggs, preservatives and artificial additives.

They started in 2017 doing just plant-based ice cream in the family kitchen. When that initial concept took off, it was only natural that the brand brought their magic to other dessert favourites. Fortunately for us, that includes doughnuts!

Best Doughnuts - Kind Kones donuts
Credit – Kind Kones

The only choice you have is the Baked Chocolate Donut (S$5) but it’s a flippin’ good one! It’s unbelievably fluffy, and the chocolate-y goodness is practically divine given the restrictions on ingredients.

You would never think they would be so delicious if you read the ingredient list: almonds, flax seeds, agave, raw cane sugar and pistachios. They are even more healthy for the fact that they are baked, not fried.

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4. Doughter Bakery

Best Doughnuts - Doughter Bakery owner
Credit – Doughter Bakery

While the Circuit Breaker period was a pain, it was a blessing for a number of resourceful Singaporeans. Melissa Gan is one of them— she started Doughter Bakery with her mother after stunning her friends with her delectable bakes.

It’s a relatively small boutique operation, which allows them bake everything fresh daily and completely forego the use of preservatives. The trade off is that you get a very limited variety, especially of doughnuts.

Best Doughnuts - Doughter Bakery donuts
Credit – Doughter Bakery

Their bestseller is the Chocolate Mochi Donuts. For obvious reason, I’d say; it’s just so enjoyable to chew on these gloriously texture-filled creations that are just the right level of sweet. This range comes with 3 different toppings— Caramel Crumble, Dried Flower Petals, and Ferrero Rocher with gold flakes.

You can get the entire trio at once with the Everything you Love Set (S$22), which includes 3 Mochi Muffins as well.

127 Lor L Telok Kurau, Singapore 425562
+65 9880 5721
Tue to Sat: 10am – 7pm
​​Closed on Mon & Sun
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5. Dunkin Donuts

Best Doughnuts - Dunkin logo
Credit – Dunkin’ Donuts

You learn a lot about making delicious and absolutely addictive doughnuts over 70 years. Founded in 1950, Dunkin’ Donuts is a massive international chain serves more than 3 million hungry and happy customers every day.

The entire Dunkin’ Donuts range is priced at S$2.20, which makes it very easy to make your pick. I am a sucker for the classics (basically, my childhood faves) so the beautifully simple Black Forest (dipped in chocolate and topped with chocolate sprinkles) is easily my top pick. I recently discovered the Salted Caramel Choc and consider it a close second, though.

Best Doughnuts - Dunkin Donuts
Credit – Dunkin’ Donuts

If you want to convince yourself you are somehow eating healthy as you wolf down doughnuts, the Matcha Green Tea will help you shore up the illusion. Dusted with real matcha powder, this doughnut is filled with sweet cream that balances it out nicely.

Tired of the simple ring shape? Their adorable mochi doughnuts, Berry MochiMochi (strawberry frosting) and Choco MochiMochi (chocolate frosting) are the change you need.

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6. Haritts

Best Doughnuts - Haritts store
Credit – Haritts

In the business for some 20 years, Haritts is the master of handmade doughnuts and also does a mean coffee. One of the secrets behind the excellent taste and flavour of every doughnut they create is that they fry them in small batches. Each delicate, delectable doughnut receives personal attention and care, resulting in the perfect crispiness and ‘give’ in every bite.

The Japanese brand began in Tokyo and has branches in Taiwan as well. Demand there is so insane that customers are reportedly limited to 3 doughnuts each. While the limits don’t apply here, that’s probably because Haritts has taken a very laidback approach to marketing. Still, they often sell out before closing time.

Best Doughnuts - Haritts donuts
Credit – Haritts

What I find really amazing is that their menu changes, literally, every week. The main 5 flavours are Original, Nutella, Limone, Pistachio and Cream Cheese. Some of the memorable Special Flavours they have on rotation are Speculoos, Durian, Kinako, Cinnamon Currants and Kaya.

2 Havelock Road, #01-08, Singapore 059763
Tue to Fri & Sun: 10:30am –  5pm

Closed on Mon & Sat
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7. Krispy Kreme

Best Doughnuts - Krispy Kreme logo
Credit – Krispy Kreme

Fast approaching a century in the business, Krispy Kreme is one of the most recognised and most mouth-watering names in the doughnut world.

Their Original Glazed (S$3.30) doughnut is made from the same 1937 recipe that started it all. Hey, I’m not just having another snack, I’m taking a history lesson! Indulgence excuses aside, this simple-looking doughnut really does melt in your mouth for an amazing dessert experience. There is a Hazelnut Original Glazed (S$4.20), too.

Best Doughnuts - Krispy Kreme doughnuts
Credit – Krispy Kreme

If you’re in the mood for a cake doughnut, the Red Velvet (S$3.30) is numero uno. It comes topped with cream cheese and a generous helping of red velvet bits. If that’s a cake doughnut, the Oreo Chocolate (S$2.95) must be a biscuit doughnut, right? Nomenclature aside, this is an Original Unglazed doughnut with its fluffiness covered in chocolate glaze, chocolate Oreo bits and sugar powder. Divine!

If it’s a party, get an Assorted Doughnuts Box (S$21) or Original Glazed Doughnuts Box (S$19.80).

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8. J.Co

Best Doughnuts - J.Co logo
Credit – J.Co

J.Co has close to 300 branches in 6 countries and territories, including Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines and Saudi Arabia. Its meteoric rise comes as no surprise to anyone who has tasted their fare. One thing that always hits me is their logo, which seems to be a modified version of Starbucks’s. (Yes, I know what the image actually shows— do you?) The other thing is their affordability.

Best Doughnuts - J.Co doughnuts
Credit – J.Co

Their range starts at just S$2.20, which is less than half what most of the other brands on our list charge. For this price, you can get the Alcapone (dipped in white chocolate and topped with almond slices), Avocado Di Caprio (avocado inside and out, topped with dark chocolate flakes), Copa Banana (banana custard cream filling and topping), Heaven Berry (strawberry cream filling, strawberry milk chocolate and white chocolate topping), Katy Berry (dipped in white chocolate, sprinkled with almonds and strawberry jam) and Milosaurus (you know).

With a list that stretches to over 2 dozen varieties, it may be easier to get the J.Pops Baby Donuts, which come in a box of 24.

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+65 9770 7770
For locations and opening times, please see here.
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9. Doughnut Shack

Best Doughnuts - Doughnut Shack store
Credit – Doughnut Shack

I would never have guessed that such a fine doughnut shop existed in humble ol’ Kitchener Road. Doughnut Shack is a pretty simple affair that’s perfectly encapsulated in its byline ‘Hand-crafted doughnuts & bombolinis’. I suppose I was also drawn to the playful cartoon character background of the place— very cute!

Best Doughnuts - Doughnut Shack menu
Credit – Doughnut Shack

Textures and flavours vary wildly here (which is a wonderful thing). For smooth and tangy, the Lemon Pistachio (S$3.80) is the way to go. For creamy and sticky, you cannot look past the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel (SS$3.80). If the most pebbly, crunchy, noisy thing is what you like, I present to you their Chocolate Roasted Hazelnut (S$3.80).

Their Cake Donuts are an exciting crossover between cakes and brownies created in the classic ring doughnut shape. There are only 2 flavours currently— Maple Vanilla Cake Donut (S$4) and Lemon Cranberry Cake Donut (S$4.20).

What I though was a joke but turned out not to be is their Savoury Donuts range. There is the Chicken Ham & Cheese Donut Slider and the Chicken Ham, Cheese & Egg Donut Slider (S$5.80).

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151 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208526
+65 9030 0337
Tue to Sun: 11am – 7pm
​​Closed on Mon
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10. Simple Café

Best Doughnuts - Simple Cafe store
Credit – Simple Cafe

As is the name, so is the decor. Simple Cafe on Crawford Lane has such a serene atmosphere about it! With plain wooden furniture and subdued dual-tone floor tiles enhanced by the minimalist use of space and glass, this is the place to ease into the day.

While the setting is back-to-basics, their doughnuts are anything but. They make our list despite having just 2 doughnut varieties on the menu (as well as a monthly special). What the bakery lacks in doughnut flavour quantity it makes up for in sheer quality.

Best Doughnuts - Simple Cafe doughnuts
Credit – Simple Cafe

The Vanilla Donut (S$4.50), Lemon Donut (S$4.50) and Monthly Special (S$4.50) are each a wonder of wonderful flavours. They are made considerably large and I usually am completely full if I have 2. When I am in the mood to share, I get a Donut Bakebox (S$20) which comes with 2 Vanilla Donuts and 2 Lemon Donuts.

Do not wander in too early, though— their doughnuts are only available after 10.30am!

462A Crawford Lane, #01-73, Singapore 191462
Tue to Sun : 9am to 6pm
Closed on Mon

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