Top 10 Duck Rice Stalls in Singapore You Need To Quackly Visit

Since young, I’ve mostly only eaten chicken rice in Singapore and always saw duck rice as an oddball cousin of the former. Over time, however, with much coaxing from my more adventurous friends, my heart began to warm itself up to the duck rice I now speak of.

There are two main types of duck rice in Singapore – the Hokkien type which is heavily sauced up and occasionally cooked with yam rice and the Teochew type which looks plainer with its light gravy and classic plain white rice. The duck meat can be roasted or prepared the Teochew way wherein the braised duck meat is served de-boned and thinly sliced.

Compiling a list of Duck Rice stalls is no easy feat considering how there are numerous brilliant ones out there but by attempting to be as impartial as I can, I have created this Duck Rice guide for fellow Singaporeans out there.

Now, don’t duck from this article and let’s take a quack look at the top Duck Rice stalls in Singapore.

10. Ah Xiao Teochew Braised Duck

Ah Xiao Teochew Braised Duck

best duck rice singapore Ah Xiao Teowchew Braised Duck Rice

Stowed away in a busy row at Golden Mile Food Centre is Ah Xiao Teochew Braised Duck, a stall that sells the more traditional sort of duck rice with simple white rice. For $3, I got myself a plate of the acclaimed braised duck rice done Teochew style and was not disappointed. The sauce may have been light but it was slightly sweet and complimented the fragrant rice and extremely tender meat very well.

Ah Xiao Teochew Braised Duck: Golden Mile Food Centre, #B1-43 | Friday to Wednesday 1000-1500, Closed on Thursdays | Tel: 9109 8026

9. Seng Huat Duck Rice

best duck rice singapore seng huat

The Braised Duck Rice ($3.50) at this stall is superb and completely worth the entire three dollar fifty. The rice soaks up the gravy nicely and the duck meat is well-marinated and hence very tasty. The dark soup that accompanies this dish is particularly fragrant and further adds to the powerful flavours of this harmless-looking dish.

Seng Huat Duck Rice: 590 Upper Thomson Rd, Sembawang Hill Food Centre, #01-07, Singapore 574419 | Tuesday to Sunday 0700-1300, Closed on Mondays 

8. Cheok Kee Boneless Braised Duck 祝记无骨卤鸭

Cheok Kee Boneless Braised Duck
best duck rice singapore Cheok Kee Boneless Braised Duck Rice

The duck rice at Cheok Kee is extremely savoury with its incredibly fragrant and nicely-sauced up rice. The duck meat is a little on the tougher end but the portion is very generous and the chili sauces only vow to make your dining experience more sensuous. There is always some form of trade-off and in this case, there is usually a persistent queue at Cheok Kee so do take heed!

Cheok Kee Boneless Braised Duck: Blk 69 Geylang Bahru, Geylang Bahru Market and Food Centre, #01-2841, Singapore 330069 | Friday to Wednesday 1200-2100, Closed on Thursdays | Tel: 6292 4255

7. Zuo Ji Duck Rice 作记鸭饭

best duck rice singapore Zuo Ji Duck Rice

If you love your duck rice extra saucy and sticky with flavour, Zuo Ji is the stall to be at. The braised duck meat served here is tender and pairs beautifully with the rice which is topnotch.

The rice is sauced up real good which makes it all the more flavorsome and scrumptious and while it may seem like too hearty a dish, there is a side of clear soup to help dowse the thick gravy in your mouth away.

The only issue is that it might be a little inconvenient for Singaporeans on the other end of the island to travel there but I think it’ll be worth the travel time.

Zuo Ji Duck Rice: 1220 East Coast Parkway, East Coast Lagoon Food Village, #01-29, Singapore 468960

6. Ah Seng Braised Duck Rice 亚盛卤鸭饭

Ah Seng Braised Duck
best duck rice singapore Ah Seng Braised Duck rice

The duck meat served at Ah Seng is tender, juicy and extremely savoury with the blackish sauce. It is served with plain white rice, atop which tasty gravy is drizzled over, enough for you to enjoy every component of your duck rice meal. For those who appreciate a good serving of Teochew style duck rice like the one at Ah Xiao, try Ah Seng at Serangoon too!

Ah Seng Braised Duck Rice: 49 A Serangoon Garden Way, Serangoon Garden Market and Food Centre, #01-44, Singapore 555945 | Monday to Saturday 1100-2100, Closed on Sundays | Tel: 6288 8880

5.  Lau Phua Chay 老半齋燒臘 Authentic Roasted Delicacies

best duck rice singapore Lau Phua Chay

Lau Phua Chay Duck Rice best duck rice singapore

I’ve visited Lau Phuat Chay before to try their Char Siew Rice. I was not dissatisfied then and I was not dissatisfied when I went back there to try their Duck Rice ($3.50) which makes use of the same mystifying, dark and beautiful sauce.

The duck meat was tender and paired with the sauce plus the chili sauce, the essence of the duck will shine through in a beautiful explosion of flavours.

Lau Phua Chay Authentic Roasted Delicacies: Bukit Merah Lane 1, Singapore 150120 | Monday to Friday 1100-1900, Sunday 1100-1900, Closed on Sundays | Tel: 9663 6862

4. Chuan Kee Boneless Braised Duck

Ghim Moh Chuan Kee Boneless Braised Duck

best duck rice singapore chuan kee Braised duck rice

I am a dire fan of Chuan Kee Boneless Braised Duck stall as its Braised Duck Rice with Toufu ($3.50) is sublime. The sauced up pieces of duck are tender, and though the serving is slightly small compared to the portion of rice, it does not matter because the entire dish is very tasty.

Order your duck rice with soft toufu and occasionally dunk your pieces of duck into the chili sauce to reach maximum contentment level.

Chuan Kee Boneless Braised Duck : 20 Ghim Moh Rd, Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre, #01-04 | Monday to Sunday 1000-2000

3. Foong Kee Coffee Shop

Foong Kee Coffee Shop

best duck rice singapore Foong Kee Duck Rice

Unlike many people I know, I’m not a big fan of duck drumstick simply because it is a real hassle getting at the meat. When my friend insisted on getting the Ya Tui Duck Rice ($6.50) at Foong Kee Coffee Shop, I was slightly put off but my fears were easily put to rest when I dug into the dish.

The meat was succulent, juicy and incredibly tasty when had with their special chili sauce. The rice had a nice serving of gravy which made the entire dish even more flavorsome and enjoyable. And to top things off, the clear soup had just the right amount of saltiness and warmth to make the entire meal  just perfect.

Foong Kee Coffee Shop: 6 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089114 | Monday to Saturday 1100-1900, Closed on Sundays | Tel: 9181 1451

2. Long House Soon Kee Boneless Lor Duck Rice

best duck rice singapore soon kee duck rice

Soon Kee was a go-to stall for me when it was still living at Long House along Thomson Road and so it came as a real disappointment when the entire food centre shut down. All was well though when my beloved Soon Kee stall has relocated to Balestier road, quite a distance away but nevertheless, I’d travel across three MRT lines to get to my precious.

For a mere $3.50, I’d be able to get my beautifully-sauced up plate of duck rice complete with half an egg and a salty bowl of clear soup. If you enjoy your spices, I’d recommend getting a big dose of their chili sauce as it is very savoury and goes beautifully with the tender pieces of braised duck.

Soon Kee Boneless Duck Rice: 411 Balestier Road, Balestier Market, Singapore 329930 | Monday to Sunday 1100-2100

1. Ban Chuan

best duck rice singapore Ban Chuan

Ban Chuan Duck rice best duck rice singapore

I have a personal bias towards the Hokkien type of duck rice with its gloriously thick and flavourful sauce and one stall that makes a beautiful plate of this sort of duck rice is Ban Chuan. I usually add a side of toufu to my duck rice which totals up to a very affordable $3.70 and for that, the portion of duck meat and add-ons are very generous.

Apart from being extremely delicious, this plate of duck rice comes with a small side of peanuts that balance out the tastes and textures of the dish nicely. The chili sauce is the right amount of sour, spicy and sweet and the soup works as a lovely cleanser at the end of the meal.

Ban Chuan: Blk 724 Ang Mo Kio Food Centre, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, #01-19, Singapore 560724 | Monday to Sunday 1130-2100, Closed on random days 

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