12 best kids swimming lessons in Singapore for a splashing good time

Scratching your head on where to bring your kid over the weekends or holidays? If your child likes physical activity (and water), give kids swimming lessons in Singapore a go.

kids swimming lessons in singapore - boy diving into pool

Swimming is a popular recreational activity. Its benefits include building strength, discipline, and character. As lessons are often conducted in groups, your child can make friends too.

Check out our list of the best kids swimming lessons in Singapore.

1. Happy Fish Swim School

Happy Fish Swim School‘s unique selling proposition lies in its indoor heated pools.

All of their pools are designed in-house. They are also built with state-of-the-art water sanitisation and filtration systems for the comfort, hygiene, and safety of your little ones.

kids swimming lessons in singapore - family in pool
Credit – Happy Fish Swim School

Their indoor pools run on a salt chlorination system, together with an ultraviolet (UV) filter.

This combination safely eradicates bacteria and other by-products. Dive into their warm, crystal-clear waters without the shivers, stinging eyes, and dry hair and skin (*shudders*).

Their weekday kids swimming lessons (indoor heated pools at Bedok/Buangkok/Downtown East) cost S$198.93 for the first 5 lessons. You’ll have to pay S$397.85/term thereafter.

Their weekend lessons cost S$272.50 for the first 5 lessons and S$545/term thereafter.

For locations and opening hours, see here.
+65 6589 8650
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2. Singapore Swimming Academy

Singapore Swimming Academy prides itself on its flexible timetabling of swim lessons.

kids swimming lessons in singapore - coach interacting with kids

The centre schedules kids swimming lessons throughout the week. They provide flexible options to suit the diverse schedules of students, busy working professionals, and families.

An integral part of their lessons is the SwimSafer programme. The national water safety initiative equips swimmers with key water survival skills and knowledge about water safety.

The kids swimming lesson (for those above the age of 5) costs S$100/month. They offer fixed weekly swimming sessions. Each session lasts 45 minutes and is conducted in groups.

For locations and opening hours, see here.
+65 6680 6530
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3. Singapore Swim School

Is your child new to swimming and getting his feet wet? If so, engage a professional coach.

kids swimming lessons in singapore - kids posing with coach

Singapore Swim School’s swimming coaches have acquired certifications from the Singapore Swimming Teacher’s Association and the National Registry of Coaches (NROC).

Being certified from well-recognised institutes of Singapore, their swimming instructors will guide you through the lessons according to your kid’s ability and proficiency in swimming.

Their kids swimming class, designed for those between the age of 5 – 15 and with group sizes of 6 – 10 students, is priced at S$100/month. Each session lasts 45 – 60 minutes.

For locations and opening hours, see here.
+65 9114 2961
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4. iSplash Swim School

Does your kid feel like a fish out of water because he or she cannot keep up with others in his or her group swimming session? If so, check out iSplash’s in-house swimming classes.

Their coaches emphasise lesson effectiveness, water safety, and fun for our students. To ensure an efficient learning environment, they will arrange students based on proficiency.

kids swimming lesson in singapore - coach explaining to kids
Credit – iSplash Swim School

For example, newly enrolled kids will join their beginners’ class. Conversely, if your child learns at a faster pace, they will arrange another swimming class best suited for him/her.

Group swimming lessons for children (aged 5 – 14) cost S$100/month. If your child prefers 1-to-1 lessons, these will cost $320/month for 4 classes (45 minutes each).

For locations and opening hours, see here.
+65 8123 8985
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5. X Lab

Is your child a hardcore swimmer? If so, check out X Lab’s competitive swim programme.

There are 2 competitive swimming categories for little ones: Junior (for those aged 12 and below) and Bronze (for those aged 13 and below). The latter category has more stringent requirements with regards to commitment frequency and short-distance swim timings.

kids swimming lesson in singapore - xlab
Credit – X Lab

Led by head coaches Jared Butler and Jade Ariadne, and mentored by director Joseph Schooling, their swimming coaches bring their unique experiences and skills to the table.

The monthly fee for all competitive squads is S$239.80. But you’ll have to fork out a 1-time registration fee of S$87.20 and get a competitive kit that will cost you S$261.60.

2 Yishun Street 42, Singapore 768039
+65 9664 1955
Mon – Fri: 10am – 7pm, Sat: 7am-6pm, Sun: 9am-6pm
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6. JustSwim Singapore

kids swimming lesson in singapore - kids paddling in pool
Credit – JustSwim Singapore

If you have access to a private pool (e.g. a condominium pool), Just Swim Singapore is more than happy to send their swimming instructors down to accommodate your schedule.

JustSwim’s instructors also offer swimming classes at the ActiveSG Swimming Complexes.

Their kids group swimming class, designed for those between the ages of 4 – 15, is priced at S$100/month. Alternatively, opt for 1-to-1 lessons at S$70 for a 45-minute session.

Each session is 30 – 45 minutes depending on age (30 minutes for kids under 4 years old).

​12 Woodlands Square, #03-77 Woods Square Tower 1, Singapore 737715
+65 9753 3968
Daily: 7am – 9pm
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7. Little Splashes Aquatics

Busy with work and and cannot accompany your child throughout the whole swimming session? Check out Little Splashes Aquatics for their children learn-to-swim classes.

toddler in pool
Credit – Little Splashes Aquatics

For children aged 3 and above, they will attend their basic learn-to-swim classes independently by themselves without the company of a parent or guardian. Their learn-to-swim programme strives to instil water confidence and water safety through fun and play.

Each swimming class is 30 minutes-long with a ratio of 1 teacher to 5 students. A trial kids swimming session will set you back by S$46.30 (weekday) and S$65.40 (weekend).

Thereafter, pay $422.50 for 12 peak weekday lessons (after 1 pm) or $347.95 for 12 non-peak weekday lessons (9 am – 1 pm). 12 weekend lessons will cost you $627.85.

​For locations and opening hours, see here.
+65 8685 8688
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8. Marsden Swim School

Have a physically active child below the age of 5? Give Marsden Swim School a visit.

The swim school in Singapore has designed a special programme for infants and toddlers.

toddler on swimming board
Credit – Marsden Swim School

Swimming regularly from young facilitates one’s reaching of motor, cognitive, academic, emotional, and language developmental milestones before one’s non-swimming peers.

Their program is designed for infants and toddlers aged 4 months to 4 years. Toddlers will acquire essential water safety skills, including safe entry into the water, breath-holding techniques, independent propulsion to the pool’s edge, and secure exit from the pool.

New sign-ups must pay a one-time enrolment fee of S$55 (inclusive of GST). A weekday group 30-minute lesson costs S$43. A weekend group 30-minute lesson is priced at S$46.

​102 Jalan Jurong Kechil, Singapore 598602
+65 6015 0637
Daily: 10am – 6pm
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9. Red Dot Penguins

Want to join your toddler in a swimming lesson? Red Dot Penguins offers interactive parent-child swimming lessons (for toddlers aged between 6 months to 2 years old).

Key skills taught include water confidence, self-rescue skills and independent exploration.

kids swimming lessons in singapore - toddler in water with parent
Credit – Red Dot Penguins

The parent-toddler swimming lessons are held on Saturdays, from 8.30 am – 9 am or 9 am – 9.30 am at YMCA Orchard. Lessons cost S$210 for 6 sessions (30 minutes each).

There is a one-time S$80 registration fee. After registration, you’ll receive a starter kit.

​For locations and opening hours, see here.
+65 9227 4114
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10. Swim Masters Singapore

Swim Masters Singapore prides itself on its simple, easy to understand lessons. Their coaches keep command and instruction as simple as possible to kids, facilitating learning.

swimming instructor guiding kids
Credit – Swim Masters Singapore

They will also dispel your kid’s fear and are patient with those who encounter difficulties.

Their swimming instructors will teach your children the proper breathing skills and swimming techniques to ensure that they are getting the right amount of oxygen. 

Sign up for their kids group swimming lessons (for children above the age of 3) at Senja Cashew Community Club. Each swimming lesson lasts 45 minutes and is priced at S$100.

2 Yishun Street 42, Singapore 768039
+65 9060 1817 / +65 6709 0018
Sun, Mon & Fri: 8am – 9.30pm, Tue, Thu & Sat: 6.30am – 9.30 pm, Wed: Closed
Facebook | Instagram | Website

11. Able Aquatic School

able aquatic school - kids holding onto pool bar
Credit – Able Aquatic School

Looking for a kids swimming lesson in Singapore that follows a structured curriculum? Give Able Aquatic School a try. Their lessons are crafted according to the Sport Singapore’s SwimSafer2.0 syllabus. The categories span from Stage 1,2 & 3 to Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

They offer group swimming lessons (up to 10 children per group) designed for those aged 4 – 17. Each swim session for your child lasts 45 minutes. Rates begin from S$100/month.

34 Tanah Merah Kechil Road, East Meadows, Singapore 465560
+65 8808 2083
Daily: 9am – 7 pm
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12. SwimRay

swimray instructor with child
Credit – SwimRay

If your child needs dedicated attention, give private swimming lessons a try. This is where SwimRay can make a difference with their differentiated lesson plans.

Ray, a former Naval Diver from the army, created the Swimray Aquatic Roadmap, combining the elite combat unit’s techniques with elements of competitive swimming.

Their private kids swimming lessons adhere to the Swimray Aquatic Roadmap while promoting 3 goals: 1. Independent Swimming, 2. Water Safety and 3. Accident Survivor.

Their 1-to 1 kids swimming lessons cost S$300/4 lessons. Each class lasts 45 minutes.

For locations and opening hours, see here.
+65 8838 6105
Facebook | Instagram | Website

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