We tried Singapore’s worst-rated briyani stall

I have been visiting My Briyani House, Marine Cove for years. It’s at a nice location, both close to my home and near the beach at ECP, and the area has a fun vibe. There is indoor and outdoor seating so I can choose between the aircon and the sea breeze, depending on the day. Lovely ambience.

briyanihouse - storefront

On the other hand, I’ve had some disappointing dining experiences here of late. So, I wasn’t entirely surprised to see that they had a 3-star online rating (on 20 Jun 2023). Of the approximately 350 ratings, 1-star was the most popular choice. There were also 5-star reviews, but not quite as many among the most recent ones.

What happened to this place? It used to be good and now is the worst-rated of the chain; My Briyani House in Sengkang is rated 3.6 stars while My Briyani House (The Woodleigh Mall) sits pretty at 4.0.

What I tried at My Briyani House, Marine Cove

briyanihouse - nasi goreng and mutton briyani plates

I used to be a fan of the mee goreng here but my last few orders have turned me off what used to be my fave dish. I already knew it isn’t the best thing to order here, so I decided to try some of the other dishes reviewers had written about.

The first of these was the Vegetable Briyani, which doesn’t appear on the menu. I asked for it and was told that it is available… but that they didn’t have it on that day. Strange.

briyanihouse - nasi goreng ikan bilis

My next choice was the Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis (S$8.50). I was actually not looking forward to this dish— I ordered it the past 3 times I was here and was utterly disappointed. Still, I wanted to give it a try (I always give 4 chances). Unfortunately, the spell was not broken on this visit.

briyanihouse - close up of nasi goreng

I found the whole thing to be especially bland. It lacked flavour and I was surprised as I hadn’t asked for it to be less spicy. While there was a considerable serving of rice to accompany the ikan bilis, egg, green veggies and cucumber, I find the S$8.50 price tag a bit much.

There was enough rice to feed one-and-a-half persons but only if said persons-and-a-half love terribly ordinary food. This was a 1-star dish.

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briyanihouse - mutton briyani plate

Our other order of the evening was the Mutton Biryani (S$10.50). It came with a mountain of rice, a half-boiled egg with sambal, 1 papadum, and a few strips of cucumber. I found the rice fluffy and it went well with the mutton curry, which had a nice kick to it. The curry also had a good consistency— not too thick, not too thin. The letdown was the papadum as it was soft, which is a terrible sin where papadums are concerned.

briyanihouse - close up of egg

My dining partners and I did find ourselves liking this dish, a first for the day. Its downside is the price— I cannot imagine that anyone would pay S$10.50 for this dish here. Mind you, I have had more expensive versions of mutton briyani before. While not cheap, they made up for the cost by being memorable for their flavour and premium ingredients.

briyanihouse - close up of mutton gravy

Here, the dish was simply mediocre and I believe seemed better simply because the Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis was so disappointing. Would I return for the mutton briyani? Yes, only if I had a strong craving for it and did not want to venture too far.

Final thoughts

It’s hard to disagree with the 3-star online rating for My Briyani House. Had the Mutton Briyani been even a tad disappointing, I would have rated it 2.5 stars. The Nasi Goreng and the Mee Goreng I have ordered on recent visits were flops and only pull this restaurant down further.

briyanihouse - food display at counter

I have eaten at My Briyani House several times but only because it is open 24 hours, and my cravings usually hit in the middle of the night. I thought, perhaps, that it was me being picky but the 3-star rating validates my own assessment of My Briyani House. 

Expected damage: S$8.50 – $$10.50 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 3 / 5

My Briyani House, Marine Cove

1000 East Coast Park, Marine Cove, #01-04, Singapore 449876

Our Rating 3/5

My Briyani House, Marine Cove

1000 East Coast Park, Marine Cove, #01-04, Singapore 449876

Telephone: +65 6241 6636
Operating Hours: Open 24 hrs
Telephone: +65 6241 6636

Operating Hours: Open 24 hrs
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