10 Best Naan in Singapore to help sort out your co-naan-drum

Among the Singaporean locals, Naans are recognised as the lesser-known cousin of Roti Pratas, primarily because they were not served in our schools’ Muslim stalls during our days of youth.

As our taste buds slowly acquired the rich tastes of various cuisine specialties, however, the love of more cryptic dishes began to grow.

Naans – flattened, tandoor oven-baked breads made with white flour, the naan itself is mostly not mixed with additional ingredients like prata (which are fried and not baked) and are consumed with a variety of luscious, savoury gravy.

Naans have now become one of Singapore’s most adored Indian dishes and this list will help the loyal Naan soldiers out there work his/her way towards these best Naan food places in Singapore.

10. Bar Bar Black Sheep

Bar Bar Black Sheep Potato & Onion Naan

There are two Bar Bar Black Sheep outlets that I like going to for casual dinners with close friends, mostly because they are conveniently situated near laid-back areas like Holland Village and Botanical Gardens.

Apart from offering live music and a good variety of other cuisines, I also appreciate how I can visit this food place late at night to get quick fix of doughy and flavourful naans. Pictured above is one of my favourite naans from Bar Bar – Naan Kulcha ($6) – packed with potatoes, soft onions and lined with a mellow curry flavour.

Bar Bar Black Sheep (Bukit Timah Outlet): 501 Bukit Timah Road, #01-05C, Cluny Court,  Singapore 259760 | Monday to Thursday 1200–0230, 0530–2300, Friday & Saturday 1200-0100, Sunday 1200-2300 | Tel: Website

9. Fix Cafe

Best naan singapore fix cafe

Apart from winning locals over with their lovely pool-side cafe setting, Fix Cafe has wormed its way into the hearts of many for their unique food concept of fusing Western with Asian cuisines. One particular kind of dish that I thought deserved to be added to this list is Fix Cafe’s Naan-wiches.

As suggested by the name, it is basically ingredients like Beef and Kimchi served as stuffing between a Naan. Naan-wiches like the Beef & Kimchi Naanwich ($10) are magnificent as the entire dish is bursting with an interesting mix of flavours, with the slightly more bland but still tasty naan to balance the piquant ingredients out.

Fix Cafe: 31 Ah Hood Rd, #01-06 HomeTeam NS-JOM Clubhouse, Singapore 329979 | Monday to Sunday 1100-2300 | Tel: 6256 1484 | Website

8. Muthu’s Curry

Best naan singapore Muthu's Curry Peswari Naan

I visited the Muthu’s Curry outlet along Race Course Road on a sultry or rather, a very humid afternoon and while I was fully aware that Muthu’s Curry is better known for their Fish Head curries, I decided to order one plate of Peswari Naan ($6) and a side of Chicken Masala ($5.50). 

I was not allowed to order the naan by itself and while I was initially slightly peeved, the blend of spice from the Masala and the sweet, nutty flavours of the naan allowed me to find some form of solace.

Topped with almonds and slathered with a decently sweet paste, I was very satisfied with how the Peswari Naan’s flavours were very well-complemented with the peppery Masala sauce.

Muthu’s Curry (Race  Course Road): 138 Race Course Road, #01-01, Singapore 218591 | Monday to Sunday 103- 2230| Tel: 6392 1722 |Website

7. Zaffron Kitchen

Best naan singapore zaffrion kitchen

The naans at Zaffron Kitchen are served piping hot and they are impeccably flavorsome. Many adore the Butter Chicken and Garlic Naan that Zaffron Kitchen prepares to the T as they not only pack a punch with the seasoning but the stunning crunchiness of the naan goes very nicely with the thick Butter Chicken sauce.

chope restaurant reservation

Zaffron Kitchen (East Coast Road): 137 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428822 | Monday to Thursday 1130 – 1500, 1700 – 2200, Friday & Saturday 1130 – 2300, Sunday 1130-2230 | Tel: 64406786 (For reservations, 6884 6884) | Website

6. Ameen Makan House

Best naan singapore al ameen

Stuffed with a dollop of steamy, melted down cheese and served within a warm naan, the cheese naans at Al-Ameen Eating House will have you pleading for more. To make this a truly wholesome dish, order this naan dish with butter chicken and come to understand what true beauty is.

Ameen Makan House: 4 Cheong Chin Nam Road, Singapore 599727 | Monday to Sunday 1200-0000 | Tel: 6464 8052

5. Tandoori Corner

Best naan singapore tandoori corner

This North Indian eatery serves one of the best Butter Naans ($3.50) that I know of, with its crisp outer texture and soft, doughy insides, the flavours of the Butter Naan will settle quite nicely on your taste buds. Couple the naan with a dish of Butter Chicken that is both sweet from the cream and peppery from the spicy tomato sauce to get a wholesome balance of textures to the meal.

Tandoori Corner (Balestier): 400 Balestier Road, #01-12 Balestier Plaza, Singapore 329802 | Monday to Sunday 1200-1430, 1800-2130 | Tel: 62500200| Website

Tandoori Corner (CBD): 5 Boon Tat Street #01-01, Singapore 069613 | Tel: 6223 3200

4. Lagnaa Barefoot Dining

Lagnaa Interior

My dining experience at Lagnaa Barefoot Dining was possibly my absolute favourite since the ambiance of the entire place, with its mood lighting and velvety cushions, whirled us away to a dark, mystifying part of India. It is a definite must-try for locals to visit this Indian restaurant and experience bare-foot dining here at least once.

Best naan singapore Lagnaa Naan

We ordered a stack of different flavoured naans – Garlic, Cheese and Butter and 3 contrasting sauces – Veggie Raita, Butter Chicken and Prawn Masala. It was honestly tough to decide which sauce I liked the most for they all brought various things to the table.

The Veggie Raita was a tad bit sour but very refreshing, the Butter Chicken was creamy and savoury and the Prawn Masala spicy. Another thing to note is that while we enjoyed both, all of us agreed that the Butter naan was much nicer than the Garlic naan as it was crispier and more flavourful.

Lagnaa Cranberry naan

One of my favourite naans from Lagnaa was the Cranberry Naan, which the owner of the place recommended (and with good reason). It may strike a first-timer odd to pair this sweetened naan with a spicy sauce like the Prawn Masala but if you are willing to be a little adventurous and try the combination, you will surely not be disappointed.

I enjoyed this naan with all the sauces we ordered and thought it tasted very lovely with the yogurt-y Veggie raita too!

While it might be on a pricier end, do go on down to Lagnaa Barefoot Dining for their naans, sauces and of course, alluring set-up.

Lagnaa Barefoot Dining: 6 Upper Dickson Rd, Singapore 207466 | Monday to Sunday 1130-2230 | Tel: 6296 1215 | Website

3. Amber Restaurant

Best naan singapore Amber Restaurant Garlic Naan

In my quest to find good Naans in Little India, I chanced upon this open-air restaurant and was pleasantly surprised with how lovely the naans came out to be. I ordered Garlic Naan for a mere $2.50, which was served alongside a complimentary plate of butter chicken curry.

The hot garlic naan was crispy on the outside and the fluffy insides soaked up the sweet and savoury curry gravy very nicely. I highly recommend locals to venture out to Little India and dine at this authentically brilliant North Indian restaurant.

Amber Restaurant: 195 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218067 | Tel: 6297 3442 |Website

2. Usman Restaurant

Best naan singapore Usman Restaurant Naan

Usman Restaurant is a very modest Indian food place at a bend along Serangoon Road that is possibly lacking in the hygiene sector but makes up for it with its food. I ordered a Butter Naan for $1.80 and was thrilled when the plate of shining flat bread was laid upon my table.

The naan expels a lovely buttery smell and streaked with golden ridges of oil, I instantly neglected any thought of trying to get fit and dug into this dish. The naan was very fluffy and tasted almost like a rich, savoury pancake and while it is almost unnecessary to pair this naan with a gravy, you can give your dish an extra kick by having it with Keema, a spicy dish of diced mutton and peas.

Usman Restaurant: 238 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218085 | Monday to Sunday 1200-0200 | Tel:6296 8949

1.Al-Azhar Eating Restaurant (Bukit Timah)

Best naan singapore al azhar eating house

Famed for being one of Singapore’s best Naan producers, I was truly very satisfied with the standard of naans this 24-hour establishment served. Toasty and crisp whilst fluffy and soft – the naans (especially Butter Chicken and Garlic) were delectable and the sauces like green curry that came on the side gave the entire dish a delightful added punch of flavours.

Coupled with the fact that this Bukit Timah establishment is conveniently opened 24/7, the glorious naans served here should not be given a miss!

Al-Azhar Eating Restaurant: 11 Cheong Chin Nam Rd, Singapore 599736 | Monday to Sunday 24 hours | Tel:6466 5052