Masutani Damascus Chef Knife: Affordable, Quality Japanese Gyuto For The Home Chef

Masutani VG10 Damascus Gyuto 180mm: S$95

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I’ve been cooking at home for a while, and I’ve always wanted a great multi purpose chef knife but didn’t want to spend a couple hundred dollars on one since I wasn’t a professional chef. Having seen home cooks to lower budget chefs finding it difficult to find an affordable, all-purpose knife, I set out to find the ideal knife that can be used by everyone alike.

By pure coincidence, I stumbled onto Kunio Masutani, originating from Echizen, Japan that was crafted by Master Craftsmen with a lifetime of experience. Their philosophy with each knife was to seek out perfection and craftsmanship of a flawlessness blade. 

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We’ve only got 10 knives available at S$95 each.

Kunio Masutani knives are crafted using only high-quality steel that are unmatched in value versus quality. The perfect balance of strength and aesthetic beauty are forged with only the finest Damascus steel, reminiscent of ancient Japanese culture.

Masutani Knife Maker

A Japanese designed chef’s knife known for its well-balanced body, the Gyuto is Japan’s answer to the western chef’s knife. Like the familiar western styled chef’s knife, the Gyuto’s tall heel is designed for dicing while the curved belly and a narrow pointed tip is well suited to the rolling action of slicing and precision favoured by French chefs.

Suitable for most users, the nimble Gyuto can be the only knife used in the kitchen and ideal for beginners and intermediate culinary enthusiasts alike. Uniquely tailored for functionality, the Masutani Gyuto is also more maneuverable especially in kitchens with space constraints.

An all-purpose knife, the Masutani Gyuto can be a useful addition to the kitchen counter for your everyday use.

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Knife Specs:

  • Premium Edge Retention
  • Beautiful Damascus Design
  • Blade Steel: VG-10 Stainless Steel, HRC 60 ~ 61
  • Handle: Western Style Handle made of Black Pakkawood
  • Blade Length: 180mm (Heel to Tip)
  • Total Length: 304mm
  • Blade Height at Heel: 43mm
  • Spine Thickness at Heel: 1.86mm
  • Weight: 139.5g
  • This knife is partly hand-made with machine assistance
  • Made in Japan
  • Price: S$95

A short and nimble 180mm Gyuto that does short work of any vegetable preparation in a busy kitchen. The advantage of having a shorter 180mm Gyuto compared to a standard length 210mm is that it is a lot more manuverable in a small kitchen especially if you are faced with a space constraint on your cutting board.

Suitable for home use as well as food preparation in a small restaurant kitchen, it can be a useful addition to a counter behind a cocktail bar where fruits have to be cut and prep. Great for home cooks or as a gift to anyone beginning their pursuit into cooking.

Masutani Chef Knife 180mm Set


“This blade is an excellent and inexpensive choice. It came very sharp but if ever I need to hone it, I just run it along my diamond steel and its as good as new. Cuts beautifully. All my coworkers are jealous! “

– Faith

“Hard to believe this knife is priced where it is. Sharper than the reviewer said out of the box and handles really well. Great for work.”

– Vasky B

“Bought one for myself and another as a gift. Beautiful knife with a gorgeous display and a solid everyday knife.”

– Sandra Wong

Masutani VG10 Damascus Gyuto 180mm: S$95


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