Blanco Beef Noodle: Quality Beef Noodles & Other Local Dishes For Only S$5 At Bugis


Looking for a meal on a budget at Bugis? Introducing Blanco Beef Noodle, where prices start from only $5 for a hearty meal. Located directly opposite Bugis Junction, Blanco sells beef noodles and other local dishes including curry chicken and more.



We started with the Special Bowl (Premium) ($10) to get a taste of each of the ingredients including the beef ball, brisket, sliced beef, tendon and tripe. Being fans of gravy, we opted for the dry version with thick bee hoon as opposed to the one with soup.

The gravy was rich and had a nice mouthfeel, coating the noodles well. The noodles were soft without being overly mushy, reflecting the precision and effort put into the dish.

Although, all the different cuts of beef were cooked well, one standout was the homemade beef ball, which was springy and light. Unlike the factory-made ones that you get from supermarkets, Blanco’s version was not dense and was easy to chew.

The bowl of noodles was topped with fried enoki mushrooms, which added a crispy textural contrast as well as an earthy flavour to the dish.



To change things up, we ordered the soup version of the Slice Beef Noodle ($5) ,with kway teow as our choice of noodle. The soup was piping hot and had a rich, beefy aroma. It wasn’t like the usual MSG-laden soups that you’d normally get at this price, but one that was full-bodied with a slight herbal taste.

We were told that the soup is made from scratch daily and is simmered for eight to ten hours. Due to this arduous process to make the soup, only 250 portions of soup noodles are available per day so come down early to get yours.

The beef slices were cooked to perfection and were extremely tender. If you prefer your noodles with other cuts of beef, Blanco Beef Noodle serves various other options at the same, affordable price of $5!

blanco 1-1

blanco 1-1

For something a little different, consider trying the Chef Special Beef Slice Porridge ($5). The porridge is made using a soy milk base, creating a creamy and smooth texture. Similarly, the beef slices were tender and cooked well.

The porridge reminded me of the Hong Kongstyle porridge (congee), but was a milder version that we really enjoyed.


If you’re not too big on beef, order the Curry Chicken ($5) with a choice of bread or rice. Wanting to soak up all the curry goodness, we decided to get the crusty baguette. The curry had a nice balance of sweetness and savouriness. We felt that the spice level was rather mild, akin to Japanese curries.

Blanco offers a wide range of dishes and options, allowing you to tailor your meal to your liking. The staff were friendly and receptive to our requests, which was a huge plus for us.

The next time you’re drawing blanks when deciding on something tasty and affordable in the Bugis area, give Blanco Beef Noodle a try.

Expected Damage: $5 – $10 per person

Blanco Beef Noodle: 520 North Bridge Road, #01-01, Singapore 188742 | Opening Hours: (Mon to Sat) 11 am – 11 pm | Tel: +65 8110 6622

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