Brizo (Park Hotel Clarke Quay): Singapore Crab Buffet Review

“Crazy about crabs”


It is the season of crabs and Brizo’s culinary maetros at Park Hotel Clarke Quay has cooked up a crab feast which lavishes more than 19 types of appetizing crab delicacies. Available from 2nd July to 31st August, Brizo presents a wonderful spread of not only a myraid of crab delicacies and fresh crustaceans, but also cold selections, salads, nourishing hot soups and daily bakes. brizo restaurant park hotel clark quay

The interior is cool, sleek and modern with ample glass panes to increase the space size perception despite being a rather small restaurant.

Brizo crab buffet

Let the pictures below whet your appetite!

brizo signature heavenly fragrance crab buffet

Brizo’s Signature Heavenly Fragrance Crab. It is heavenly and fragrant indeed, the aromatic dried chilli shrimp paste is sure to tantalize all senses. It is also not too spicy, making it enjoyable for all.

brizo baked crabs buffet singapore

Baked Crab with Lime Butter and Tarragon. An interesting western rendition of a crab dish. Fragrant liquid butter enhanced by herbs and onions seeps in crab meat making it so flavourful.

brizo salted egg crab buffet singapore

Salted Egg Crab. Enrobed in generous amount of rich salted egg sauce, it is a real delight to those who love salted egg dishes with its creamy textures.

brizo butter crab with fried curry leaves

Butter Crab with Fried Curry Leaves. Similar to the baked crabs in butter, but this is the fried version and with much more aroma due to the curry leaves. Doesn’t hurt to have another claw of flower crab doused in this satisfying concoction.

crab bouillabaisse

Crab Bouillabaisse with Fennel and Pernod. The French seafood soup version using flower crab for added sweetness. Compliments very well since Bouillabaisse is already a seafood based broth.


Steamed XO Crab. This dish represents the freshness of the mud and flower crabs used for the different crab delicacies presented at Brizo. A mild sweetness of the crustacean followed by the subtle XO sauce, simple yet satisfying.

brizo laksa crab

Crab Laksa Bee Hoon. A Chefs’ Reccomendation, a usual thick spicy noodle soup but with added crabs in it. A little messy to eat, but nonetheless it is worth a try for its decent curry flavors. These are just a few highlights of the many crab dishes at ‘Crazy about Crabs’ buffet, they have a deep fried station that serves pretty good soft shell crab and baked crab meat in shells.


brizo-06235012 Not to mention the usual buffet spread items are also available at Brizo like fried rice, sashimi, salads and soups.


The dessert table selections are rather limited, with a few notable choices of durian pengat (durian mousse) and chilled melon with sago. Not only that, they have a free flow of magnum ice cream and a chocolate fondue station. Out of the many crab buffets I’ve tasted in Singapore, I would say Brizo is worth a visit.

The style variety might not be as big as other crab buffets, but I think the flavours and recipe are that bit better. Much effort is done to present an array of delicious crab delicacies. As with all self-service crab buffets, don’t expect very large crabs though. Do make a reservation before heading down to feast on the resplendent spread!

Crazy about Crabs Buffet Dinner

From 2nd July to 31 August, Thursdays to Sundays, 6:30pm to 10:30pm

Expected Damage: $55++ per person (standard buffet) | $90++ per person (inclusive of wine, beer and soft drinks) | $100++ per person (inclusive of champagne, wine, beer and soft drinks).

Brizo Restaurant & Bar: 1 Unity Street, Park Hotel Clark Quay, Singapore 237983 | Tel: 6593 8855 | Website