New in town: Brod & Paj, Centropod — Vegan cinnamon rolls for healthy, sweet satisfaction

I’m sure it’s not uncommon for most of us to have grown up surrounded by refrains of “that’s unhealthy!” whenever we reach for an extra serving of dessert after dinner. The relationship between delicious sweet treats and the unhealthy ingredients that go into making them as delectable as they are is something we’re familiar with, but if you’re hankering for something healthy that can also satiate those sweet-tooth cravings, add Brod & Paj to your list of bakeries to visit.

A shot of Brod & Paj's vegan baklava

Brod & Paj is a plant-based bakery that promises to deliver vegan baked goods that are allium-free and contain less sugar than your average pastry. Health fanatics can indulge in treats from Brod & Paj knowing that they are all natural, made with healthy oils and no artificial colouring. They recently opened a physical store located at Centropod, but have been keeping a slew of customers happy for a year via Instagram.

a slice of vegan baklava from brod & paj

The first thing I tried was the Baklava Braided Loaf (S$35)a 30cm braided round loaf that was filled a medley of sweet dates, almonds, pistachios, and walnuts. I have never tried baklava before, but tasting this left me impressed and wondering why it took me 20 years to try it for the first time.

All loaves come with an oat milk rose water sauce that elevates the pastry with a delicate floral taste. If I were enjoying a picnic at the park at dusk, watching the sunset and enjoying the breeze, I would definitely like to do so with a piece of this pillow-soft baklava from Brod & Paj in my hand.

vegan cinnamon rolls from brod and paj

Brod & Paj was started because the founder’s children loved her cinnamon rolls. It’s a herculean task to satisfy the sweet tooth cravings of young kids yet make sure they’re fed healthy food that they enjoy, but the Classic Cinnamon Rolls (S$33 for 6) is proof that it can be done. Like all of the other bakes, these cinnamon rolls are completely plant-based and topped with a smooth cashew cream and a rich coconut glaze.

While the baklava and I were a match made in heaven, I realised that it might be difficult to really replicate the authentic sinful decadence of a non-vegan cinnamon roll. Brod & Paj’s cinnamon rolls would definitely be a good substitute if you’re determined to stick to your healthy diet, but for maximum satisfaction, I’d advise you to go for the real deal.

a shot of Brod & Paj vegan Trio Donuts
Credit – Brod & Paj

Brod & Paj also offers a variety of other vegan replicas of your favourite bakery favourites. You can get the best of three worlds with their Trio Baked Donut (S$11.90), which consists of a filled beetroot berry, pistachio chocolate, and toffee oat custard doughnut that are oven-baked instead of deep fried.

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Price: $

Our Rating: 3 / 5

Brod & Paj

80 Changi Road, #02-47, Centropod, Singapore 419715

Our Rating 3/5

Brod & Paj

80 Changi Road, #02-47, Centropod, Singapore 419715

Operating Hours: Tue-Sat. Closed on Sun & Mon.

Operating Hours: Tue-Sat. Closed on Sun & Mon.
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