Fresh from the oven — Brotherbird Bakehouse is back with their May launch

Croissants of Brotherbird Bakehouse are easily one of the few at the apex of Singapore’s croissant scene. Fresh out of the oven, they are back with six whopping flavours; five sweets and their B.B Original Croissant, a crowd-favourite. If you enjoy their flaky croissants with a soft, buttery inside that houses unique and spot-on flavours, pre-order their collection for May now.

Also, if you love to savour your baked good with a cup of coffee, you can have the best of both worlds on the spot. Croissants by Brotherbird Bakehouse will be available across all %Arabica outlets in Singapore.

Close up of Croissant from Brotherbird Bakehouse

The flavours sound as good as they taste, featuring two twice-baked croissants. The Ispahan Twice-Baked Croissant has a gorgeous pink filling of rose, elderflower, and lychee. Take a bite of the Taro Mochi Croissant, and you’ll get the perfect contrast of crispy and chewy goodness. They also have the Pain Au Chocolat, “Egg Tart” (an elevated version of your standard egg tart, literally), Earl Grey Croissant, and B.B Original Croissant. It’s hardly a secret that their croissants are hard to resist, such that their assorted box of six (S$30) includes all flavours.

Alternatively, you can still purchase them individually on the retail racks—especially if you’re on the go.

Photo of Brotherbird Bakehouse Egg Tart

When it comes to their baked goods, it’s always fastest fingers first—hardly an “I’ll come back next time instead” situation. The same seems to follow for this month’s launch, with the first week of May’s pre-orders already sold out. So, what are you waiting for?

Date & Time: Croissants of Brotherbird Bakehouse are available in both retail stores and for pre-order online

Price: S$30 for an assorted box of six 

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