Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea-flavoured Candy That Actually Tastes Like The Drink Avail Now

Brown sugar bubble milk tea has been all the rage recently. With so many overseas brands coming to Singapore, they must know that Singaporeans take their bubble milk tea seriously. Puccho, a Japanese candy brand, has taken it upon themselves to come up with a Brown Sugar Bubble Tea-flavoured Candy.

Being a huge fan of brown sugar bubble milk tea, I had to get my hands on them. I wanted to see if they tasted anywhere near the real thing.

Puccho Bbt Sweet 1

The packaging itself got me. It has a striking bright yellow base with a cute illustration of a bubble tea. As I peeled it open, I was pleasantly surprised to be able to get a faint whiff of the familiar brown sugar bubble milk tea fragrance.

Puccho Bbt Sweet 3

I decided to cut mine into half to unveil its contents. The gummy bit in the centre had a slightly denser and chewier texture, which resembled the iconic tapioca pearls. Although it was subtle, I loved how it had an authentic brown sugar milk tea note to it. It complemented the sweetness of the candy, yet was light and appetising.

Puccho Bbt Sweet 2

If you are searching for an alternative to curb your brown sugar bubble milk tea fix, this may actually work. I got mine at a 7-Eleven, but not all outlets carry them. So if you see them, it’s worth trying it out especially if you love your milk tea!

Dates & Times: Available now at selected 7-Eleven outlets 

Price: S$2