Bulgogi Syo launches Longevity Festive Set for 4 with samgyetang, smoked salmon yusheng & pencai

As the Year of the Dragon approaches, the ticking clock urges you to decide on an advanced Chinese New Year festive meal venue. If you’re dining in a group of 3 to 4 pax, why not visit any of the 3 outlets of Bulgogi Syo and savour the Longevity Festive Set (S$118), starting on 24 Jan 2024?

bulgogi syo - festive set
Credit – Bulgolgi Syo

Jumpstart your taste buds and usher in prosperity with this exclusive set. Delight in the Smoked Salmon Yusheng featuring smoked salmon slices, shredded white radish, carrots, golden pok chui crackers, and green mango, all harmonised by a tangy yuzu plum sauce.

The Pencai is served on a sizzling hot plate with a luxurious spread including abalone, Japanese scallops, tiger prawn, pork belly, chicken thigh, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, sliced pumpkin and shiitake mushrooms.

Conclude your meal with a hearty bowl of Samgyetang made by simmering ginger in chicken broth and filled with juicy chicken thigh and chewy rice cakes.

bulgogo syo - chef in action
Credit – Bulgogi Syo

Chef Chul Park, the visionary behind SEORAE, the world’s largest K-BBQ chain, has harboured a deep passion for the art of fire for years. Employing Bulgogi Syo’s 3-step Hot Stone grilling method, larger-than-life fire blasters reaching up to 1,400 degrees celsius are used to lock in moisture and impart smokiness, aroma, and flavour to every cut.

The visual spectacle doesn’t stop there. Just when you’re ready to tuck in, the staff sets the dish ablaze right in front of your eyes with a tableside flambé.

bulgogi syo - spicy cheese chicken
Credit – Bulgolgi Syo

For a fiery and cheese-laden indulgence, the Spicy Cheesy Chicken (S$20.90), a lovely union of spicy chicken with housemade gochujang and cheese, is a dish not to be missed.

bulgogi syo - mixed combo
Credit – Bulgogi Syo

You can also explore their range of combo sets that come with a flambé show like Pork Combo (S$68) which includes pork baby back ribs, duroc pork belly and pork collar. You can also enjoy the Mixed Combo (S$75) which throws in USDA-choice Angus beef ribeye and la galbi together with pork collar and chicken.

Wooga Bimbowl & Kal-Guksu: Loaded bibimbap with smokey BBQ meats, kimchi knife-cut noodles & gimbap bento sets

All combo sets come with:

  • Free jjigae (worth S$16.90)— choice of kimchi jjigae, tteok mandu jjigae or chadol bean paste jjigae
  • vegetable platter
  • 2 bowls of seaweed rice

You can also top-up S$3 for Seafood Sundubu JJigae and S$2 for an extra bowl of Lettuce.

bulgogi syo - a la carte
Credit – Bulgogi Syo

To complement your feast, you can also explore their assortment of sides like the Cheesy Gyeran Jjim (S$11.90) which is a heavenly combination of luxurious cheese and pillowy steamed eggs.

For something out of the ordinary, try the Bacon Kongnamul Pancake (S$17.90) which blends delicious savoury bacon with the crunchiness of soybean sprouts. To round off your meal, you can also share a Makkoli Mix Tower(S$39.90), a light and creamy Korean rice wine which boasts a smooth finish. 

Don’t hesitate— experience a visual and gastronomic feast at Bulgogi Syo today!

* This post was brought to you in partnership with Bulgogi Syo.

Wooga Bimbowl & Kal-Guksu: Loaded bibimbap with smokey BBQ meats, kimchi knife-cut noodles & gimbap bento sets