Burger Frites: 180g Angus Beef Burger + Fried Brie Cheese Burger At Burger Joint Along Joo Chiat

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Burger Frites is one of the latest entrants to grace the trendy streets of Joo Chiat. Seeing as I’ve been around a burger joint or two, I do consider myself quite the burger connoisseur.

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The interior of Burger Frites is warm and inviting, painted in deep teal and simply furnished. The 60-seater restaurant is spacious and relaxed, an ideal weekend dinner locale. Burger Frites is owned by Alexandre Pini, who also owns the popular steakhouse Brasserio across the street.

With a focus on good quality ingredients, Burger Frites aims to be your new weekend haunt.

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Burger Frites has a total of three burgers but being the purist that I am, we’ll start out with the Juicy 180g Angus Beef Burger (S$16). A thing of beauty, this burger came with fluffy, pillowy buns cradling a hefty Angus beef patty along with the usual suspects of lettuce, tomatoes and ketchup.

Alexandre also recommended a melty square of Cheddar Cheese (S$1) to have the full experience.

With all the vibrant colours, it looked almost like it came from the Krusty Krab.

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This burger certainly didn’t disappoint. The patty was done to a perfect medium-rare (which I requested), with a blushing pink centre and caramelised edges.

Another essential element of any burger has to be the bun. You’ll want your bun to be big enough to sandwich all your ingredient as well as soak up all its drippings. This brioche bun checked all the boxes for me; it was lightly toasted with a glossy buttery surface and soaked up all the drippings from the patty.

A pretty stellar beef burger that you’ll want to get your hands on.

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Next on our burger trip was the Crispy Tender Chicken Burger (S$16). This one came piled high with golden, crispy chicken tenders and drizzled in a creamy pepper sauce. I appreciate a fried chicken burger more than anybody, so I was looking forward to this one for sure.

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I have to say, this burger was a little bit of a letdown. The chicken tenders though crispy and well-seasoned, they were, unfortunately, a little too thin and parched for my liking. While the creamy sauce did help a little, I felt Burger Frites could have been a little more generous with the sauce.

I can only attribute the dryness to the fact that chicken breast was used for the tenders.

Chicken breast is notorious for drying out quickly and having a texture akin to cardboard. Of course, Burger Frites’ ones were by no means that dire. A thicker juicier cut from the thigh would significantly improve this burger.

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This one is a real treat, for their vegetarian option, Burger Frites offers the Breaded Brie Cheese Burger (S$16). I know, a chunky golden disc of cheese? Sign me up! Slathered with a chipotle mayo sauce, you know that this was going to get messy.

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You’ll have to pardon the picture as it doesn’t do the burger justice. The magic starts when all the rich, melty cheesy goodness is unleashed from the patty. For those who are a little apprehensive about the amount of cheese, rest assured that brie is pretty mildly-flavoured so nothing too overwhelming here.

As an ardent cheese lover, this burger is truly a dream come through. As lovely as a copious amount of cheese is, I felt like this burger needed a little something just to cut all that creaminess. Nevertheless, this was an indulgent and creamy burger that is just as good as any meat burger.

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What a burger joint without its sides? At Burger Frites, it would be remiss if you didn’t order a serving of their Frites (S$4) to go along with their burgers. We had the Large which comes at S$7 but given their generous portion, I’m all for it.

These spuds are prepared simply; cut in-house, soaked to remove the excess starch and fried twice.

Lightly salted, these fries had a good crust with a fluffy centre. I also liked that these still had their skin on. This lent a rustic quality to these fries that added to the experience.

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To truly celebrate your cheat day, these Jalapeño Cream Cheese Balls (S$8) are a must-try. These fried orbs are stuffed with cream cheese and slivers of jalapeño. Creamy and oh-so-sinful, you’ll be popping these non-stop if you’re not careful.

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For extra flavour, you can also dip them into the barbecue sauce to cut the cheesiness.

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To truly have the complete burger experience, you’ll need a gloriously creamy milkshake to finish your meal. Just like the rest of their burgers, Burger Frites doesn’t overthink their milkshakes. Alexandre tells me it’s simply good-quality ice cream, milk and a swirl of whipped cream.

Burger Frites has a total of six flavours in their repertoire; I picked the Speculoos and Pistachio. Speculoos never disappoints—the caramel biscuit flavour has never failed to delight my tastebuds. I’ve also always loved anything pistachiobut most places never seem to get the intensity right. This one was chock-full of that nuttiness that I love so much.

On top of that, these were wonderfully thick and just the right amount of sweet—a mandatory order when at Burger Frites.

Burger Frites is your no-frills, straightforward burger restaurant that is great for both date night or a fun evening with friends. While there are a few misses, I’m sure with a few tweaks and fine-tuning, Burger Frites will become a household name.

Expected Damage: S$16 – S$25 per pax 

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 3 / 5

Burger Frites

340 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427592

Our Rating 3/5

Burger Frites

340 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427592

Operating Hours: 5pm - 11pm (Tue to Fri), 12pm - 11pm (Sat & Sun), Closed on Mon

Operating Hours: 5pm - 11pm (Tue to Fri), 12pm - 11pm (Sat & Sun), Closed on Mon
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