Café Amazon: It’s what a nature holiday amidst a Thai forest tastes like

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Many might recognise Café Amazon as one of Thailand’s most popular café chains, or perhaps as a place for a quick latte pitstop. But you’ll find that Café Amazon is so much more than that.

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With a luscious green interior, I first noticed Café Amazon’s Jewel outlet because of its gorgeous space to match its namesake. So plant moms, dads, and all non-binary people gather ‘round—I can already foresee you spending many lunches and afternoons down at the ‘zon.

What I tried

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Recommended to pair with some of Café Amazon’s breakfast items, we had the Iced Coffee Marble (S$7) which saw chunks of Café Amazon-exclusive chewy coffee jelly in premium milk coffee for a full-bodied cuppa joe. If you’ve been looking for ways to switch up your daily cuppa, this might just be your sign.

A spin on the classic bubble tea, the Iced Coffee Marble offers an alternative but equally addictive bite that makes even the most unassuming beverage fun. It’s the gift that just keeps giving.

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Exclusive to their Singapore outlets is the Iced Bai-Toey Coffee Latte (S$6.50) (Bai-Toey means pandan in Thai) which pays homage to the traditional Thai pandan coconut latte topped with an espresso shot and grated coconut flesh.

Pandan and coconut are possibly the two best flavours to concoct a drink with, in my books (with chocolate coming in as a strong contender), so I had unreasonably high hopes for this.

A creamy, fragrant meld of coconut and pandan, I was so glad that the Iced Bai-Toey Coffee Latte didn’t disappoint. I quickly and selfishly claimed the drink for myself and clung onto it for the rest of my time at Café Amazon. It’s exactly what you think a nature holiday amidst a Thai forest tastes like.

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Credit – Café Amazon

The last beverage that awaits our stamp of approval is the classic Iced Green Tea Latte (S$5). Long lauded for its health properties, green tea is no stranger to many cuisines that we know and love.

I particularly appreciated the fact that this green tea latte, compared to many of its counterparts, was really conservative on the sweetness—a touch that many health-conscious diners will cherish too. In keeping with this, the green tea’s welcome aroma stood out as well, which is always an immediate win for me.

After giving the creamy, milky drinks a shot, we were more than ready to wolf down some of Café Amazon’s best sellers.

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For the one who finds it impossible to decide, have all your elements at once with the Breakfast Platter (S$12.90), which presents two thick loaves of egg and cheese grilled toast paired with cheese and black pepper sausages.

Don’t be fooled by its deceivingly simple exterior, for within each toast slice sits a delightfully runny egg waiting to be dug into. The toast slices truly took me by surprise by how charmingly buttery they were; keeping every mouthful delicious and winsome.

My favourite of the two was the black pepper sausages, but don’t let me stop you from loving both equally. After all, it is practically impossible to pick a favourite child. Have the sausage, egg, and toast slice all in one bite to achieve that intended full-bodied, hearty experience that everyone deserves.

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A dish that I was personally anticipating the most was the Tom Yum Shrimps Spaghetti (S$15.90). First of all, there’s absolutely everything to love about the combination of tom yum and pasta. I make it my personal mission to try every rendition of tom yum spaghetti I find in my path.

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Skipping lunch for this tasting immediately became worth it when the umami yet zesty tang of the thick tom yum sauce hit my palate. I learned that the tom yum is cooked carefully and tenderly with more than ten different spices, and it shows.

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With a great balance of flavours, the Tom Yum Shrimps Spaghetti manages to encapsulate arguably the best elements of tom yum—spiciness and zest—while complementing that with a great savoury finish.

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Dessert came as swiftly as the mains were swept off the plates. We were treated to the Coconut Gelato with Grilled Honey Toast (S$11.90) which fondly reminds me of the many toast desserts I savoured during my time in Bangkok.

A scoop of refreshing fresh coconut gelato sits atop crispy, bite-sized honey-grilled toast, both harmonising to form a truly Thai sweet treat. Both my dining partners promptly battle to clear the plate out, crowning this toast dish as their favourite for the afternoon.

And I don’t blame them. A cold, smooth, and creamy coconut gelato paired with warm honey toast is the stuff of my dreams, too.

Vera’s ‘Chef’s Kiss Award’

The sagely pandan-coconut combination hardly fails me. Choose the Iced Bai-Toey Coffee Latte for an incredibly affordable and accessible beverage to fuel you for the day while keeping things interesting. Who said caffeine has to be boring?

For the ultimate meal combo, I’d say get the Tom Yum Shrimps Spaghetti to pair and you’re basically set for the day. Not all breakfasts (or lunches) for champs involve bread and eggs, you know.

Final thoughts

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For its price point and quality of food, Café Amazon is perfect for catching a meal with friends in a beautiful space that sets the tone for great conversations and even better company. The next time you’re around Jewel Changi Airport, Jurong Point, or Republic Plaza, make time to swing by Café Amazon and satiate those Thai food cravings, pronto.

Expected Damage: S$16.90 – S$22.90 per pax

*This was brought to you in collaboration with Café Amazon.

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Café Amazon

9 Raffles Place, #02 - 03, Singapore 048619

Our Rating 4/5

Café Amazon

9 Raffles Place, #02 - 03, Singapore 048619

Telephone: +65 6694 7028
Operating Hours: 10am - 5pm (Mon to Fri), Closed on Sat & Sun
Telephone: +65 6694 7028

Operating Hours: 10am - 5pm (Mon to Fri), Closed on Sat & Sun
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