Cajun On Wheels C.O.W: Get Saucy And Hot With Buckets Full Of Seafood

Cajun on Wheels - Storefront

Cajun On Wheels is a sloppy mess — a delicious mess to be precise. With the opening of this Cajun themed diner at Plaza Singapura comes a menu unique to the their new branch. Buckets of seafood and an array of sauces, some packing a punch, while others gently caress and quite literally butter your taste buds, there’s a sauce for everyone.

Skip ahead if you’re all too familiar with the cuisine synonymous with Louisiana. For the uninitiated, the rustic flavours of Cajun cuisine are bold and unpretentious — born from the mixing of French and Creole cuisines. Often an unrelenting assault on the palate, expect spice, a slew of other pungent and aromatic ingredients.

Cajun On Wheels, Is Cajun With a Spin

Cajun on Wheels - Order Counter

A Cajun-themed eatery is nothing new to the local food scene. Cajun On Wheels takes the cuisine for a spin around the local culinary scene. With seven sauces to have over your buckets and platters of seafood, expect everything from sambal tumis to Cajun herb & butter.

With the menu being just as intimidating as the portions served up, placing your order can be a daunting task. We undertook the difficult task of sifting through piles of seafood and other dishes to find what’s worth getting messy for.

Cajun on Wheels - Oh Crab

Cajun on Wheels-15

Our advice is to go with a group and share a ton of seafood. Seafood bucket combo 2 (reel crabby bucket + insane shrimp $138) is probably going to be the highlight at Cajun On Wheels.

Beneath the primeval looking shell of the crab lies a bucket full of clams and the rest of the crab, soaking in its own juices and chilli egg sauce — a spin on the classic chilli crab sauce.

Cajun on Wheels - Insane Shrimp

Cajun on Wheels - Prawn in dip

Getting stuck in, the crab isn’t exactly the most impressive and while the mallet provided to crack the shell got the job done, is a little impractical and messy. The clams and shrimp, however, were more worth the trouble of getting messy.

Making your way through every bucket of seafood, you’ll find chunks of corn and chicken spam fries to fill you up a little more.

Cajun on Wheels - Mussels Stew

The mussels stew ($21.90) was full of plump mussels cooked in a tomato sauce. I enjoyed scooping up and popping the chunks of tomato, onion, cloves of garlic and the fresh coriander down my gob, just as much as the mussels. My only critique would be the sweetness of the sauce. If dialled back, it’d take this dish up a notch.

Cajun on Wheels - Soft Shell Crab Ocean Box

Ocean boxes like the soft shell crab ($16.90) come with your choice of sauce and sides like sweet potato fries. For value, the soft shell crab is more bang for your buck than the bucket.

Cajun on Wheels - Crusty C.O.W Burger

A thick juicy beef patty, thick cut onions and a whole lobster tail. Does that warrant the crusty c.o.w burger’s ($39.90) price tag? There’s no doubt that the ingredients that go into this burger are a cut above most burgers. However, it probably needed some sauce as it was a little too dry for our liking.

With sauce every which way you look at Cajun On Wheels, that shouldn’t be a problem. An impressive burger that falls slightly short of being great.

Cajun on Wheels - The Nice Platter

Huge Hokkaido scallops are the highlight of the creatively named nice platter ($39.90). You could split each scallop two ways and still get a mouthful. Simply seasoned, it allows the seafood to shine through.

The Cajun herb butter sauce on the side for dipping is light enough that it complements the seafood, and not mask its natural flavour. However, the angel hair pasta used slips down the greasy side.

If there was one thing we wished for while taking on the mound of seafood and the variety of sauces was something to cleanse and refresh the palate. I think anyone else who’s been to Cajun On Wheels would agree that some citrus element would have been appreciated. But, if you’re looking to pig out on seafood, give Cajun On Wheels a whirl.

Expected damage: $25-$60 per pax

Cajun On Wheels: Plaza Singapura, #03-92 (new wing), 68 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238839 | Facebook