Catchfly: Sip On Delicious ‘Shim’ Cocktails Without Getting A Hangover At This Elegant New York-Style Bar On Ann Siang Road

Ann Siang Hill is famous for the numerous bars and restaurants, but a new bar has joined the fray — enter, Catchfly. Located at 12 Ann Siang Road, this New York-style bar is headed by head mixologist Liam Baer, who has previously spent time bartending in New York, Taipei, Hong Kong and Bangkok.

Don’t make the same mistake as I did and walk upstairs expecting a rooftop bar; this bar is located in the basement, under Coriander Leaf Grill, which is also part of the Coriander Leaf brand.

I love the gold accents and warm lights, it made me feel a lot more comfortable while the strips of gold inlaid in the floorboards lent the place an air of elegance.

We started off with Liam’s speciality cocktail, the Honey Badger ($22). Made with rosemary-infused bourbon, ginger, lemon, honey and yellow chartreuse, this was my second favourite drink of the night (we’ll get to my favourite in a bit).

There was a strong bite from the ginger, but it balanced out nicely with the sweetness from the honey and the woodiness from the bourbon, with slight hints of rosemary.

Being a New York-style bar, Catchfly uses plenty of American liquors in its drinks, and many brands will be relatively unknown to the masses; although that doesn’t mean that they’re not good!

Although Catchfly is a bar, the eventual goal is for it to evolve into a late night supper place instead, and I think there’s a strong foundation for that with its food menu. I tried the Kimchi Beef Chilli ($21) and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. Sweet, with a strong kick of spice and crunchy nacho chips to pile the chilli on.

It wasn’t entirely like kimchi, more like spicy beef chilli with onions and ground beef, but I thought this was a perfect dish for people to snack on while enjoying a cocktail.

But first, let me take a selfie. The Self(ie) Adored ($23) was my favourite drink of the night, partly because of how good it was, and mostly because of how cute the drink turned out to be. Before the drink was mixed, Liam whipped out a Polaroid camera and snapped a nice shot of us then returned to mixing the drink, and then clipping the developed instant photo onto the glass and serving it to us — how cute is that little memento?

The drink was fantastic as well, made with Polish bison grass vodka that I could still taste in the cocktail, without being overpowered by the raspberry, elderflower liqeur, lemon and other ingredients.

We were getting pretty hungry by now, so I ordered the Black Angus Beef Burger ($23) with an add-on of Blue Stilton Cheese ($2). The dish came with three condiments, garlic aioli, jalapeno relish and roasted tomatoes. I thought that the relish and the roasted tomatoes paired the best with the burger, with the spice and sweetness countering the saltiness of the cheese.

If you don’t drink often because you’re worried about hangovers, try one of Catchfly’s “shim” cocktails. A trend in New York now, shims are cocktails that use lower alcohol percentage alternatives including vermouth, sherry or herbal liqueurs. I had the 30/30 ($17) and loved it.

The tartness from the elderflower liqueur and passionfruit came through strongly, with a fizzy and light base enhanced by the kaffir lime. I didn’t detect any hint of lemongrass, but it didn’t detract from the drink in any way at all.

Catchfly is a must visit, especially if you’re looking to impress a date or your friends. I’ll definitely be back, simply because I love the atmosphere, and the well-crafted drinks are a huge plus.

Expected damage: $20 – 40 per pax

Catchfly: 12 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069692 | Tel: +65 62227183 | Facebook | Opening hours: 6pm – 1am Monday to Thursday, 6pm – 3am Friday & Saturday, closed on Sunday

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