It’s Crunch Time With Cemani’s Mala + Salted Egg Crispy Chicken Skin & More Now Available In FairPrice

One of the best parts about having fried chicken is munching down on the crispy, golden skin. I’ve never had the skin alone as a snack before, so when Shihlin came up with their Crispy Chicken Cracklings, I was intrigued.

Hopping on the trend is homegrown brand Cemani, who came out with their own version of Chicken Skin Snacks (S$10/pack).

Cemani Chicken Skin Snacks 1

You can look forward to a range of flavours: Original, Tom Yum, Mala and Salted Egg.

Fun fact: the chickens—which are Halal-certified—are sourced from one of the founders’ very own family farm. Cemani also uses Halal-certified ingredients, and are working towards attaining Halal certification for their products.

Cemani Chicken Skin Snacks 3

I really enjoyed Shihlin’s version, so I was eager to try Cemani’s ones.

Cemani Chicken Skin Snacks 6

Munching on the Original flavour, I found the chicken skins to be very crispy and airy. I noticed that there was no greasy aftertaste, which many chips tend to have.

While there was a hint of saltiness in the skins, I could also taste an oh-so-slight bitterness.

I think overall, the chips felt a tad too “healthy” for my taste buds, and I would have liked them a bit more oily for that lip-smacking factor.

Cemani Chicken Skin Snacks 4

I had high hopes for the Salted Egg flavour, but after a bite, I was pretty disappointed. I could detect a bit of eggy saltiness, but it was lacking that full-bodied salted egg flavour I was hoping for.

There was also a spicy kick from the chilli flakes used, but I would have enjoyed a stronger salted egg flavour.

Sadly, I think I still prefer versions from other brands like IRVINS and The Golden Duck.

Cemani Chicken Skin Snacks 2

I love mala, but specifically the xiang guo kind. Maybe that was why my palate could not appreciate the one-dimensional tingling spiciness from Cemani’s mala chicken skins.

But if you enjoy the taste of mala spice alone, you might like this snack.

Cemani Chicken Skin Snacks 5

For spice lovers, you can also try their Tom Yum flavour.

The chips tasted like they were coated with tom yum seasoning, the kind that you get from cup noodles. I love tom yum-flavoured maggie mee, so I was not complaining about the MSG-heavy taste.

The chips also had a fragrant spiciness to it, and was surprisingly not too overwhelming. I guess this taste-testing ended on a good note, because I enjoyed their tom yum flavour.

The tom yum chicken skin snacks are probably my favourite flavour out of the bunch!

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Dates & Times: Now available at FairPrice Finest outlets and

Prices: S$10 per pack