Century Bak Kwa is reinventing tradition with their swanky Bakkwa Croffles

Bak kwa is a treat that is deeply etched into every Singaporean’s memories. The sweet-savoury pieces of barbequed meat are a delight that isn’t only enjoyed every year during Chinese New Year festivities, but also something that is commonly gifted by some of our parents.

However, do we have to follow tradition to a tee, even with something as classic as bak kwa? It’s certainly something that has crossed Century Bak Kwa’s mind, who have let their creative juices flow increate a tantalising Bak Kwa Croffle (S$34 for six).

Bak Kwa Croffles

Sure, we’ve seen bak kwa used in all manners of dishes and pastries, ranging from cakes and sandwiches but this is the first we’ve heard of bak kwa in a croffle.

If you’re out of the loop on what a croffle is, it’s a lovechild between croissants and waffles as the name implies. The hybrid has taken social media by storm and has garnered much fame in countries such as Hong Kong.

Croffles are made with the same intricate precision you’d expect in a croissant, but the twist comes in how it achieves its golden brown crisp. Instead of popping them in an oven, the croissant dough is pressed under a waffle iron to achieve its compact, airy texture sporting distinct waffle iron marks.

Century Bak Kwa

Century Bak Kwa takes it up a notch by sandwiching finger-sized slices of their fragrant and smoky bak kwa between these morsels of pastry goddess. The result is a marriage of sweet buttery crisp with the smokey savoury bite of bak kwa.

And the slices of bak kwa you find between the croffles are high-quality specimens too—Century Bak Kwa’s Tradition Bak Kwa (S$40 for 500g, S$78 for 1kg) is made with quality Spanish pork that’s toiled over the dancing smoke of a traditional charcoal pit for eight hours on end.

If you’re a bak kwa lover and can’t wait to pop this novel creation into your mouth, you can place your orders here.

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