Chang Sensory Trails 2022: Embark on a journey with Chang Beer and savour the best of Thailand’s phenomenal cuisine

I’ve been talking about planning my next trip to Thailand so much, it’s got me craving Thai food. I know, I know— I should wait to try the real thing but who said Singapore’s Thai food scene was any less great?  Held in collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Chang Sensory Trails 2022 is happening from now until 9 September 2022, hop on a foodie extravaganza to feast on the diverse flavours of Thailand cuisine from all four regions (North, Northeast, Central, Southern) with this guide to thairiffic drinks, bites and vibes.

First introduced in 2016, the last event was held just before the pandemic struck, over in the UK and Singapore. After a two year hiatus, Chang Sensory Trails 2022 is back to tantalise casual eaters as well as passionate gourmands with a delectable selection of Thai dishes. Plus— deals you cannot miss out on! 

Simply visit any of these 15 restaurants from now until 9 September 2022 to enjoy the following promotions:

  • Every order of the restaurant’s signature dish will unlock one bottle of Chang Beer for S$1
  • Order two more bottles after that and get one more bottle of Chang Beer for free

That’s not all— end your dining experience by registering your chance to continue the Chang Sensory Trails in Thailand. Yes, a chance to fly to the land of smiles! Just scan the QR code found on the tent card at the counter, register, and you’re on your way to win a flight for two to Bangkok or Phuket. There’s a total of four prizes, so get your visits and reservations in quick.

1. Folks Collective 

If there’s anything I look forward to when it comes to reminiscing about Thailand, it’s got to be the chatter and cheers that pierce through the air and get louder as it gets darker. Folks Collective, a trendy spot along Cross Street Exchange, has the full package of beers, bites and music, that take you on a thailicious adventure.

Chang Sensory Trails - Folks Collective, Spatchcock Chicken

Since every order of their signature dish gets you a bottle of Chang Beer at S$1, there’s really no excuse for missing out. It’s really a win-win situation, right? Have the best of both worlds with the Spatchcock Chicken (S$25), perfect for a party of three to four to share. 

Each portion comes served with sticky rice and tamarind jaew. The whole chicken is prepared with a signature rub that is finger-licking good. The sauce (served separately) had a little bit of spice to it but a sip of Chang beer easily rounded it off with a sweet, refreshing finish. 

Chang Sensory Trails - Folks Collective Beef Massaman Curry

Another signature item that will entitle you to the promotion is the Beef Massaman Curry (S$15.90)— a Persian-inspired nutty curry with slow cooked beef brisket and potatoes. The spice level is low on this one, so fret not!

The beef chunks were soft and tender, a good sign that the hours of preparation paid off. The curry sits on the creamier end, which is good news to diners who fancy curries more rich and indulgent. Pair this with some rice and Chang beer (I mean, it’s S$1!) and you quite easily have a winning combination. 

Better still, order another two bottles of Chang beer and get the next one free. Beer lovers and Chang fans, the nights are looking very bright if you’re in the Chinatown area— you heard it here first!

20 Cross Street, Cross Street Exchange, #01-25/26/27, Singapore 048422
+65 6536 6739
Tue to Fri: 11am – 11pm
Sat: 11.30am – 10.30pm
Closed on Mon
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2. Naowarat Thai Bistro

Over in Kembangan, the running favourite Naowarat Thai Bistro represents the East in the Chang Sensory Trails 2022. The family-run restaurant has been around since 2015 and is often a family favourite in the east for big gatherings, given their grand space.

Chang Sensory Trails - Naowarat Thai Platter

Sliding into the first signature dish at Naowarat Thai Bistro, which comes as no surprise at all, is the Naowarat Thai Platter (S$20). Each serving comes with four deep-fried prawn cakes, four shrimp cakes and four pandan chickens. 

While I found the pandan chicken to be a tad small, I must say the thicc shrimp cakes made up for it. The latter was freshly fried and rid of any strong seafood smell, which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

The fish cakes on the other hand were not too oily and packed full of flavour. It’s easy to see why this is a popular dish. I do wish the pandan chicken gems would be bigger, so as to get that hunky chunky bite in. 

Naowarat Thai - Woon Sen

The next dish Kung Op Woon Sen (Steamed Prawns with Vermicelli) (S$15.90) is one that paired perfectly with a bottle of Chang Beer. And at just S$1 when you order this dish, it’d be a crime not to get it. 

I gave the claypot a good mix to get the peppery tang hoon, ginger, coriander and prawns in. A delectable main altogether that’s good to share with two to three others. I would have appreciated the prawns to be deveined prior to steaming but hey, that’s just me being picky.

Chang Sensory Trails - Naowarat Thai dishes

I’ve got to give a worthy mention to another of their bestselling dishes, Pla Kra Pong Neun Manao (S$19.90), a steamed seabass with Thai chilli lime sauce. This was almost a match made in heaven with Chang Beer, as the sweet notes eased the spiciness beautifully. 

While it’s not in the list of qualifying dishes on Chang Sensory Trails 2022, I’d definitely recommend getting this, while jumping on the other promotion of a free bottle of Chang with an additional purchase of two Chang beer bottles. The more the merrier!

502 Changi Road, Singapore 419905
+65 6909 3600
Tue to Sun: 11.30am – 2.30pm & 4.30pm – 9.15pm
Closed on Mon
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3. Sawadee Thai Cuisine

For a more refined Thai dining experience, Sawadee Thai Cuisine in Bugis is one to consider. The team prides themselves with exquisite high-quality produce, meats and seafood. A definite choice spot for celebrations, gatherings and special occasions. 

Chang Sensory Trails - Crying Tiger at Sawadee Thai

When it comes to ultimate Chang beer pairings, you can always count on spicy flavours, seafood or meat. First up on the signature list, we had the Suea Rong Hai (Crying Tiger Beef) (S$36), a 220-gram black angus ribeye beef grilled Thai style, paired with jaew sauce. 

Now this is my ultimate go-to dish whenever I’m at a Thai restaurant and I was very pleased with the execution. Perhaps it was the use of a premium beef cut but I could not deny how tender and tasty each slice was. It was perfectly grilled and paired beautifully with the sweet, tangy jaew sauce. Major thumbs up at its price point, if you ask me.

Chang Sensory Trails - Pad Char Prawns at Sawadee Thai

When Chang beer is going at just S$1 with every signature dish ordered, trust me when I say you cannot miss out on the Pad Char Prawns (S$32).  Find huge tiger prawns stir fried with explosive flavours of chilli, garlic, peppercorns, Thai herbs and spices. Think of it as mala but the Thai version of it.

The initial mouthful hits you with strong herbaceous notes from the herbs and a pinch of heat but oh boy, does it linger. The intensity of the peppercorns grow as you munch on the prawns and just might send non-spice lovers into a frenzy, so go slow.

My dining companion found this to be the most authentic Thai dish on the table and easily gained his stamp of approval. In fact, he recalls most dishes in Thailand start at this spice level and is considered normal! Yet this paired best with Chang beer as it evened out the spice with bittersweet notes.

Sawadee Thai Restaurant dishes

Now, this might be just one of the stops on Chang Sensory Trails 2022, but I must say that the elevated experience here is noteworthy. If you’re looking for the best of Thai cuisine and don’t mind spending a bit more for high-quality dishes, this is where it’s at. 

9 Tan Quee Lan Road, Singapore 188098
+65 6238 6833
Daily: 11am – 2.30pm & 6pm – 10pm
Facebook | Instagram | Website

Naowarat Thai Bistro Dishes

Now bear in mind there are a total of 15 participating restaurants (view list here) for you to unlock a good time with Chang Beer onboard Chang Sensory Trails 2022, so best be planning ahead! From Thai platters to Pad Thai and Thai-style fish, it’s the perfect party for friends, family, gatherings with colleagues, and special occasions.

Who knows, you just might be one of the four lucky winners with a pair of tickets to Bangkok or Phuket. Until then, might as well get a good Chang beer promotion out of it, right? Chokh di (Thai for good luck)!

*This post was brought to you in partnership with Chang Beer. Chang Sensory Trails 2022 is held in collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

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