Get Stylish While Whipping Up a Storm With Your Free Dior Digital Cookbook

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Mention ‘Dior’ and immediately our minds will relate to the fashion brand’s aesthetic of femininity deeply characterised by French national nostalgia during the postwar years. Little do we know that tweed suit jackets and designer handbags aside, the brand’s founder, Christian Dior, was in fact also a true gourmet at heart. 

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A passion that wasn’t publicly revealed until 15 years of his passing, a limited-edition cookbook documenting Christian Dior’s favourite recipes was released in 1972. Titled La Cuisine Cousu-Main—translating to ‘tailor-made cuisine’—the cookbook, which is entirely in French, came in an aluminium cover with colourful fashion-forward illustrations by Italian artist, René Gruau. With less than 4,000 copies produced, the first edition of La Cuisine Cousu-Main is a priced possession retailing online for up to US$1,200 today. 

Especially for all the Dior fans cooped up at home, The House of Dior has released an exclusive digital version of this cookbook featuring a variety of selected classic French dishes from entrées to desserts. As icing on the cake, this digital cookbook comes with English translation and is currently free for download enabling everyone around the world to get a glimpse of Monsieur Dior’s life outside the fashion world.

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Simple-to-follow recipes aside, this digital version of La Cuisine Cousu-Main also features a section with a description of different salad vegetables and a small culinary lexicon explaining cooking terms for fashionistas stepping into the kitchen for the first time!

A lasting memento to the culinary mind of one of fashion history’s legendary icon, get ready to marvel at Christian Dior’s recipes online here. Even if you are not planning to whip up a storm in the kitchen, the colourful illustrations embedded within will also leave you in awe while browsing through the cookbook!

Dates & Times: Digital version of La Cuisine Cousu-Main is available for download here

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