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First-timer’s guide to: Christmas gifting 2020

Last Updated: November 9, 2020

Written by Nicole Lam

As so declared by Mariah Carey, the actual patron saint of Christmas and not ole Saint Nick, it’s TIME! Christmas is here, and we can finally blast “All I want for Christmas is You (Make My Wish Come True)” as loudly as you can. Christmas can also cause a little bit more average holiday stress, and we are here to help you out with this first-timer’s holiday gift guide.

As somewhat of a gift whisperer myself, I do have a knack for this sort of thing. Of course, it would be better if you actually got to know the person you’re gifting and if even after that, you’re still lost—we’re here.

We know, gift-giving can be a little hard on the wallet. So, with each category, we spilt it into three different price points (affordable, mid-range, high-end) so you shop according to your wallet. Let’s turn up WHAM! and get cracking.

1. For the foodie friend


Oyster Cake Showdown 2

Okay, the first easy option is just to take your foodie friend to their favourite hawker meal and make a whole day out of it.  That seems like the most straightforward option, and you get a meal out of it.

But, if you do need to get them something, I suggest introducing your foodie friend to the wonderful world food sustainability. Take Paper Bunny’s Stasher Reusable Silicone Sandwich Bag (S$21.90), where you can store all little fridge knick-knacks.


Since you have a little more chump change, why not gift them this Canoli DIY kit (S$55) from Cannolicious where they can pipe and customise their cannolis. It’s fun and yummy, so it’s guaranteed to bump you up to ‘friend of the year’ for this one—Pre-order your DIY kits here.


There are a lot of ways you can go with this, and if you have a foodie friend, most likely they like to cook and experiment in the kitchen. So, the best way to hone in on their culinary skills is to get them the top of the line mixer from KitchenAid mixer (S$649). My money would definitely be on the copper series because copper anything makes your kitchen look ultra-sophisticated.

Christmas Gift Guide 2020 10


If not this Barsys Patrón Margarita Smart Coaster (USD$149; approx. S$201) that comes with Patrón rocks glasses, a Patrón salt rimmer, lime squeezer, and shaker, turn your friend into a bonafide mixologist. It’s the right amount of fancy melded with technology.

All your friend has to do is place the glass on a coaster and select what drink they want from the app, the lights should change to indicate when you’ve poured enough of each ingredient. It takes all the guesswork out and puts a perfect drink in your hand.

2. For the one who has everything


We have one of these in our lives, and they indeed have everything. I figured the best way to shop for the one who has everything is to get them experiences or things that they can’t buy themselves.

For this section, I reckon that even the person who has everything can never have too many socks. You don’t want to go too crazy with the novelty socks. Be as practical as you can and with Japanese brands like Muji or Uniqlo where socks range between S$4.90 a pair to S$14.90 a set.


Vr World Review 7 800x600 (1)

The one thing someone who has everything can never get enough of is experiences. This is one that will ultimately bond and promise good fun. VR World SG located in Chinatown is an escape room, and VR experience rolled into one. Traverse through hidden temples in a team of four as solve puzzles and look for clues. If not, some old-fashioned zombie shooting will do just fine.

If you want an inkling of how our whole experience was like, read all about it here.

The arcade games are priced S$35 per pax per hour, while the escape room is priced at S$40 per pax. Your virtual reality fun awaits.


M Social Staycation Review (16 Of 26)

Here is something I’m sure the person who has everything doesn’t have: a personalised perfume that tailored to their scent. At Maison 21G, for S$120 you can create your own unique scent that you can’t find anywhere else on the market. It’s quite a fun process of getting you scent, and everyone and I mean EVERYONE needs perfume.

M Social Staycation Review (19 Of 26)

If you’re feeling real generous, you can throw in a staycation at M Social where they have this workshop or just head over to one of the stores and your perfume awaits.

3. For your partner


This one might seem like the most intuitive of them all but sometimes buying for your partner might be difficult. After all, isn’t the most important gift of all you? Haven’t you been the best gift since forever ago?

Okay, jokes aside. One of the best things you can get your partner is a better understanding of themselves with this Intimacy Card (S$7.38), a deck where it asks all the difficult questions. There’s nothing like a healthy dose of vulnerability to feel closer to your partner.

A little out of the price range but the We’re Not Really Strangers Deck  (USD$40) is also pretty good at the touching at those uncomfortable but important parts of yourself. The relationship expansion pack from ‘We’re Not Really Strangers’ is also something that can deepen your relationship if you are ready.


I think a Ghost moment does wonders to any relationship. Plus, pottery is a calming and satisfying activity that is sure to provide a little respite into the crazy year. There are many pottery classes out there, but a good place to start would be The Potters’ Guilt with classes starting from S$80 per pax.


Gift your partner the gift of learning and being their best selves an all-access pass to Master Class (USD$180; approx. S$243). Learn from the best in the world from Gordon Ramsay, Serena Williams, Annie Lebovitz, to name a few. Hey, maybe you both can learn some new together.

4. For the one who loves tech


Keep your techie friend’s dek clean and sleek with a futuristic wireless charger. This TOZO Wireless Charger (S$11), no more messy wires after this Christmas gift. There are countless models you can choose from, whether you want them in stylish black or a feminine rose-gold—the world is your wireless charger. 


Christmas Gift Guide 2020 8


What does the friend with all the cool gadgets need? More cool gadgets to make their home look like the inside of a spaceship that’s for sure. This Heng Balance Lamp (S$77) is all one needs to look like they belong with the Jetsons. With a unique switch structure of two embedded magnets that appear to float, you turn the lamp on and off by connecting them.

This Christmas gift doesn’t just work for the tech lovers; this gift works for almost everyone because it’s a cool lamp and how can anybody resist a cool lamp.


Ikea 2021 Catalogue 2

Credit – IKEA

Depending on which one you get, the latest Sonos collection from IKEA has to be the ultimate gift for the tech guru.

The SYMFONISK table lamp with WiFi speakers is a must-have for every work station, while the SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker makes for a great addition to spruce up any space, as extra as it might be. The price of this collection ranges from S$179 – S$299. Take a closer look at the Sonos speaker here.

5. For the skin and beauty junkie


Skincare and beauty are highly personal and difficult to shop for right off the bat. Unless you know your friend extremely well, chances are, you will get the wrong product. Therefore, one of the safest ways is to get gifts sets that will allow them to try an array of products and not hurt your wallet.

Christmas Gift Guide 2020 3


To start you out easy, this Caudalie Luxury Hand Cream Trio (S$26) will never go wrong. Dry hands are a no-no, and these creams will definitely put you in their good graces.

Another alternative is to get dividers and storage boxes from Daiso, never underestimate the power of makeup organisation.


I know, S$40 for tweezers? Honey, brows are everything, and you need good tools to keep them in shape. The best in the biz is Tweezerman Slant Tweezer that comes in this gorgeous rose gold. Get them on Sephora here.

Nothing but the best for your tresses and these silk scrunchies from Wee Bands. Made of high-quality mulberry silk, these scrunchies prevent creasing and breakage when you have to wrap your hair in that messy bun. You can get these in a set of four for S$29.90 or if you have thicker hair and want a bigger scrunchie each of them is going at S$17.90 for one. Take a look at which colours you like here.


If you can go all out for skincare, then the sky’s the limit. The cult-favourite Drunk Elephant is surely on everyone’s wishlist. This Christmas, gift the gift of good skin with this littles Dewy the Polypeptide Skincare Kit (S$106) or this Hair + Body Vault (S$190) that comes with seven of Drunk Elephant’s hair and body range.

6. For the #fitspo


This might seem like a no brainer, but chances are the gym rat in your life love their protein shakes. Don’t overthink it and get them the classic Blender Bottle (S$7.99) that allows for protein shakes not to congeal and allow for maximum gains. Get them in all sorts of colours right here.


Wearing the mask to run or do any intense workout can be a real drag, so it’s Under Armour to the rescue. The UA Sportsmask (S$35) is perfect runners and everyone else who loves to work out outside and wants to keep safe.

Made of high-performance breathable fabric that allows you to keep cool with added SPF protection, you’ll want to get one for yourself.


There can be a lot of ways you can go with this. At first, I thought a membership at a gym like Virgin Active would be fun because have you seen their showers? Makes all the spinning classes worth it. Though given the state of gyms and Ms Rona, who is still on her rampage, you wouldn’t want to risk it.

Christmas Gift Guide 2020 6


So, to really pamper your fitness friend this Christmas, I would suggest anything and if possible everything from Lulu Lemon. Yes, they are priced like crazy, a simple Wunder Under High Rise 24” will set you back a hefty S$153 but hey, when it comes to tights—Lulu Lemon knows what they’re doing.

Lest you think they are only for yoga, some of their tights are also made for high-intensity workouts and last a lifetime and yes, they have a men’s section too.

Christmas should be a time of good tidings and cheer. Say no to holiday stress about buying gifts. Hopefully, this gift guide gives you an inkling of what kind of gifts you should get for your different ‘types’ of friends. Happy holidays and even happier shopping!

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