The CHUG App: Fancy 30+ Drinks At Only $14.90/Month In Singapore?

Do you enjoy drinking? Or is it the case that you MUST have a drink every now and then, resulting in you spending by the hundreds every week on alcoholic beverages alone?


Don’t worry, because the CHUG App will get your alcoholic cravings settled in three easy steps:

1. Download the CHUG App

2. Subscribe for only $14.90 per month

3. And start using it!


Simply click on the venue where you would like to have your drinks and head there to claim it! Some popular watering holes included in the CHUG App are The Single Cask, Mr Punch Public House, Tap Craft Beer Bar, Phat Cat Laundry and Freehouse!

Just imagine – For a whole month you get access to all those drinks and at one fixed price. Plus, there’s no minimum spending and you still get chances to be invited to exclusive events and receive first-hand information on limited promotions.

Chugging never looked so good.

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