Club Castle: Play Drinking Games, Sing Karaoke & Sip On Cool Cocktails In Kranji

Nestled in quite an ulu part of Singapore, Club Castle is an interesting bar that’s located at D’Kranji Farm Resort. I guess you could call it a drinking games bar, because there are a variety of mini games that you can play and get drunk to.

As I walked in through the entrance of the outdoor bar, I could instantly see how vibrantly lit the place is. There were many colourful lights hanging around, with an area in the middle filled with light-up chairs and tables; it’s a nice touch!

We started off simple, sharing a tower of Kronenbourg Blanc ($75) while playing some of the games. There were a variety of roulette and dice games, and there was that cute (or scary) crocodile game where you press the teeth down to see who suffers the wrath of the jaw.

The Jenga was very unique; every block you pull out has a forfeit stamped on it. If you’re unlucky, then get ready to chug all that beer.

These are simple games, but trust me, once you start with the drinks, you’re going to see things a lot differently.

But we can’t just order beer at a bar like this right? Club Castle has some pretty exotic cocktails on the menu that are a must-try.

The bar peeps were quite secretive with what goes into their special cocktails, so I’m not sure what those mixes are exactly. But generally, they tasted fine (and by fine I mean very drinkable).

We got this bucket of five Hospital Needle Shots ($68) and a Hospital Bloody Blood Bag ($48). Would’ve been great for Halloween if you ask me.

The red concoction had a sweet taste to it; I would say that cherry vodka was used in this. It was a pleasing drink, great for those who don’t want strong-tasting alcohol.

We also tried the bar’s version of the graveyard, which they call Castle Graveyard ($48). With a name like that, you can almost feel the hangover coming.

It was served with a cute little skeleton on the straw, and with four different shots of liquor on the side. The idea is to play the games while taking this drink, and every time you lose, add in a shot of the liquor and take a sip.

The alcohol (obviously) only gets stronger with every shot added, so you better be an ace at the games if you don’t want to get piss-drunk.

The most quirky of all the cocktails has to be the Nu Er Hong女儿红 ($88), which was served to us in a classic Chinese wine jug. Yes, the same kind of jug that we saw Jackie Chan drink from in ‘Drunken Master’.

Nu Er Hong女儿is a type of Chinese rice wine, typically served at weddings. But at this bar, I’m sure they switched it up a little and threw some whisky in there.

I was really amused by that jug because I’ve never seen it anywhere else. The Chinese drank wine in the past by basically pouring it out of the jug and into a bowl, and then downing it. Hree’s where you can do the same.

The space also has beer pong and a pool table if you would like to play some of the more traditional bar games. There’s even karaoke if you’d like to show off your vocals. I’d recommend beer pong; it’s a great game to play after a couple of drinks.

A night like this will make anyone hungry, so we got a Mix Platter ($45) with five different kinds of finger food. We got the chicken wings, cheese sausages, cheese meatballs, chicken tempura, and chicken karaage – you can never have too much chicken.

The platter was served piping hot, and the wings were tender as well. It was fan-tas-tic to munch on together with some beer.

We also tried the Waffle Burger ($15), which is a fried chicken patty and a sunny-side up wedged between two pieces of waffle. The patty was nicely battered but I felt it was weird to have it together with waffles.

Maybe I’m just old-fashioned and I like my fried chicken patty between two toasted buns.

Although located at a somewhat deserted place, Club Castle does make up for it with compelling cocktails and light-hearted games. It’s a great place to hang out with your friends on the weekends, just to chill and have some fun.

But try not to get too drunk, because it’s probably a little far off from your home. No one wants to be that guy, right?

Expected damage: $40 – $70 per pax

Club Castle: D’Kranji Farm Resort, 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2, Singapore 718813 | Opening hours: 10.30am – 3am | Facebook