8 Reasons To Visit Club Med Cherating Beach Resort (Including FREE-FLOW Food & Alcohol)

Club Med Cherating Beach - Mandara Spa

It’s been a while since I explored other parts of Malaysia apart from Johor Bahru or Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to Firefly in collaboration with Club Med, I got whisked away to Kuantan to experience Club Med Cherating Beach.

Launched on 3 April 2007, Firefly is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Malaysian Airlines Berhad and operates out of hubs located at Penang and Subang connecting various points within Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Sumatera (Indonesia).

Club Med Cherating Beach - Firefly

This was my first turboprop aircraft experience as I boarded the Firefly ATR 72 series twin turboprop aircrafts that are optimised for efficiency, passenger comfort and most importantly safety and reliability.

Club Med Cherating Beach - Firefly Plane Interior

The aircraft is capable of flying up to 2.5 hours with a maximum range on 890 nautical miles without refueling on full passenger load.

Despite the plane’s small appearance, the cabin was rather spacious with plush leather seats and soft ambient lighting for a relaxing and comfortable journey.

Best part of all, as a Firefly passenger I enjoyed complimentary refreshments, 15kg checked bag allowance and assigned seating at an all inclusive fare.

Club Med Cherating Beach - Kuantan Airport

After a one hour and fifteen minute flight, we finally arrived at the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Airport where we were greeted by a warm and friendly Club Med G.O (Gentil Organisateurs – gracious/nice organisers).

We were issued our room keys together with all the information needed during our stay. It was then another forty-five minutes bus ride to the Club Med Resort at Cherating Beach.

I’ll be sharing with you 8 reasons why you should check out Club Med Cherating Beach for your next vacation:

1. Feel At Home With The Friendly Staff

Club Med Cherating Beach - GO's

Upon arriving at Club Med we were given a warm welcome by Club Med staff members who are known as  “GOs”, or Gentil Organisateurs (Gracious/Nice Organisers) at all Club Med resorts across the world.

All guests on the other hand are known as “GMs, or Gentils Membres (Gracious/Nice Guests/Members).

What sets Club Med apart from other resorts is that both GO’s and GM’s play, dine, drink and dance together every day and night. If you’re visiting Club Med for a solo trip, you can be assured that your experience will not be a dull and boring one.

Club Med Cherating Beach - Chef D Village

All Club Med Resorts are called villages which are headed by a Chef d Village, who manages an entire G.O team. You can always feel at home as language is never an issue with over 15,000 G.Os of 96 different nationalities working in the villages around the world.

Club Med Cherating Beach - Crazy Signs

G.Os are an integral part of the Club Med experience. I was lucky to be around the pool area where they were leading a communal dance or “crazy signs” (as they are commonly known at Club Med). The atmosphere around the resort was lively and it remained so all throughout the day.

2. Find Yourself Within The Beach and Forest

Club Med Cherating Beach - Beach

I find myself needing a holiday after a vacation as it can be tiring to zip around from one activity to another. Thankfully, at Club Med I had the luxury to manage my own schedule, so I grabbed the opportunity to marvel at the cracking of dawn and took time to listen to the crashing of the waves as they hit the shoreline.

Club Med Cherating Beach - Jungle Walk

Club Med Cherating Beach is located along the eastern coastline of Malaysia with the village surrounded by a 80-hectare luscious jungle reserve providing the perfect escape for beach-lovers and nature enthusiasts alike.

If your’re an eco-adventurer like me, you definitely need to try out the treetop adventure obstacle course or take a stroll along the jungle walk to be close to nature.

Who knows what wildlife discoveries you might chance unto along your path? Just don’t forget to put on some sunblock and mosquito repellent for added protection.

3. Find Inner Peace At The Zen Pool

Club Med Cherating Beach - Zen Pool

If sitting by the beach and listening to the sound of ocean waves is the ultimate relaxation for you. Club Med Cherating Beach is the perfect venue for you.

Take a five minute tram ride from the main resort to the Zen area which is an adult-only zone. You should definitely take a dip in the infinity pool which overlooks the vast South China Sea. Perfect for that OOTD shot you have always been dreaming of.

Club Med Cherating Beach - Bayou Beach Bar
Credit – Club Med

No beach resort experience is complete with drinks by the beach. The Bayou Beach Bar serves up an interesting range of cocktails, juices and mocktails that will complete the whole lazing by the beach experience.

4. Satisfy Your Tummy At Any Time & Drink All You Want

Club Med Cherating Beach - Food

As an all inclusive resort Club Med offers gourmet dining at its various dining locations. The Mutiara is the resort’s main restaurant that offers a variety of Asian and international cuisines that is sure to whet your appetite.

Club Med Cherating Beach -The Rembulan

Located beside Pentai Beach, The Rembulan is an intimate specialty restaurant offering delicious Asian dishes served a-la-carte as well as a selection of low calorie dishes. Do make your reservations at the Mutiara restaurant if you want to head there for dinner as it could get quite crowded.

Club Med Cherating Beach - Noodle Bar

If you sleep in past lunch time, you’d be please to know that its opening hours are include 2.30pm – 6pm for late lunch, and 9.30pm – 11pm for supper. Enak Noodle Bar serves various renditions of Asian inspired noodle creations. Each day there are three noodle options to choose from with the menu rotating daily.

Club Med Cherating Beach - Open Bar

With an open bar that operates till midnight, you can never have one too many drinks at the Orchid Bar, just enough to get the party started, perhaps? However, do note that premium spirits and liqueur are chargeable.

5. Get Active Doing Sport Activities

Club Med Cherating Beach - Tree Top Adventure

With the largest sports school in the world, you can expect to find a variety of sport activities from archery to flying trapeze. I knew I had to have a go at the tree-top adventure course (Accrobranche) which was super fun and intense, totally perfect for beginners like me.

The G.O instructors at the station were helpful as they explained the safety rules and even provided tips on tackling the course.


Club Med Cherating Beach - Flying Trapeze 2

Next onto the acrobat school, I’ve seen people make this look really easy but I was literally hanging on to dear life. Still glad that I mustered up the courage to attempt this and was surprised at how fun it actually was.

I had the chance to try this out during Club Med’s Sports night event, which are organised on a daily basis to make sure your nights are fun-filled.

6. Experience Life Like A local In Houses Built On Stilts

Club Med Cherating Beach - Long House

Guests staying at Club Med Cherating will get to enjoy the full local cultural experience with 297 rooms spreading across 15 three-story wooden long houses that are built on stilts.

I loved how all the long houses are linked by walkways so you’ll be sheltered even when it’s raining.

Club Med Cherating Beach - Rooms

The simplicity of the room oozes a calming and relaxing vibe. Best part of all, knowing that I’m sleeping in the heart of 80 hectares of forest that is home to macaques and gibbons, makes me feel that much closer to nature.

7. Unleash Your Creativity With Batik Painting

Club Med Cherating Beach - Batik Painting

Not to worry if adventure or sea sports is not your thing, you can tap into your artistic flair and flaunt your creativity through batik painting. There are plenty of designs to choose from ranging from gentle sea creatures to beautiful flower motifs.

Club Med Cherating Beach-45

Like your finished art piece? You could bring it home at RM$50 and above, depending on size of print. Do note the Art & Craft studio is open on Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 12.30pm and 2.30pm to 5.30pm.

8. Relax While Your Kids Are Taken Care Of

Club Med Cherating Beach - Beach Yoga

Leave your children at Club Med’s Children’s Club while you take part in a good sunset yoga. The yoga sessions are led by G.O’s who are the instructors as well

Your children can have their own Club Med experience as well with Club Med’s various children’s clubs: Baby Club Med for 4 to 23 months (Additional Cost), Petit Club Med for 2 to 3 years (Additional Cost), Mini Club Med for 4 to 10 years, and Club Med Passworld for 11 to 17 years.

You can be rest assured that your children’s safety and comfort are the top priority of the G.O children’s club managers.

Club Med Cherating Beach - Mutiara Spa
Credit – Club Med

With your children at the care of the capable G.O team, why not book a spa and massage experience at the Mandara Spa and relax under the skillful hands of the masseuse who will knead all your knots and worries away.

Mandara Spa offers a variety of treatment packages and plans to suit your needs, with a Balinese Massage (1 hour and 20 mins) going for RM$465. Check out the spa’s full menu here.

Club Med Cherating Beach - Zen Space

I must really say that the Club Med experience really grows on you. The energy around the village is infectious which made really easy to make friends with the other guests. I would definitely recommend flying into Kuantan, just to experience the unique Club Med experience.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about airport transfers, food and planning your itinerary, there are plenty of food, fun, activities and friends that you will make each time you visit any of the 80 Club Med resorts around the world.

Daily rates for an all-inclusive stay start from as low as SGD$336! So book away!

Club Med Cherating Beach: Hvom 29th Miles, Jalan Kuantan-Kemaman Pahang Darul Makmur, Jalan Kuantan Sungai Lembing, 26080 Kuantan, Malaysia | Tel: +60 9-5819117 | Book your stay here | Facebook