Fall for Coffee Bean SG’s Chocolate Cookie Ice Blended Drink and Passion Fruit Coconut Tart set at S$12.90

We can have all the pumpkin spiced lattes and hojicha lattes in the world, but none of them will ever hit the same as The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s creations. This fall, look forward to their new seasonal special Chocolate Cookie Ice Blended Drink (S$12.90 with Passion Fruit Coconut Tart set) for a sweet and creamy treat.

You could say I’m biased for favouring The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf so blatantly, but not all of you have had a crush on their barista and sat for hours nursing an Ice Blended drink in the middle of Orchard Road.

Coffeebean Fall Online 1

Anyhoo, check out the new Chocolate Cookie Ice Blended Drink, which features a blend of butter cookies and chocolate bites. The concoction is then topped with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, and even more chocolate bites for an additional crunch. Sounds like a chocolate lover’s heaven.

Coffeebean Fall Online 2

To cut through all that creamy sweetness, try the Passion Fruit Coconut Tart (S$6.90 a la carte) for a bright burst of tangy and sweet flavours. The coconut mousse further adds a tropical fruitiness to this dessert.

Alternatively, get the tarts at S$24 for a box of four to share with the family. After all, what’s the festive season without sharing?

The Chocolate Cookie Ice Blended Drink and Passion Fruit Coconut Tart set is available in stores while stocks last. You can also get them delivered via GrabFood, Foodpanda and Deliveroo. Time to, as they say, fall for delicious. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

Date & Time: Now available in stores and for delivery via GrabFood, Foodpanda and Deliveroo while stocks last

Price: S$12.90 for Chocolate Cookie Ice Blended Drink and Passion Fruit Coconut Tart set; S$6.90 per tart; S$24 per box of four tarts