Concorde Hotel Launches their New Room Service Menu 2015

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Concorde Hotel Singapore is strategically located in the heart of the world famous Orchard Road, and within the commercial and shopping district of Singapore. It is just a few minutes walk away from the city, Marina South, Boat Quay and many other major tourist attractions.

This year, Concorde has unveiled a new in-room dining menu with dishes coming from in-house restaurant Spices Cafe that is designed in a modern and classical way.

The menu aims to help guests discover the world as they bring to them a plethora of local and international dishes. The following dishes that we tried are what’s newly available in the Room Service Menu.

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First up on starters was the Pan-Fried Goose Liver on Mantou ($26), which is accompanied by crisp lettuce and sweet lychee sauce. Wonderfully cooked to the point that it is slight crusty on the outside yet inside remains really soft and fatty.

One bite into it and the juicy fattiness of the sweet creamy foie gras bursts in your mouth. The sweet lychee sauce gave the dish a little reprieve, as some might feel overwhelmed from the fattiness of the liver.

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Another starter was the Sautéed Escargot ($22) that is served on breaded Portobello mushroom and raspberry vinaigrette. The escargot were all in bite sizes, not too too chunky which made it really easy to chew on and finish in one mouth.

The large single piece portobello mushroom was juicy rather than dry despite being fried. This kept the moistness of the whole dish as a whole and the the raspberry vinaigrette had a tinge of sourness which gave a good contrast to the taste of the escargot.

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Soup dishes were next with Tom Yam Kung ($10) first up. Containing prawns, thai herbs and straw mushrooms. This soup here does not taste like the ones you have elsewhere where it’s purely sour and spicy.

The soup served here, in my opinion has a slightly bitter herbal taste while being less spicy, which in turns give off a strong flavour unique to Spices Cafe. Prawns were fresh and crunchy, while straw mushrooms (my favourite) were plentiful. Good to whet the appetite.

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The other soup served was the Lobster Bisque with Brandy and Cream ($10) which was my preferred one over the other soup. Thick, smooth, with depth coming from the lobster shells.

Fresh and chunky lobster meat can be found too as you scoop further into the bowl. Brandy was added but aof course after reduction you don’t taste the alcohol. The sweet fragrance from brandy was part of the depth in the soup though.

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Moving on to the mains, this is the BBQ Seafood Platter ($38). What comes with it includes half lobster, scallop, prawn, mussel, fish as well as butter rice served with Japanese Garlic with mayo or black pepper sauce of your preference.

Very sumptuous and a wide variety all in one plate, this is one you can’t afford to miss if you are looking to end your meal feeling satisfied and full. Really fresh and sweet seafood awaits you, rice is included in case you want a more filling meal and the lobsters, most importantly.

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The Grilled Porterhouse steak (400g at $42), uses an Australian bred cow for this cut. Comes together with French Fries, arugula salad with classic beef jus. Good meat to fat ratio in this piece of meat. It has great marbling on the meat which also produces very tasty caramelized fats.

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My favourite dish to order when having Thai food is the Phat Kaphrao Moo Sab ($20). This is a stir-fried minced pork dish with thai basil usually served together with fragrant jasmine rice and topped with a fried egg.

I like how fragrant the basil leaves compliment the minced meat consistently while stir-frying it with chilli for that spicy kick. Having the jasmine rice together helps put out the fieriness if you are not too great with spicy food.

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Grilled Australian Lamb Rack with Sweet Mint Sauce ($36) served with grilled polenta and seasonal vegetables. Upon arriving, the fragrant waft of grilled lamb kickstarts your appetite even before you start eating. Another dish I quite enjoyed.

Slightly charred on the outside to give that burnt taste occasionally. Slightly difficult to eat as the meat could get a little hard at some parts, making it hard to chew or bite off the bone.

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Moving on to the final main we had was the Grilled Kurobuto Pork Chop ($34). This mouth-watering plate comes with gratin potato, shiitake mushroom, seasonal vegetables and grated apple sauce.

This huge chunk of meat which will leave you happily sinking your teeth into the fatty kurobuta piece by piece. The sides like gratin potato adds to the whole meat and potato staple that boys will enjoy.

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Berries Berries ($15), with two scoops of cherry ice cream topped with fresh cream and accompanied with fresh blueberry, raspberry and blackberry. The ice cream actually reminded me of the ones I had when I was a small toddler which gave me a good time reminiscing the past. Berries provided a sour touch to the sweetness to the ice cream.

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Ending the meal with Crème Brulee ($10), a traditional French Custard dessert with caramelised sugar and topped with fresh berries. A thin layer of caramelised sugar on the top starts your journey towards the custard underneath which was soft and smooth. Feels so light and heavenly in your mouth, this is not to be missed.

These dishes we juast presented are available in their hotel restaurant; Spices Cafe as well as the newly revamped room service menu. Therefore guests can enjoy quality and affordable food in the comfort of their own room, and save the hassle to dress up and head down to eat if you so prefer. A good mix of Asian and Western dishes which weren’t too bad given the comfort of dining in your own hotel room.

Expected Damage: $40 – $60/pax

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