10 Awesome F&B Gadgets Found In Food Hotel Asia 2016


Food Hotel Asia 2016 is here amongst us again and it’s occupying the Hall 1 – 10 of Singapore Expo, including the Annex. Yep, that’s how grandeur it is and if you’re in the F&B trade, you’ve got to check it out.

You can be sure to find what you’re looking for to kick start your next Food and Beverage or Hotel business. Better yet, you’ll find more than you ever need.


But in the slightest chance that you’re hesitating, here’s 10 cool gadgets that you can find at FHA 2016 for all you F&B folks in Singapore.

1. Brewer’s Brew Ice Coffee and Mobile Nitro Coffee Dispenser


Want instant cold brew ice coffee without waiting for it to slowly drip away or adding ice that may dilute the intensity of the coffee? Brewer’s dispensing machine is the solution to all your woes. You can now get your ice cold brew anytime, any instant, without the painful wait.

Remember that it is mobile and that means you can move it anywhere you like, bringing your cold brew on the go. Machines start at $9000 and you have a choice of getting the liquid or powder version of the cold brew coffee.

2. Brewer’s K Pod Machine


‘Let K Pod personalise your in-room coffee service’ and I can’t agree more. Starting at a mere $40 for the machine and $20 for a package of pods, you can have your mobile drip coffee or…. tea. Yes tea, not only coffee but tea.


To get all of these, contact Brewer’s at +65 6556 0880 and mention that you were at the FHA to get 10% off your purchase. For any enquiries, email: [email protected] Visit their website for more information.

3. SKS Hospitality Mobile Bar/ Service Counter


Have your bar or kitchen service counter on the go, or your induction cooker, or popcorn maker or whatever really. Anything that fits onto the mobile table top can be wheeled and your live cooking stations look that much cooler when its mobile. Move anything, anytime. Basic model starts from $2500 and additional costs for add ons.

Contact Jeffrey Tan from SKS Hospitality at [email protected] or visit their website for more details. Psst, this is their newest product at hand.

4. Ice Cold Teppanyaki Plate


You can now ‘fry’ your own ice cream and make frozen granitas, slushies, sorbets or ice creams out of any liquid. You can have the ice cream rolls without heading all the way out to have it or even fly to Thailand for it. Temperatures go all the way down to -30 degrees!

The ice cold teppanyaki plate is just the right gadget you need to instantly freeze your ingredients. To top it all off, customise it how weird you ever would want it, be it bacon ice cream or miso sorbet, no judging. It starts at $4120 (2700 Euros) and you can contact [email protected] for more enquiries. Visit their website for more information.

5. Coffee Machines with LCD displays


While that coffee machine is not extracting out the most aromatic of all coffees, it is playing out advertisements that could both promote sales and also reduce boredom. There’s quite a fair number of companies offering up coffee machines like that and one of them is Owl. Look out for their Caffe Cagliari machines that they have recently brought in from Italy, you won’t disappointed and prices start at $14000.

6. G Tek Dish Washer


Splish splash I was taking a bath, says all the dirty dishes. With a cool see through panel, you can watch your dirty dishes being thoroughly cleansed and make that better with power saving functions. Machines start from $5000 to $6500.

Contact Singapore’s representative, Ngai Chui Li at +65 9108 1872 for more information, or email her at [email protected] Visit their website for more details on the products.

7. Induction Wok Cooker


Have all of that ‘wok-hei’ without the danger of burning yourself with the induction wok cooker. Constant heat is guaranteed throughout the surface, meaning a more thorough and even heating that will capture the essence. And yes, you can toss it as well so it’s really the whole wok experience but safer. Each unit retails at $2500.

Contact Q’SON Kithchen Equipment Pte Ltd for purchasing information at +65 6472 7337 or [email protected] Visit website for more information.

8. Slicing Machine For Beautiful Patterns


I know a slicing machine is pretty normal but the ones at Dremex allows for patterns, to give that extra decorative element to the presentation of your food. So that’s pretty tight and is retailing at $1250. Contact Jeantze Leong at +65 8201 0420 or email her at [email protected]

9. Peking Duck Oven


Modelled after a traditional oven outlook, the peking duck machine provides even roasting for up to 10 ducks simultaneously. Big boys like Tung Lok etc are also using this machine, $25000 per unit.

Contact Leon Lim at +65 9299 6809 or email at [email protected] Visit their website for more information on the product and while you’re at it, why not browse the others.

10. Freshie Cup


All hail the Japanese to come up with all things innovative and fresh. The Freshie Cup is a fresh bottle of matcha on the go. The powder is stored in the cap and all you have to do is twist the cap to release the powder, and shake it vigorously to concoct up an authentic bottle of matcha, anytime, anywhere. It is currently retailing at S$6.25 per bottle (in Japan) and you can get more information at their website.